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The Terrible Adventures of Kroc le B (RPG comics)

For you pleasure I took upon myself to translate the best RPG related French Comic Kroc le B (Kroc the fair) but i am also uploading the original French versions.

It deals with an abnormal gobelin named Kroc, living in the very cruel world of AD&D. This gobelin does not fit the AD&D commonly adopted description: he is good looking, he is nice and friendly, he is altruistic, he loves arts, he believes everyone is working for the common good and everyday his faith in tested since the world of RPG is not as ideal as he may think. I hope you'll al enjoy his adventures (please forgive me for my sometimes imperfect translations). 

If you like this comic, then please, buy it. It only exists in French, but this is really worth it. It cost barely 8 (fnac.fr). Support what's good, and do not spread the sheets.  They are intended for you to have a try at this comic and not to prevent you from buying it. This comic is made by Chevalier & Segur.

English title Date Size Titre Franais Date Taille
A DeeDee's World  21/03 532 k Le monde Dd 21/03 348 k
Kroc's Youth 21/03 377 k La jeunesse de Kroc 21/03 300 k
Ugly Kroc 22/03 193 k Kroc Laid ? 22/03 156 k
Kroc and Fish 22/03 189 k Kroc la pche 22/03 189 k
Kroc Solo 23/03 205 k Kroc Solo 23/03 169 k
Kroc & Troll 23/03 236 k Kroc & Troll 23/03 192 k
Ugly Kroc (2)  23/03 210 k Kroc Laid (2)  23/03 172 k
Psy Kroc 23/03 229 k Psy Kroc 23/03 190 k
Kroc boom 316 k Ca boume pour Kroc 237 k
Bishop Kroc 353 k Fou Gob 350 k
Goblinries 202 k Gobelineries 133 k
Once upon a time in the East 157 k Il etait une fois dans l'est 97 k
Twice upon a time in the East 253 k Il etait deux fois dans l'est 218 k
Kroc Bad trip 313 k Kroc Bad trip 237 k
Burning down the Kroc 173 k Kroc brule les planches 101 k
Kroc against all odds 265 k Kroc contre un 131 k
Kroc Wish 315 k Kroc en Voeux 242 k
Santa Kroc 225 k Hotte Kroc 138 k
Kroc Smurfs 327 k Kroc Schtkroupfc 245 k
Kroc Bouh 257 k Kroc Bouh 116 k
Dreadful Kroc 248 k Kroc la terreur 206 k
Kroc Leader 400 k Kroc Leader 433 k
Robot Kroc 2 330 k Robot Kroc 2 251 k
Star Kroc 5 570 k Star Kroc 5 238 k
Super Kroc 440 k Super Kroc 429 k
Kalendrier Kroc 474 k

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