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Mystaran monsters and villains

by Blacky the Blackball

Other than the infamous Bargle - who always crops up in this kind of discussion - what famous Mystaran villains are there (both human and monstrous)?

I'm looking for villains of a variety of levels, but mostly high level, and I don't need full stats but I do need a sentence or so describing them rather than just a name if possible...

by John Calvin

Barimoor is another big one. He has a secret underground base filled with monsters in the desert of Ylaruam.

The Black Eagle is also a big one - baron of Black Eagle Barony in Karameikos (and cousin to Stephan), and sometimes patron of Bargle. He has a habit of hiring humanoid bands to terrorize the countryside (and the Shires).

Synn/Dolores Hillsbury - Night dragon posing as a Glantrian noble.

Tharr - King of the orcs in the Broken Lands

Kol - King of Kobolds in the Broken Lands/Prince of Glantri

For that matter any of the Glantrian Princes or humanoid kings/queens.

by Andrew Theisen

Offhand (and based on checking off Gazetteers)

Gaz1: Black Eagle, Bargle, Anton Radu and the Radu Clan/Veiled Society, Argos the Worrier (green dragon)
Gaz2: Barimoor, Zargon the demon lord of Cynidicea
Gaz3: Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany, Brannart McGregor, Volospin Aendyr
Gaz5: General Gilfronden, Carlisan (I think those are the two shadow elf conspirators in Alfheim), Master Edrecort
Gaz10: Thar, ruler of the Broken Lands and general of the Legion; Xilochtli, Oenkmar priest of Atzanteotl
Gaz12: Jaku the Render, evil spirit controlling one of the tribal khans

Also, from other sources:

The mad wizard Gargantua, creator of enormously oversized monsters worldwide
Ramenhotep and Aketheti, rulers of Thothia (c. 1000 AC)
Wulf von Klagendorf, leader of the Heldannic Knights

by John Calvin

... and I can't believe we haven't mentioned Hosadus yet, the Master of Hule.

by Robert J. Nuttman, Jr.

Two historical baddies from Gaz 5: Moorkroft, the evil wizard who drove the elves from the Sylvan Realm. Or Illodious, the wizard who invaded Alfheim with an army of monsters (clearing a large patch of the forest in the effort)

by Andrew Theisen

Another one I forgot to mention, although he's not the standard "confront and fight" villain, is Senator Helenites Oesteropolus, of Thyatis. A dastardly mastermind/political sort of villain, who can make life difficult particularly for lower level characters.

Along those lines is his patron in DDA2, Wastoure, the Hollow World Antalian wizard who works towards freeing the Burrowers and unleashing them on the Outer World.

by Simone Neri

To throw in some more names:

* the leader of the Thyatian Shadow Hand (can't recall his name right now, and I don't have DotE nearby);
* the Black Queen and King of Alphaks' Volcano near the Frislander coast;
* the Ostlander sorcerous sky-pirate Oberack with his crew of fierce raiders and his flying longship;
* Count Heinrich Oesterhaus of Hattias, leader of the Storm Soldiers and Mortal Identity of Thanatos himself;
* P'sagh, leader of the Hardanger kobold tribes;
* Zandor, ambitious son of Empress Eriadna and heir to the Alphatian throne;
* the Shadowlord and the High Priest of Idris in Denagoth;
* that Ethengar chief possessed by an evil spirit (right now I can't recall neither of both... ).

Then there are many more characters which sit in the "grey" area - they can be villains or not, depending how you play them. For example, Emperor Thincol of Thyatis is one of them.

by Cab

Some favourite shady characters.

Dahnakriss, master thief from XL1. I've used him as a recurring villain.

Ariana Demerick, first mate on pirate ship called (if memory serves) Revenve in the Minrothad Gaz. How can you not be completely taken aback by a pirate girl with an eyepatch?

Lernall the Swill, despicable and corrupt half-brother of King Ericall (CM1).

Korbundar (CM3), huge blue dragon with bestest name for a dragon ever... other than Incendarious (CM3), huge red. Neither as frightening as Syn, though (Princes Ark series).

