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Plague in Glantri

by Greenbrier

All of the Coronavirus coverage made me wonder if some Principalities fared better or worse than others, like the variance we're seeing around the RW. Thankful that as bad as our situation is, we're not facing numbers like the plague in Glantri! Here are some of Micky's comments on plague numbers

from 15 September 2014:
of course needed to figure the losses of the war and the plague (approx 33%) versus the pre and post war normal population growth. Per the other thread. Normal growth minus the losses of the war/plague shakes out to be a rough 18% drop in AC 1014 population versus where it was in AC 1000.
and from 4 August 2014
Canon established that the plague killed off 20% of the population in Heldann Freeholds, one can assume at the very minimum the same in Glantri in not more for the lack of clerics.
and on 4 August 2014
I'd have to look myself, but the plague was the main killer. Not the war. Figure the plague itself took 20-30% of the population and that hit everywhere.

Reviewing Micky's numbers all the AC 1000 era Principalities suffered an 8-10% population drop between 1010 and 1014, EXCEPT:

Blackhill AC 1000 - 27,890 AC 1014 - 9,300 -18,590 -67%
This makes sense as Micky aimed the brunt of Thar's invasion at Blackhill to decimate the Alphatian-Glantrian population that way instead of the meteor. The huge number here drives the national population loss up to 18% even though the other Principalities lost many fewer people

Erewan AC 1000 - 26,584 AC 1014 - 22,596 -3,988 -15%
Erewan probably suffered more losses than most to humanoids due to proximity to the invasion & increased raids over the border from the Broken Lands. Maybe some of the elves gave up hope and emigrated during these years also?

Klantyre AC 1000 - 28,060 AC 1014 - 26,854 -1,206 -4%
This seemed the odd outlier to me, how did Klantyre get off so light? It wasn't in the direct path of conflict, but neither were several other Principalities that had normal range (8-10%) population loss. Was it some dark McGregor magic, or more secret clerics in Klantyre due to the Followers of the Claymore? Or did Klantyre have standard losses that were offset by an influx of immigrants for some reason? From here

Towns: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Glenmoorloch (4200/5100) . . . Glenmoorloch is the capital of Klantyre and the leading financial center of Glantri. The population of Glenmoorloch has exploded in the four years since the Great War, as refugees from the south have settled permanently in the safer regions of the north.

Assuming that population gain in Glenmoorloch (900) was largely immigrant bankers, and adding 900 of the pre-existing population to Klantyre's losses would put them at 8%, the low end of the standard loss across the nation. Interestingly, the other Principality to achieve only an 8% loss was Nouvelle Averoigne - maybe the Laterrans were somehow more resistant to this plague?