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Elves on Skothar-Brun before the GRoF

by Håvard

Which elven clans could have had a presence on the Northern Super-Continent before the Great Rain of Fire?

I have made a list of possible clans here. Do we have any exact information about when they left Davania?

by Andrew Theisen

Just off the top of my head here:

Belcadiz: These guys are kind of a mess, as evidenced by at least three different theories (and I know there are more than that, sometimes buried within other genealogies and such). All that said, I believe that the evidence suggests that they were a post-GRoF migration, not pre.

Trueflower: No known/canonic evidence, pro or con.

Geffronell and Genalleth: No canon evidence, but fanon suggests they were among one of the various Returnist migrations, thus post-GRoF.

Tarylon: No idea. Not sure much has been done with them outside of CM5. The very nature of that module (invisible and non-consecutive entries) makes it hard to really get a lot of info out of.

Genander: These are definitely present pre-GRoF.

Shadowelves: Gaz13 suggests they were already present north of Davania, though its a little muddled exactly where (largely due to the shifting location of Blackmoor in canon- Skothar or Brun). Given that Blackmoor seems more or less to be accepted as being in Skothar now, I'd say that the suggestion that these elves moved north to be near Blackmoor is more alliteration, and that they were located in Brun, perhaps near/around Blackmoor colonies there. (And there may be more information on this... soon!)

Schattenalfen: These guys are neck and neck with the Belcadiz in the running for "Most Chronologically Confused." I'm not entirely sure what the rationale for creating them in the first place was, as we already had the Shadowelves. I think they were supposed to clear up a possible bit of confusion in the SE back story from Gaz13 (wherein a few dates seemed off), but instead ended up creating even more confusion. By a strict reading of their history, they predate the Shadowelves. To the best of my recollection, they were certainly on Brun before the Lesser Great Rain of Fire (Broken Lands explosion), and it is strongly suggested they were there prior to that. But it's confusing.

Sheyallia: There are definite dates for their migration, though I don't have them with me (might check Daniel Boese's timeline. They were a Returnist, post-GRoF migration, though.

Gentle Folk/Icevale: Lumping them together as they were apparently among the same group of elves in the Broken Lands region before that explosion. The Icevale traveled north, ending up in the HW through the polar opening; the GF ended up in the Shires. I can't recall whether they were Returnists or not, though I want to say that they were part of the same group as the Shadowelf clans.

Aquarendi: I believe PC3 has some more precise info, but these guys were Returnists.

Ee'aar: Not sure. I think they split from Ilsundal's migration, though, which makes them Returnists.