Each part of the setting has some named baddies. Well, most of them.

by Andrew Theisen

Giampaolo's post in the "Heroes" thread about Rheddrian made me think of a lesser known Immortal who seems somewhat villainous (to me)- Ruaidhri Hawkbane, the Silver Hunter.

Sure, on the one hand, he seems to be doing a decent thing (eliminating dangerous lycanthropes), and he's certainly got cause to hate them- they killed his family and kin during his mortal life (he's an Immortal version of the Punisher!).

On the other hand, committing oneself to the genocide of another species isn't exactly heroic, particularly when we are given to understand that not all lycanthropes are necessarily evil (or even uncontrollable). That, plus his single-mindedness in the matter makes me think of him as a pretty villainous type, if an unconventionally villainous type (ie, he's not out for mass destruction and chaos).

by JTrithen

Warduke (Evil Fighter Level 8; AL C)
Sources: Xl-1, AC1, Dungeon Magazine #103
Summary (from AC1): Warduke was exposed to the Heartstone, which enhanced his cruel nature. He takes what he can, feels a true fighter makes himself rich and powerful by the strength of his sword arm. He hates Strongheart, and plans to eventually overthrowthe evil sorceror Kelek.
Summary (from Dungeon): Retro-fit to Greyhawk: Heirach of the Horned Society....
Warduke is the soldier's bogeyman, the opponent seasoned veterans least hope to see when the battlefield fog clears and reveals the forces of the eneny. Tales suggest Warduke's hand was involved in the demise of entire adventuring parties.... Warduke works alone, preferring to challenge enemies of the Horned Society in direct combat.

Kelek (Evil sorceror Magic-User Level 7; AL N)
Sources: XL-1, AC1
He wants to be High Wizard of his magical school; he was made power hungry and evil by the Heartstone. He seeks to gain power and wealth, and hates Ringlerun (good wizard). He is followed by other villians, such as Fox Fingers (T13, AL C), Zargash (C7, AL C), Raven (C10, AL C), and Warduke (F8, AL C).

by Snorri

The Master was the best villain ever in my games (X4/X5/X10). The Master of Wights (X11) was a favored one as well. Xanathon (X3) was a nice challenge too. Currenly, Cathandaramus (B3) is the masterplan villain of my new campaign.

by JTrithen

Another infamous big "baddie...."

Pyre (Overking of the orcs of the Dark Jungle of the Orc's Head Peninsula; huge, ancient spellcasting red dragon with Cinnabar-related abilities; HD 20****; AL C)
Sources: Dragon Magazine #196, Orc's Head Peninsula Sourcebook, Orc's Head Peninsula Book Two: Savage Steel
Summary (mostly from Orc's Head Peninsula Sourcebook): The overking of the orcs is Pyre, a huge, ancient vermilion red dragon. Exclusive to the Savage Coast, and possibly unique, vermilion dragons are red chromatic dragons that have been affected by the Red Curse and ingested cinnabryl.
Because Pyre has need of cinnabryl, he frequently demands that his orcs raid caravans and ships carrying cargo including the metal or goods that can be easily traded for it.
Pyre has a magical artifact that gives him enormous power. This item is known as the ebon eye.
Pyre is likely to travel the lands outside the Dark Jungle, to spy out secret places in Herath, Nimmur, and Robrenn. He steals precious magical items and kills rulers and key military leaders.
Pyre is one of the most powerful dragons on the world of Mystara. He is also very intelligent.

by Andrew Theisen

A couple others that came to mind that I can't believe I forgot:

Henri d'Ambreville: Post resurrection, he became a pretty big villain in the Poor Wizard's Almanacs. I'd also give him points for being the catalyst behind the events of X2: Castle Amber (and all the continuity thus ensuing from that module), despite being dead for the entirety of the adventure!

Wulf von Klagendorf: He's a pretty good antagonist throughout much of the Princess Ark series, and even though he doesn't appear in the post-1000 AC episodes, the mere presence and hostility of the Heldannic Knights towards the crew are thoroughly reflective of his relationship with Haldemar. He's probably not strictly a "I'm EEEVILLL!!" villain, as such, which makes him all the more interesting (I'd peg him as Lawful Evil myself.)