Mystaran Orient Webpage

Ok, this page is a little scanty right now but it's just meant to provide a place to post the material that we've developed so far for the MOrient project. This page isn't endorsed by TSR or WoTC in any way and as such I may be forced to render it a private page once again. As it stands right now, I've made the page public so that we can get some input from people not directly involved in the project. If you would like to help out with the project or find out more about it feel free to e-mail me.

Proposed Map of Skothar

The Teams


Andre Martins
Gabriele Ferri
Jenni A. M. Merrifield
David Knott
Patrick Sullivan
David Melik

Chung-Eun Links

Chinese Classics
China Page


Scott Johnson
Joe Duncan

Jikushiru Links

Japanese Starlore and Astronomical History

Ok, this is where I'm going to put all the downloadable material, starting with the first MOrient compilation.
So far I just have the text version up, but I'll post the MS Word one, if people want that too.

The first compilation MOrient.txt
The second compilation! Give it to me!
The team list Team.txt

The Skothar Development Team for the Mystara Campaign World, contains more MOrient information.

MOrient and MChina compilations (and other historic records from the project)

Chung-Eun MOrient Material Compilation v0.4
The Tree, the Dragon Trone and clerics
Non-human MOriental civilizations
Hinu and Rohindarthism arrival date
A thought about Jiku-shiru
Another thought about Jiku-shiru
Chung-Eun in Chinese
Elves in Skothar
More thoughts about Elves in Skothar
More thoughts about Elves in Skothar
More thoughts about Elves in Skothar
Still on our gameplan...
Still on our gameplan...