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Pirate Hide Out

by Chris Seabrook

My first submission is an old pirate/ cultist hideout. In my campaign, it was a pirate group working as a front for a cult of Saasska the Destroyer, on Roister Island (one of the islands of Ierendi on Mystara). The entire group where being controlled by devilfish and Kopru that also controlled a tribe a shark-kin and Ierendi's amphibious lizard-men. I tied the whole thing into the adventures in The Sea People (PC3).

Pirate Hide Out map

Here are the separate areas:

Pointless water.

The outside and ground floor, with the short beach, wooden and grass huts for storing stuff or posting guards, and a few giant crabs.

The second floor and basement.

The maze.

The ancient puzzle maze and temple.

Here is Thorfinn Tait's map of the islands upon which these maps where situated in my campaign-verse:
Ierendi, 8 miles per hex

Here are the undersea territories:
Sea of Dread Submerged Lands, 8 miles per hex