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Mystara BC1000 Height of the Nithian Civilization

by Håvard

This is the heart of the Nithian Empire. Pyramids rise above the fertile lands along the River Nithia. This Kingdom is currently at its peak. Its colonies include the Northern Reaches, Thyatis, Minrothad, Ierendi, the Savage Coast, Parts of Norwold, Thothia and the Hinterlands of Davania. The Gnoll race have escaped their Nithian masters and is fleeing into Darokin. More details on the extent of the Nithian Empire in this map.

Karameikos:(Hutaakan Kingdom)
These lands were once home to the Free People known as the Traldar. Former slaves of Nithia. By this time, they have fallen into their Dark Ages under the dominance of the Hutaakan Jackal-Men. From the north, Humanoids have begun to pour into these lands. A Red-headed Blacksmith, a Warrior Princess and a Woodsman will soon show the world the true potential of this people. In the south, King Milen is preparing to lead his men across the Sea of Dread to Davania.

Northern Reaches:
These lands of the Powerful Antalian Norsemen have been forced to bow before the might of Nithia. Many Antalians have been taken as slaves and brought into the southern continent of Davania. Even the Black Moon Trolls of Vestland have been conquered by the Nithians.

Glantri: (Wasteland)
This wasteland was untill a few centures ago (BC1700) home to elves who accidentally triggered some Blackmoor Era devices that turned these lands into a desert. Magical energies still permeate these lands and nothing can live here. It is rumoured that some elves were able to survive underground.

Formed by the recent B1700 disaster, this wasteland has become a haven for Humanoids. Orcs and other races are now spewing out of these lands into other parts of the Known World.

Much of these lands are part of the Nithian Empire. The plains of Kerendas is home to Neathar Humans of the Toralai Clan who hunt bisons.

These lands are overrun by Humanoids. Humans (Neathar Tribes) are trapped between Gnolls from the Nithian Empire and Orcs and other Humanoids from the Brokenlands. Selenica is part of the Nithian Empire. See also Canolbath and Malpheggi.

These windy steppes are being overrun with Humanoids.

These Swamps are still home to a race of Lizard-Men. The BC1700 disaster caused great damage to this civilization as many lizardmen were stranded on the Ierendi Islands while others remain on the continental swamp.

The Five Shires
Halflings live here under the tutorship of mysterious elves known as the Gentle Folk. Recently attacks from Orcs have been increasing and may threaten the very existence of this realm.

Under Nithian dominion, the Native Makai culture is disappearing. At this point this is almost entirely a Nithian realm. Minrothad Lizardmen still live here, but they too are threatened by a virus spread by the Nithians.

This Nithian Colony was established by Minroth.

This dwarf-kingdom has been suffering from massive humanoid attacks, but King Blystar III has been able to fend off the attacks so far.

Atruaghin Clans
These Oltec-descended humans have been divided by intrigues and Immortal interference and desperately need a unifying figure. The Great Plateau collapsed in the BC1700 incident leaving the humans here unprotected against Humanoid attacks.

For two centuries now, the Sindhi-Urduk alliance has been able to hold off Red Orc invasions with the help of Karmimari Elephant Riders.

This year, Alphatians have settled in the east, arriving from a distant world destroyed by magical warfare.