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Alatian Islands, 24 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait


Replica of Dawn of the Emperors DM's Sourcebook map, 24 miles per hex by Thorf, June 2008

Updated map of the Alatian Islands, Pearl Islands and Ochalea, 24 miles per hex by Thorf, April 2006


Sources: Dawn of the Emperors (1989), Poor Wizard's Almanac (1992), Poor Wizard's Almanac II (1993).

Notes on Updated map (Dawn of the Emperors)

Notes on Updated map (Poor Wizard's Almanac)

Notes on Updated map (Poor Wizard's Almanac II)

To Do List

  1. Remove details from the colourised replica that were not present on the original. (I retrofitted the updated map to make the replica for this map, but left in too many details.)
  2. Search Dawn of the Emperors, Wrath of the Immortals, Poor Wizard's Almanacs and other pertinent sources for geographical details to add to the map. If necessary, make future era variant maps.


  1. Thorf's Secret Project: Stage One - the original Atlas of Mystara thread at the Wizards MMB. Discussion starts in post 390 and continues on and off for some time, while post 400 contains the replica map and 410 contains the updated map.

Thanks to: James (happylarry), Michele (LoZompatore), Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew)