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Dominions of Karawenn

by Håvard

Amana, Earldom of
Ruler: Earl Terrence
Capital: Amana
Population: 600 Humans
Location: West of Bedford, south of the Trollheights.
Amana is a younger realm, formed after the Trollwars. For a time a terrible Black Stag spread terror in the land, killing people with its gaze attack. It was eventually killed by Earl Terrence himself.

Capital: Tergal
Ruler: Lord Bluth Tergal
Population: 400 Humans
This land has often been ravaged by goblins. Young men of Bedford learn to hate Goblins at an early age. Their ruler, Lord Bluth is rumoured to have single-handedly killed 100 goblins in a single battle. Bedford is famous for its weavers.

Graytor, Castle
Capital: Graytor
Ruler: None
Population: 0 (Abandoned)
Graytor was once the realm of a wizard of the same name. Ever since the Wizard was destroyed the castle has remained abandoned.

Graywall, Autonomous Dwarf-City of
Capital: Graywall
Ruler: Unknown
Population: 1000 dwarves
Dwarves have been living in Graywall since 500 BC. They mostly keep to themselves. For a time, there were attempts to colonise the Jagged Teeth mountains, but this project was apparently abandoned some centuries ago. The dwarves have had many clashes with the Trolls and humanoids of the Trollheights. They are on friendly terms with the Yetis, though consider the creatures too foolish to bother much with.

Greenbriar Woods, Elfland of
Ruler: Elf-Lord Syssal Kippican
Population: 600 elves
These woods are home to the Kippican clan of elves. These Shiye elves have lived in Karawenn since 600 BC when they emigrated from the Shiye Lawr lands of Alphatia. Originally the Greenbriar elves lived all over Karawenn, but after their confrontations with the Wizard Graytor, the elves withdrew from many of their older foresthomes and are now rarely encountered outside the Greebriar Woods.

Ironwoods, Barony of
Capital: Ironwoods
Ruler: Baron Durquessson
Population: 700 humans
A younger barony, the Ironwoods are ruled by Baron Durquesson. The barony was settled mostly by immigrants from Glantri. Averoignian language is often heard spoken in the realm.
A white gargoyle recently spread terror in the land until it was destroyed by Baron Durquesson. Rumour has it that the Wizard Graytor used such creatures as his servants. Some of them may have survived when that wizard was destroyed and even made it as far as the Ironwoods.

Knollbarrens, Dominion of
Capital: Oxvale Village
Ruler: None. Subject to the King of Vanderthan
Population: 500 humans, 300 sylvan creatures (Hsiao, Actaeons, Sprites etc)
The Knollbarrens is mainly a land of farmers, still loyal to Vanderthan. The people who live here are known as Darymen. Although viewed as simple peasants by most others, some of the greatest heroes of the Trollwars make their home in this rugged area. The Knollbarrens are also know for their cheese which is considered the best in all of Karawenn.

Rochester, Kingdom of
Capital: Darwill
Ruler: Unknown. The King of Rochester has two sons, Prince Gallarath and Prince Wallas.
Population: 600 humans
Chivalry is held in high regard in Rochester. For a time the land was home to a monster known as the Blue Gorgon, which caused trouble in the countryside, turning people into stone. Eventually, the creature was slain by Prince Gallarath. Many statues of petrified humans and animals can still be seen travelling through Rochester.

Rockeford, Domain of
Capital: Rockeford
Ruler: Grand Knight Erik Merriwell
Population: 200 humans, 7000 humanoids
This dominion is secretly allied with the Trolls of Trollheight and have been so since the Trollwars. Rockefordís ruler, Grand Knight Erik Merriwell is a servant of Entropy. Trolls, humans and witches are among Grand Knight Erikís servants.

Trollheights, Yeti Lands of
Capital: The Yeti Castle
Ruler: Winterbeard and Frostcrown
Population: 100 yetis
The Yetis of the Trollheights are quite intelligent, although lacking in sophistication. They are suspicious of humans, but hate Trolls with a passion. They are on relatively friendly terms with the dwarves of Graywall.

Vanderthan, Kingdom of
Capital: Vanderton
Ruler: King Dathwell. His daughter Danis is next in line for the crown.
Population: 1000 humans
Vanderthan once controlled all the dominions of Karawenn, but since the Trollwars, many regions gained autonomy since the kingdom was severely weakened by the war.

A quick write-up of the dominions marked on this map. Population figures are just something I made up. I tried to keep them fairly low, but I don't know what you guys think.