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Kutchevski, Barony of

by Michael Berry

392 square miles

AC 1000 - 595
AC 1014 - 525

Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Galanin (119/95): is the main settlement, and population center of the Barony is in the forested hills in the southwest part of the Barony.
Batav (65/58): is a small village 2 miles southwest of the Baron’s Tower. The few who come to see the Baron make their appointments with the villages mayor. Most villagers work in or support the salt mines in the nearby mountains.
Rowne (55/49) and Nevel (66/58): are villages in the northern mountains that work the areas numerous salt mines.

Ethnic groups:
Boldavian 60%, Outerworlders 20%, Flaem 15%, Heldann 4%, Others 1%.

Traladaran, Flaem

Baron Piotr-Grygory Timenko (Vampire born 857, M9, 2nd Circle Necromancer, AL - Chaotic)


The Baron maintains no standing military forces. He employees a standard complement of sheriffs and magistrates to keep law and order within the Barony. The Barony is regularly visited by military patrols of Morphail’s Divisions stationed in Rymskigrad.


The Elven trail passes through the Barony running between Kutchevsk and the village of Redwood in the Eastern Wendarian Free Province to the north. The trail is rated poor by Glantrian AAA. Most traffic uses the trail either going to or coming from the EWFP. Very few ever consider stopping for any length of time in Kutchevski. Small settlements are connected to each other and the village of Kutchevski by bad quality trails.

Kutchevski is among the most wretched dominions in Glantri. Two large salt mines provide the economic basis of the dominion. The Barony is one of the leading producers of salt in Glantri and provides an estimated 30% of the total amount of salt produced in the Principalities. Salt mining is one of the more dangerous occupations in existence so any and all convicts are sent to work off their sentences in the mines. The heavy price of punishment has proven a major deterrent to crime so the local population is offered decent wages to take their chances in the mines and supplement the workforce there. That, plus occasional run-ins with undead especially vampires, gives the typical Kutchevskian you might meet in a tavern, a subdued, insular, fatalistic demeanor, even more than the typical Boldavian. Needless to say the Barony of Kutchevski has received the lowest tourism rating from the Glantrian branch of AAA 125 years running.

Kutchevski Monthly Financial Ledger (figures from AC 1000)

Main resources: 2 mineral
6 hexes: mountain; borderland; pop. 336; tax 16.8 dc
1 hex: forested hills; borderland; pop. 140; tax 7 dc
Kutchevski: village; pop. 119; tax 11.9 dc
Total population: 119 rural, 476 borderland

Tax Income: 35.7 dc
Resource Income: 214.2 dc
Standard Income: 285.6 dc

Council Tax: 107.1 dc
Net Cash: 142.8 dc
Overhead (35%): 50 dc
Available Cash: 92.8 dc

With 2999 XP/year, in 10 years the Baron could gain 29,990 XP.
Alternate: 429 XP/year.

Barons of Kutchevski

Alexandru Timenko 829-866
Vlaicu Timenko 866-883
Dan Timenko 883-918
Mihail Timenko 918-931
Vlad Timenko 931-976
Piotr-Grigori Timenko 976-

Kutchevski is one of the original dominions of Glantri formed the same year that Lord Glantri founded the Republic of Glantri. The original baron was a minor noble whose family had kept a hereditary position as Commanders of the Guard to the Boldavian Prince. Lord Alexandru was rewarded for his brilliant leadership during the Forty Years War with a Barony in the new Republic. The family has held the Barony in the family since then, never once trying to move to a different dominion during Awards Festivals when higher noble titles came vacant. The history of the dominion reflects the stability of the House of Timenko. No major events have really ever touched the Barony. Only in the Great War did anything other than the cycle of life and natural (and unnatural) death touch the Barony. Summoned monsters brought to Glantri by Alphatian terrorist squads did find their way to Kutchevski, the local population put up little resistance to protect themselves and the Barony had to be cleaned by the roving hunter-killer squads of Glantrian adventurers commissioned by the Council of Princes. All through the war, life never changed for the people of Kutchevski. Even when the Plague came and friends and family died the stoic people of Kutchevski just packed their lunches and made their way to the mines and continued to workand then tried to make it home as quickly as they could before the sun set completely. After the war, life continued on as normal for the Barony.

Notable sites:
One of the only notable sites in the Barony of the manor of the Baron. The Baron is quite possibly the most noted sage on Vampires and his manor is said to be a treasure trove of Vampiric Lore. Visitors are by appointment , and only at night when few wish to be outdoors. So visitors to Kutchevski are very rare occurrences. Those who wish to meet the Baron or have business matters often deal first with his Seneshal Dingus McDiarmaid. (Lupin male, born 980 Thief 8th, Al -Chaotic)

Coat of Arms:

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