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Mystara Outer World 8250 BC, 72 miles per hex

by Francesco Defferrari

Mystara Outer World, 8250 BC, 72 miles per hex By Sturm (Work in progress)

That's my final 72 miles per hex map, showing Mystara in 8250 BC, at the Age of Lhomarr as developed by Geoff Gander. My interpretation of the planet at this age could be obviously different from his, and that map too has the north and south poles as in the Hollow World boxed set precataclysmic map, and not in the Known World.
The date is 8250 BC as that was before the destructive wars between Lhomarr (the big island south east of Cestia) and Y'hog (the island between north western Davania and south western Brun), that will both sunk beneath the seas by 7022 BC.
More on the shape of continents in this age in the next post with climatic zones!

Mystara Outer World, 8250 BC, 72 miles per hex with Climatic zones By Sturm (Work in progress)

Hi, this age is even more warmer than the Blackmoor age, with smaller ice caps and a temperate climate up to the arctic and down to the antarctic circle. Therefore sea levels are even higher and arid lands are much smaller.
Lower Arypt has also a big inner sea, as shown in Geoff's original map of this age.
More comments will follow, I hope, as time allows...