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Lipetsk, Barony of

by Michael Berry

392 square miles

Population: (population values are given for AC 1014)

Pereslavl-Zalessky (161): is located in the southern hills of the Barony.
Noyabrsk (110): is located in the center of the barony in a valley between two mountains.

Ethnic groups:
Boldavians 50%, Heldann 30%, Flaem 10%, Ethengarian 8%, Others 2%.

Boldavian, Heldann, Thyatian common

Mikail Zirchevski (born 979, M15 3rd circle Dracologist (soon studying for the 4th circle), AL - Neutral)



The Baronal Guard ,25 F1 mounted bowmen (short bow, leather, short swords, riding horses), is the force in charge of keeping order and supporting the local sheriffs and magistrates in their duties. Based in Noyabrsk, they often train and work in conjunction with army patrols out of Pereslavl-Zalessky


The main east-west caravan trail, the Czaikow Road, runs through the southern part of the Barony. It connects to the Eastern Czaikow Free Province (ECFP) villages of Lyskovo to the west, and Soligalich to the east. It is classified as a fair trail by Glantrian AAA. A poor trail heads north out of Pereslavl-Zalessky through Noyabrsk into the Wendarian Mountains to the village of Anapa in the Three Fires Free Province (TFFP). The smaller settlements of the Barony are connected to each other and the larger settlements by bad quality trails.

Lipetsk is remarkably stable economically for such a new frontier dominion. Subsidies are given to the Baron for construction of a fort to base the army patrols, which has given the people good steady work and pay. Then there is the economic boost that having army patrols stationed there that pump their pay into local products and services. As far as resources the area was settled well before the establishment of the barony, with the village of Pereslavl-Zalessky having been a caravan stop as well as being a center for the local ECFP population for the last 35 years. The area is well known for its hog farms which provide an excess above the needs of the local population and are often exported into the TFFP . Since the foundation of the barony, the new Baron, like all the Boldavian nobles has invested in prospecting and exploration of the local mountains to find any mineral resources. There were some existing stone quarries in the mountains established well before the barony was founded. They provide stone preferred by local builders for permanent structures. It does bring some income into the new barony, but pork is king in these parts and this region serves as the source for the pork needs of the north-eastern region of Glantri.

Lipetsk Monthly Finanical Ledger (figures from AC 1014)

Main resources: 1 animal, 1 mineral (pig, stone)
4 hexes: mountain; borderland; pop. 224; tax 11.2 dc
3 hexes: forested hills; borderland; pop. 420; tax 21 dc
Pereslavl-Zalessky: village; pop. 161; tax 16.1 dc

Total population: 161 rural, 644 borderland

Tax Income: 48.3 dc
Resource Income: 241.5 dc
Standard Income: 386.4 dc

Council Tax: 135.2 dc
Net Cash: 154.6 dc
Overhead (35%): 54.1 dc
Available Cash: 100.5 dc

With 3478 XP/year, in 10 years the Baron could gain 34780 XP.
Alternate: 580 XP/year.

Barons of Lipetsk

Mikail Zirchevski 1009-

Lipetsk was created shortly after end of the Great War to help with managing the defenses, finances, and population of Glantri. Lipetsk was a natural extension of a hundred and fifty years of expansion and consolidation of the far eastern reaches of Glantri. Lipetsk was a settled area previous to the barony being established and had economic and social framework already in place for the new Baron. As such the transition from Free Territory to Baronial holding was an easy one for the Baron who did not face carving a dominion out of nothing. Unlike some areas there was no resistance by the local population to being incorporated into a new dominion as it was believed that the increases in taxes would be more than offset by increases in security and trade would bring in more than the might be lost in additional taxation.

In the years since the establishment of the Barony things have been quiet and prosperous. Trade has increased with the Heldannic Territories which indeed has brought lots of traffic, goods, and services into and through the barony. A fort in the south of the barony is nearly complete to provide a home base for extended deployments of Glantrian Army units who patrol the east of Glantri. Raids by Ethengarian horsemen were once a regular threat but with the presence of regular troops in the area the threat has decreased substantially, though they still do occur. The Barony is capably managed by a Flaemish seneschal who is a native of the area for the absent Baron who continues to reside in Glantri City. The Baron himself does not interfere or really seem interested in events in the barony, trusting his Seneshal and preferring to reside with his family in Glantri City. The people themselves are happy with the situation since the Baron did have the good sense to put someone in charge that was one of them, and understands them.

Notable sites:
Pereslavl-Zalessky is a thriving community with merchants from Darokin, the Heldannic Territories, Vestland, and even farher flung nations regularly passing through. Goods and services not readily available in many parts of Boldavia are regularly found here. The village is a major caravan stop and the administrative center of the Barony and a major military output. A new fort is being constructed north of town which is to house Glantrian army detachments as well as be the future residence of the Baron’s of Lipetsk. The Seneshal of Lipetsk, Aalbert-Pieters Van Dijk (born 976, M7, AL - Lawful) has his residence here and manages all the administrative and economic affairs of the dominion from his office in the village.

Noyabrsk (110): is new village founded since the formation of the barony. It is located in the center of the barony in a valley between two mountains just below the site of the new fort being constructed. It serves as the outpost for those who live and work in the mountains of the barony and also weaves through mountains to the north out of the barony to the village of Julinis in the Eastern Wendarian Free Province.

Coat of Arms: a Red Dragon's head over a black background

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