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Name level options

by happylarry

I'm mulling some ideas for expanding name level options in BECMI/RC.

Overall rationale:
To supplement existing RC options in two ways:
1. To add further name level options particularly for Magic users, thieves and lawful and chaotic clerics
2. To add further GAZ3 style ‘Easter egg’ subclasses open to all 7 classes (preferably with a GAZ related flavour)
Without ‘breaking’ the gazetteer universe – that is, without having to make large scale changes to NPC’s or the feel of things. (I accept this is a bit subjective)

Current plans / ideas: name level options

Healer (L only)
Necromancer (C only)

Ranger / Bounty Hunter (L or N only?)

Magic User:

Dabbler / Jack of all trades?

Current ideas: subclasses

Travelling Thief: Swashbuckler

A lightly armoured fighter-thief who sacrifices some thieving skills for greater combat ability

Any thief may become a swashbuckler at name (9th) level. Upon becoming a swashbuckler, the thief sacrifices some thieves’ abilities to spend more time training for combat, in a style which takes advantage of being lightly armoured and of the thieves existing abilities

1. The Swashbuckler (S.) Thieves Abilities advance from 9th level at half the rate of a normal thief (will need table for this) = at level 36 OL 87, FT 80 RT 88, CW 108, MS 78, HS 71, PP120, HN 98

2. At 9th level, the S. gains two extra weapon slots (must choose certain weapons?)

3. The S. does not gain the ability to read MU scrolls at 10th level

4. At 18th level a S. gains 2 attacks per round, and at 36th level, 3.

5. At 12th level, uses a 2nd weapon at -2 instead of -4, and at 24th level, no penalty for second weapon (in both cases second weapon must be smaller than main weapon)

6. Improved backstab – at 15th level, +6 to hit, 3x damage; at 30th level +8 to hit, 4x damage. NB when backstabbing, backstab is only attack that round

7. At 10th level a S. can choose to evade an attack; to do so he saves vs. breath attack with his dexterity bonus added to the roll. at 20th level he can evade 2 attacks, and at 30th 3 attacks.

8. If he speaks the same language as his opponent, an evading S. can taunt his opponent. For every round he successfully evades, he receives a cumulative +1 bonus to his attack role when / if he chooses to attack, as a result of the way hin which he has described his opponents family background, combat skill and parentage

Travelling Cleric: Healer (Alignment lawful)

At name level a travelling cleric may choose to become a healer.
1. Healers can Heal up to 2xlvl HP per day by laying on hands. This is in addition to any cure spells they possess. This healing can be offered to up to 1 person per 3 levels rounded down.
2. Healers are committed to healing, and must respond to a request for healing, from any creature, unless that creature is attacking the Healer or the healer’s allies.
3. Healers cannot attack without being attacked, and therefore will lose initiative in the first round fo any combat
4. Healers cast all cure spells as one spell level lower than normal – so cure serious wounds is level 3, cureall level 5 etc. This applies to cure disease, cure blindness but NOT raise dead or raise dead fully
5. In addition, cures by healers will always cure at least 2hp (3hp?) per dice rolled

Ranger / Bounty Hunter

The Ranger always gets his man. He will find him anywhere - and when he gets him, he'll bring him back, death or alive.

1. Any fighter can become a Ranger at name level, although there are some differences in some restrictions depending on alignment
2. R. can cast spells as an MU 1/3 his level. However, the Ranger works of a reduced list of c6 spells per level, focussing on detection / discovery (so level 1: analyse, detect magic, hold portal, light, read languages, read magic; level 2: continual light, detect evil, detect invisible, invisibility, knock, locate object, wizard lock? etc.)
3. R. can track across all manner of terrains. This skill represents a combination of following tracks, askign the right questions, and an intuition which at higher levels can seem almost magical (= base 5%/level to track one known (= met once) individual. amended by how far you've got to track (e.g. across nartional border -10%, across ethereal place -50% or so) and what they're going on - item of clothing -10%, name only -50%) e.g. An 18th level Ranger has a base 90% chance of tracking someone. However, he is only given their coat, and they have crossed from Thyatis into Karameikos = 70% chance) need to think about how to roleplay this and work it out in game terms - perhaps a non-critical failure can be retested after a time period?
4. Lawful Rangers must accept a commision to track from a higher authoirty. Neutral Rangers must accept a commision to track for a fee of 500gp / level. Chaotic Ranegrs can expect ot be placed under frequent geas by mostly insane magic users who have lost their cat somewhere in the nightmare dimension.
5. once on a job, finishing that job comes before all other activities. Rangers can travel with others, as long as they are focussing solely on the Ranegrs objective.
6. Rangers travel light - they will not own anything more than what they can carry, and their mount. However, Rangers of any alignment can expect some kind of hospitality from any lord. Just ride up to the castle...