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by Francesco Defferrari

Also about Pelatan I have a first and second 24mph draft maps with the nations (Pelatan would be a sort of federation)

Original entries

More from the Davania group:

- In Pelatan. Dragons, golds and other lawful dragons: here from the time of the Golden Empire, in the pelatan shield (the nation of Aure)
Dragons, evil and neutrals: a peaceful faction, here from 2900 bc, in the Pelatan shield (Rasi)
Pelatian main race and culture: a population with elven, dragon, tangor, varellyan and orc kin blood. (Atale, Eshala)
Pelatian "elven" culture: mixed blood like the other pelatians, but they live in the central jungle and mantain elven customs (Elatia)
Pure tangor, a population in the north, conquered and then freely united to the matriarchy. (Pelarica)
Faerie Folk: here from ancient times. Just south of the "elven" culture. (southern Elatia)
Sphinxes, Lamassu and Shedu: here from the time of the Golden Empire, in the Pelatan Shield (Hedu)
A few Enduks: escaped here instead of migrating north with the others, in northern pelatan (Kedu)
Aranea: Came from the north after the Great Rain of Fire, in the mild forest of southern Pelatan (Rane)
A few minotaurs: a peaceful faction that regretted the war with the enduks. Live in the north east of pelatan (Pemina)
Crabmen: a few on the coast (Pe'kal)
Zebrataurs, in the north of Pelatan, here from ancient times (Zatau)
Pegataurs, came from Brun, in the pelatan shield (Atape)
Kara kara, escaped from the east, 1000 years ago, now live in the east of the nation (Kara)
Lizard men, in the swamp to the south, escaped here when slaves of the Serpentine Empire (Lysisa)
Troglodytes, in the same swamp more to the east (Lysisa)
Beholders. A peaceful faction with a hive mother. In the pelatan shield (Behus)
Gyerians, an artistic faction of them, in the south east (Pelgya)
Sollux, here from ancient times, in the east, north of the capital (Xiaso)
Sis'thik, escaped here because of izondian attacks, in the east (Pel'siss)
As you can see i plan for Pelatan at least 20 differents provinces/cultures, each with its "particular feeling". So even if pelatan is on the map a very big nation, it's also a nation very less monolithic than Alphatia

- Alright then, but how unified is Pelatan? By this I mean, does it act as a
full nation, or is it more a region (as, say, the Balkans are a region)? I
like the diversity you've tossed in, but from what I see there isn't a
reason (yet, I may have to check your timelines and other files again) why
everyone there should be part of the same nation. Even if it's not a
monolithic nation, and rather a confederacy or loose federation, there
should be some reason why each culture sees a benefit in dealing with each
other as "countrymen" as opposed to individual states or cultures. Izonda
may be the reason for this (and a powerful one). I guess we would need a
little more background.

- I wrote a little about that in the Pelatan entry published in Shawn's site. Pelatan was unified by a Varellyan priestess of Valerias, Iemara, to fight back a big attack from Izonda. The matriarchy was founded anyway to continue the tradition of the Golden Empire, who was yet a nation created by many different cultures (enduks, dragons, sphinxex and so on).


I thought of Pelatan as a tolerant nations where many different cultures live side by side: Aure for example, even if founded by lawful dragons, should be inhabited also by any other creatures who live in the Matriarchy (pelatians humans should be in any nation half of the population or at least the strongest minority). Also, other people should live in Pelatan even if they weren't mentioned above, like acquatic elves, tritons and mermaids in the sea, sphynxes, peaceful humanoids of any kind and other sentient races. The unifying element of Pelatan is the Golden Matriarchy herself, some sort of matriarchal government everywhere and a firm belief in tolerance, making it quite an unique place in Mystara