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Known World BC 2000, 8mph

by John Calvin


Map of the Known World, circa BC 2000, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, September 2011 (Work In Progress)

1) This should be just after the time of the Mogreth Flood. Much of inland Mogreth has been swept away, but I'm not sure what I have is the best way to portray this. I do envision the landscape recovering a fair amount.
2) I've actually left the ruins of Isshum on this map. I figure it might be nice to play with those ruins for the following 250 years or so, before the event that sinks Taymora also removes the last remnants of Isshum.
3) The Great Plateau is still intact at this point - it will crumble circa BC 1750.
4) Most of the BC 2300 shoreline is still intact at this time.
5) I've also melted off some of the northern glaciers - the terrain changes may still need to be tweaked.



  1. Mystara BC 2300
  2. GazH Project

Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects, Geoff Gander for developing Mogreth, Hugin for his work on the GazH project.