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Map of Taymora, 8 miles per hex

by John Calvin


Map of Taymora, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, September 2009 (Work In Progress)

Overlay of Taymora and Known World, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, August 2013

Taymoran Cultural Demographics, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, August 2013

This map of Taymora in 2300 BC covers portions of current day (1000 AC) Thyatis, Karameikos, The Five Shires, Darokin, Atruaghin, and the Sea of Dread, as well as lands that sunk beneath the sea in 1700 BC.
At the moment the only features seen on the map are features that could be pulled directly from the corresponding underlying areas of TM1-TM2 (drawn by Thorf). The features are currently incomplete, however I'd like to get input from the group in filling out the rest of the areas.


Unofficial Maps: Taymor at the Vaults of Pandius, Physical Map of Southeastern Brun (c. BC 2000) (2002) by Geoff Gander, Map of Taymora (2003) by James Mishler, Map of Southeastern Brun: 2500 BC (2003) by James Mishler, Geopolitical map of Taymora (2004) by Giampaolo Agosta, Taymora BC 2300 by John Calvin, Taymora BC 2300 with cities by John Calvin.

Notes on Taymora

To Do List

  1. Continue to name all major geographical features.


  1. Outer World: Taymora 2300 BC, 24 miles per hex
  2. Historical Mapping in the KW and Sea of Dread

Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects. Thanks also to Havard, Hugin, Geoff Gander, DaveL, and Sturm for contributing to the discussions and helping with the development of this map.