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Creating Your Own Regiments of Renown

by ViktorD20

So, after some fiddling with mechanics, and trying to fit the system into multiple editions at once, I finally present to you the regiment creation template, for when you want to join the Aurum Hounds and make easy (or hard earned) money.

The system can be used to calculate the regiment's overall value in the mercenary market by using a numeric value that we will refer to as Regiment Rating (RR). The RR can be used to calculate the regiment's wages, and it can be used as a reference for a regiment's renown when looking more widely. Regiments are generally founded by player characters of level 6 and up.

The Regiment Creation Template
The Regiment's Name: A commonly used template is the leader's first name, and whatever gimmick the regiment is going for (example: Franzis' Freehold Gliders). This does not effect the RR.

The initial RR: Leader's level, the level (or CR if you go by newer editions) of the troops within the regiment, and the leader's Charisma score added together.

The Regiment's Strength: Simply enough calculated by multiplying the leader's charisma score by 10. For every 10 people add +1 to the regiment's RR. Regiments are generally, though not always, divided into groups, or Divisions, of 10 to 20 people that travel the world in search of coin to bring back to the coffers. This will be important later.

The Regiment's Gear: Armor - Light (leather, studded leather, padded, etc.) - +1 RR; Medium (scale mail, half plate, breastplate, etc.) - +2 RR; Heavy (splint, plate, etc.) - +3 RR; Shields - +1 RR. Weapons - Blades of any kind - +1 RR; Polearms, blunt weapons - +2 RR; Ranged weapons - +2 RR.

Regiment's Specialties: Examples - Skyships +5 RR; Mounted +3; Smoke Screen +2 RR; Battle Formation (phalanxes, pike walls etc.) +2 RR; Elemental Defenses (resistances, immunities and what have you) +3 RR; War Machines +4 RR. Feel free to invent your own.

Add all of it together, and you have your Regiment Rating. This score will then be converted to gold pieces, and that will be the weekly wages of the regiment's Divisions. Depending on how many Divisions your regiment has, add all of their wages together, and that's the regiment's total earnings. It requires some math, but that's fine, surely.

Example Regiment - Darrel The Daring's Drake Flayers
Leader: Darrel the Daring, a level 9 fighter (+9); Drake Flayers are generally level level 4/CR 3(+4/+3); Darrel's Charisma is 13 (+13)

Regiment's Strength: 130 warriors (+13) divided into Divisions of 13

Regiment's Gear: Medium armor (hide armor) (+2); polearms (pikes) (+2); ranged weapons (javelins) (+2)

Regiment Specialties: Pike Wall (+2); Smoke Screen (+2); Elemental Defenses (fire, acid, cold) (+3)

Total RR: 52/51 RR, 52/51 gp per week per Division, total profit of 520/500 gp for the entire regiment.

Hope it wasn't too confusing, and you find this to be helpful when creating your own mercenary regiments.