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Protius Spell List

by Sheldon Morris

Protius Spell List (Eternal of the Sphere of Time)

Domains: Chaos, Luck, Ocean, Protection, Sphere of Time, Storm, Water

Special Clerical Powers: Your swim speed is increased by 20. If you do not already have a Swim speed you gain a Swim speed equal to your land-based Speed.

0-Level Cleric Spells (Orisons)
Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Inflict Minor Wounds
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic

1st-Level Cleric Spells
Confusion, Lesser
Detect Law
Detect Water
Endure Elements
Entropic Shield
Mount *
Obscuring Mist
Protection from Law
Summon Nature's Ally I **
Swiftswimmer ***
True Strike

2nd-Level Cleric Spells
Delay Poison
Fog Cloud
Gust of Wind
Predict Weather
Resist Elements
Restoration, Lesser
Sound Burst
Summon Nature's Ally II **
Undetectable Alignment

3rd-Level Cleric Spells
Call Lightning
Gaseous Form
Create Food and Water
Invisibility Purge
Magic Circle against Law
Protection from Energy
Remove Disease
Summon Nature's Ally III **
Water Breathing
Water Walk

4th-Level Cleric Spells
Chaos Hammer
Control Water
Freedom of Movement
Repel Vermin
Rusting Grasp
Sleet Storm
Spell Immunity
Summon Nature's Ally IV **

5th-Level Cleric Spells
Break Enchantment
Control Currents (PC3) †
Control Winds
Dispel Law
Evard's Black Tentacles
Ice Storm
Righteous Might
Shrimp Plague (PC3) ††
Spell Resistance
Summon Nature's Ally V **
Wall of Ice

6th-Level Cleric Spells
Antilife Shell
Animate Objects
Calm Water
Chain Lightning
Cone of Cold
Glyph of Warding, Greater
Summon Nature's Ally VI **

7th-Level Cleric Spells
Acid Fog
Animate Plants †††
Control Weather
Legend Lore
Spell Turning
Summon Nature's Ally VII **
Swimming Doom (PC3) ‡
Word of Chaos

8th-Level Cleric Spells
Antimagic Field
Cloak of Chaos
Horrid Wilting
Mind Blank
Moment of Prescience
Sea Fury (PC3) ‡‡
Spell Immunity, Greater
Summon Nature's Ally VIII **

9th-Level Cleric Spells
Elemental Swarm‡‡‡
Heal, Mass
Prismatic Sphere
Shapechange ‡‡‡‡
Storm of Vengeance
Summon Nature's Ally IX **
True Resurrection

Weapon of the Deity: Trident; +1 shock trident

Symbol: The trident

Immortal's Alignment: CN

Appearance: An aged man or merman with seaweed-green moustache, beard, and hair. Regardless of the setting, he is always dripping with sea-water. He is usually nude but sometimes
appears wrapped with seaweed. His face is very mercurial: cheerful one moment, angry the next, briefly thoughtful, then calm and impassive. He carries a trident. He has two alternate Manifestation Forms: a large, intelligent dolphin and a gigantic whale.

The Old Man of the Sea - common nick-name.
Manwara - Sea-dwelling peoples, i.e. "The Old Triton of the Sea"
The Spuming Nooga - Northern Reaches; symbol is a spuming whale.

(PC3) based off a spell in the PC3 Creature Crucible "The Sea People".
* Mount - Clerics of Protius who cast 'mount' summon a porpoise instead of a horse.
** Summon Nature's Ally - Aquatic creatures and water elementals should be used whenever possible by the cleric. A Hydrax may be summoned with SNA V. An Undine may be summoned with SNA VII.
*** Swiftswimmer - Similar to the spell 'Longstrider', except it increases the base swim speed of the caster. If the caster does not have a listed swim speed, he receives a +4 enhancement bonus to swim checks and is allowed to 'take 10'.
† Control Currents - This identical to 'Control Winds' but affects water instead of air.
†† Shrimp Plague - Identical to 'Insect Plague' but summons swarms of shrimp instead. This can only be cast underwater.
††† Animate Plants - Only affects aquatic plant life such as seaweed, kelp, reeds, etc.
‡ Swimming Doom - Identical to 'Creeping Doom' summons swarms of shrimp instead. This can only be cast underwater.
‡‡ Sea Fury - Adapted from PC3 and based on the Earthquake spell.
‡‡‡ Water elements should be used whenever possible by the cleric.
‡‡‡‡ Shapechange - Again, aquatic shapes should be favoured by the cleric.