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Events fleshing out the timeline of Karameikos

by Andrew Theisen

While we're fleshing out the Karameikos timeline, I'm going to post some other dates based on this thread I posted earlier in the year:

977 AC: Desmond Kelvin II is born.
989 AC: Mustapha-ibn-Ibrahim is assigned to the Court of the Duke of Karameikos as Ambassador of the Emirates of Ylaruam.
990 AC: Desmond Kelvin II enters the Church of Karameikos.
993 AC: Mustapha-ibn-Ibrahim and the Lady Evelina Kelvin begin a passionate love affair.
995 AC: Confronted with irrefutable evidence of his wife's affair, Baron Desmond Kelvin I challenges his rival Ambassador Mustapha-ibn-Ibrahim to a duel. Kelvin is killed, and ibn-Ibrahim is extradited back to the Emirates of Ylaruam for his part in the scandal.
Desmond Kelvin II succeeds his father as Baron. Lady Evelina Kelvin joins a convent of the Church of Karameikos. The stoic Sheik Abdallah ibn Hamid is sent by the Emirates of Ylaruam as the new ambassador.
998 AC: Mustapha-ibn-Ibrahim is installed as Provincial Secretary, stationed in the village of Kirkuk in the Emirates of Ylaruam. (Gaz2)

One thing I noticed while just now doing this- the Kelvin names (both first and last) seem to be of English/Scottish origin rather than Italian, which suggests to me that the Kelvins may have come from the Isle of Dawn (specifically, either Caerdwicca or, more likely, Westrourke/Redstone) before coming to Thyatis.

Also, Desmond I is noted as a former Thyatian "officer and gentleman" who was of "crucial importance" to Stefan during the Marilenev rebellion. I imagine that he was probably in the military at the same time Stefan was (most likely cavalry, but possibly some other branch) and that he and Stefan served together in missions and formed a close friendship, thus his following Stefan over from Thyatis. Given the "gentleman" part, as well as the specific mention that Karameikos sought "second and third sons and daughters of the Thyatian aristocracy" that the Kelvins are landed (though not otherwise titled) nobles somewhere in mainland Thyatis (likely Machetos).