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They would not all lead to Mystara-related homepages but most of them will. If you are a visiter and would like to see your site here , first don't be angry (i cannot visit them all), so please drop me a line with your URL and the main themes dealt with in your pages .


Personnal homepages about Mystara.

The Mystara's Map Navigator a great compilation of maps of the Known World made by Darkblood

Heroes Only (Dungeons and Dragons) a cool site dedicated to Mystara, lot of stuff available.made by abertoll@hotmail.com

Shawn Stanley 's page.   the official D&D site.

Glantri.fr.st a site dedicated to glantri of course with a lot of gazetteer like entries ; made by me thanks to the hard work of the Glantri club.

`The Infinite Dungeon` Dungeons & Dragons page , a really good place made by my friend Ian Mac Farlane

Dungeon Crafter Home : a super terrific freeware which designs TSR like map sfor the dungeons , lairs and houses.... A must see.

Christian Constantin's page : Mainly dedicated to Hule: maps, timeline, stories, History, about everything...

Marco Dalmonte's Mystara Page : chief of the Mystara Web Ring .

The Mystaran Portal.  and  Geoff's other Mystara page. Geoff Gander 's pages with his map gallery which includes maps of all of Davania. Also includes information on the Empire of Selhomarr as well as a lot of his other work ( the outer beings for example ).

Fabrizio's HomePage. Contains the diary of a shadow elf and a number of other interesting files mainly on Shadow Elves.

Hervé Mystara Homepage. This site contains some interesting files. (chief of the almanach project).

Ethan's Mystara! contains information on the city of Thimhallan in Davania and associated rules on technomancy.

Welcome to Underocean. Information on the happenings in the Undersea. (by Aaron Novack).

BLACKMOOR: Home of the Ancients. Has the interesting Gazetter for Blackmoor.

Thorf's Dungeons and Dragons Homepage. Includes the Library of Mazrooth al Yedom, Sage of Almarrón.

Alan's Dungeon Master Tools. With cool little utilities and modules for in Known World and the Hollow World.

The Mighty Khan's Homepage. Jamuga Khan's homepage with some interesting stuff on Alphatia and Bellissaria.

The Mystaran Gazetter. Håvard R Faanes' homepage. Contains files from the MML.

Dleggend's Mystara page. Some files from the MML and a few other things.

MARCUS' English Mystaran homepage. Has some information from his campaign including a description of Drüt island in the Sea of Dread.

strawberryJAMM's Mystara Files. Contains a Mystaran module and also the MOrient stuff.


AD&D  and must-see sites :

  www.gamestalks.com. A great RPG portal . A must see. Great forums

www.planetofthegods.com  a great site by by Nadia Lemmon and her husband.

Role Playing Central  by Kurtis Swekla : Features D&D 2nd and 3rd edition priest and wizard spells, magic items, monsters, traps, downloads, and rule modifications, accepts  submissions.

Descent into Darkness by XullraeZauviir : An Underdark Campaign setting for Roleplaying online and off. Has information specifically for our players, but includes other subjects and links pertaining to Drow.

The 3E TOWER by TOWER : Features new feats, prestige classes, cleric domains, exotic weapons, and
other neat stuff.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures by Al Sousa : New adventures, spells, campaigns, magic items, NPCs, and traps.

Troumad.fr.st by Troumad : (FRENCH) Troumad, un site sur AD&D avec un monde, des scénarios et des aides. Vous y trouverez aussi des aides pour Webmaster et autres...

MW Tools by Charles Greathouse : "Dragon generator and more! Make stat blocks, new races, and various
magical items."

Alcarin.com, World of Fantasy by Arjan Wardekker

"Dragonix pour vous servir" by webmaster@dragonix.org  (FRENCH)

GamesTalks.com - Gaming community, Gaming Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...


Official Mystara Links

TSR, Inc. The official TSR homepage. Includes downloadable copies of GAZ13, Savage Coast campaign resources and files from Dragon magazine.

Mystara resources at MPGN. Contains a copy of GAZ13 and Estlor's netbook.

Savage Coast resources at MPGN. Contains the Savage Coast campaign book, the Savage Coast monstrous compendium and the Orcs Head campaign book.


Where to buy Mystara products online

François Gromer, a chap in Strasbourg who runs a store and can track down out of print material. I had numerous deals with him and I just recommand him to get your greedy hands on collectors for a reasonnable price. I especially recommend him for Europeans people.

Titan Games. (lots of everything, I ordered several times there and I had no problem at all, possibility to subscibe and recieve a weekly notice of the new stuff).

Cyberdungeon.   I had a couple of deal with them, they have good stuff, they are not expensive, but their list is not often updated, so don't get overjoyed if you trace something you've searched for a long time, it can be gone by now. You can write to them both in French or in English.

Mordor RPG Mail Order.

LeBranche Enterprises.

The Sages Guild.

The Dragon Trove.

The Hit Pointe.

Amazon Books


Other links

To download Grid Cartography, head to this place.

Terragen: a generator of landscapes in BMP format. Really cool stuff. Need a strong CPU to get the best of it.

Terranim: a script generator to make flight video simulation above the terrain generated by Terragen.

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