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Karawenn Files IV: Creatures of Karawenn

by Håvard

Sprite - found in the Knollbarrens

Hsiao - found in the knollbarrens

Actaeon - found in the knollbarrens

Yeti - found in the Trollheights

Yeti Noble - Found in the Trollheights

Troll - Found in the Trollheights

Elf - Found in the Greenbriar Woods. Rarely encountered elsewhere.

Dwarf - Graywall castle is the main dwarven stronghold though dwarves are also found in other parts of Karawenn.

Halfling - Rare in Karawenn, though Halflings from Leeha are sometimes encountered.

Giant - Giants used to the common in the region, but none have been seen in recent times.

Goblins - These creatures are sometimes found in the region.

Skeleton - These creatures are sometimes found in Karawenn, usually working for agents of Entropy.

Nightwing - Very rare, though at least one has been encountered in Karawenn.

NEW: Bull Troll (unique?) - Perhaps a troll with a minotaur-like head?

NEW: The Black Goat (unique) - A Goat producing wine rather than milk.

NEW: Warwolf - A wolf enhanced by the magic of Entropy.

NEW: Blue Gorgon - Nothing is known of this creature.

NEW: White Gargoyle - Nothing is known of this creature.

NEW: Black Stag - Nothing is known of this creature