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Dungeons and Dragons/ Mystaran ESDs

Following are a list of direct links to the Dungeons and Dragons/ Mystaran ESDs on the WotC website fur purchase. The list is current as of 26 November 2005. The Classics Downloads FAQ, from the WotC website, contains some information about the downloads.

It should be noted by anyone intending to purchase any of the following products that several serious questions have been raised on various fora about the quality and completeness of the scans.

The list of missing elements from D&D and Mystaran ESD products has been finalised and sent to Wizards for approval, I've been informed that I cannot make any such fixes available over the Vaults.

OneBookShelf is the only authorised source for ESDs.

The ESDs are subdivided into separate categories into which all of the D&D and Mystaran products are located, otherwise the links to the separate products is still provided below.

D&D Basic Adventures DriveThruRPG/ RPGNow

D&D Basic Maps/Terrain/Game Aids DriveThruRPG/ RPGNow

D&D Basic Player/DM Guides DriveThruRPG/ RPGNow

D&D, Original Edition DriveThruRPG/ RPGNow