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Darokin, 2 2/3 miles per hex

by Mike Phillips


Unofficial expansion of the Republic of Darokin, 2 2/3 miles per hex by Bonetti, December 2009

(December 2011)

My intention is to create a full, 2 2/3 mile per hex (1:3 zoom in) map of Darokin to use as my base campaign map.

Sources: Thorf's updated Darokin map (March 2009).

Unofficial Maps: James Mishler's Westerlands Campaign Map at the Vaults of Pandius, Morphius Shadowleaf's detailed map of Malpheggi Swamp at the Vaults of Pandius

Notes on XXX

To Do List

  1. Finish adding subsections
  2. Add external hexes for subsections still missing details
  3. Add borders (national and internal) for subsections
  4. Reconcile PC1/GAZ5/CM9 in appropriate areas
  5. Pull in canon material not on 8mph map (is there any?)
  6. Pull in appropriate community material
  7. Develop new material


  1. Mapping around Malpheggi Swamp
  2. (more coming)

Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait for his art, maps, encouragement, and enthusiasm; isomage for hexGIMP; Shawn Stanley for archiving things I never would have seen otherwise; Geoff Gander for his many thoughts; and the patrons The Piazza for ideas, contributions, encouragement, and tolerance of cartographic insanity

Individual detail maps:

The bulk of the material is unofficial. Everything is in progress.

The maps are now in lists with text descriptions due to overburdening the server with the images.

(Close to) Done:

Partial Development:

Fanon Incorporated: (but not otherwise developed yet)

Scaled Up:

I intend to maintain (short) notes for each of these here.