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Known Remnants of Nithia

by Håvard

What remnants are found of Nithia in the Outer World? What is found in official sources? Are there ways to make use of HWR2 Kingdom of Nithia to expand on what is known about these?



The Savage Coast



by Ripvanwormer


Minrothad Guilds


Isle of Dawn

Hollow World

by Robin

Sources I know are
1 the obelisk/tower/ruin which holds the immortal power to remove newly acquired knowledge of Nithia in the SW corner to the pass of Darokin. ( Gaz2, HW Nithia, HW Rulebook or whole set, WotI Rulebook)

I myself in my [url= Nithia 1500 BC map[/url]have added the locations of the Stone Prophet PC game.
The above mentioned obelisk is on my map the Obelisk of the Ancients, which holds the obelisk dungeon of that PC game, but also somewhere hidden (the black obsidian top of the Obelisk???

I know Cynidicea was located fanwise elsewhere, as such this map may have to be revised, but my location deemed more logical in a biogeo-sociocultural way.

2 Then there may also be the (hidden, temporally disabled)gate (on the Isle of Alphatia/Dawn probably) which summoned/enabled the Alphatians to come which is suggested cannonically in Gaz 0 (Aphatia/Thyatis), and fanon
3 the lighthouses in Thyatis are Originally Nithian so the Foundations may still be.
4 The falun caverns might still hold Nithian artefacts or even artifacts traded /hidden there then
5 There are mentionings of Nithia in the Gaz Northern Reaches, as thus some ruins(buried, hidden or simply forgotten in the wilderness) may be Nithian design.
6 The Xitaqa ruins, Lumm Ruins (in the Kelvin Moors), Zadreth from B10
7 The tomb and canals under Threshold of Key-Hamentep Ruler of the canals and master of the everflowing waters and magistrate of the great city of Amantiris
(GAZ1-TSR2500-AD&D2-Mystara-Karameikos Kingdom of Adventure). Here translated
As you hear it is not Hamintep as written in the booklet, but Hamentep.
8 But it thus suggests a Great City (Amantiris or Amantibis) was nearby. Maybe underneath Specularum or Krakatos as rulers were only entombed within their domain ruled.?( the last deems logical as in the earliest sources of Krakatos there is spoken of ancient ruins and tunnels underneath from bygone eras, ---however the adventure AC-TSR8549-AD&D2-College of Wizardry suggests Krakatos as the source for the Mathghamnha towers--which in effect are not that different from Bruce Heards article on Krakatos as the new source of the Karameikan school of magecraft, maybe the Mathghamnha basement is thus Nithian?? it would need some DM AD&D2 to D&D BECMI-Mystara fixing then but still? )

by Robert J. Nuttman, Jr.

The shrike recovered from the Maiden's Pool in Thorn's Chronicle was in operation during Nithia's height, and had active memories of the language and culture -- indeed, her functional speech was Nithian); alas, her knowledge was swallowed by the Spell of Oblivion after her sacrifice in delaying the Kartoeba's hunt for Thorn & company in the tunnels beneath the Lost Valley. When her next iteration awakened, she was unable to access any of the memories or data regarding Nithia.*

Theoretically, if any other stone-formed shrikes exist from that same flight exist, and they survived restoration from their ages-long hibernation, their memories could also have been "overlooked" by the Spell of Oblivion....

by David Keyser

White Island on the Kingdom of Ierendi has the white ape druid community who are reincarnated Nithians?

by Andrew Theisen

There is an adventure arc beginning in (I think) PWA1010 which involves a Nithian tomb being looted and a mummy being disturbed who comes out to kill the looters and retrieve the stolen treasure.

The enchantment that Haldemar used to create the Princess Ark was of Nithian origins. Along with that is the lich Haptuthep, the Thothian pharaoh who may or may not be old enough to recall Nithia (depending on whether the Spell of Obliteration erased/changed his memories), and Nabonidus Raman- of Haldemar's crew- was a Nithian/Thothian archaeologist in one of his many professions.

As for Barimoor- I think that the caverns beneath Ylaruam were created by him, not the Nithians, though he does appear to have gained knowledge of the Nithians from his researches (and appears to be intentionally avoiding the artifact that would erase his memories as a result, at least until he can safely secure it).

by Jayce

Would the Thothians on the Isle of Dawn be themselves considered a remnant of Nithian civilization?

by David Keyser

Among the Savage Baronies, the people of Saragon before the Ispans came were primarily Oltec who nevertheless retained a significant amount of Nithian ancestry and somehow retained a significant portion of Nithian philosophy, art and culture while somehow being missed by the Spell of Oblivion. These people intermixed with Ispans in one half of Saragon and Ylari in the other half with the wave of migration after 900 AC.

by Giampaolo Agosta

There is a Nithian tomb in Alfheim, complete with a Lich.