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Rugalov Campaign

by Sal Ortega

Started a new campaign after an attempt at a Glantri campaign ended horribly! This one is set in Rugalov, though will feature travel through Karameikos and Thyatis. The lack of development let me do my thing while still running converted versions of old modules. As always, we play 3.5 with some houserules.

The PCs are a small party of recently formed adventurers, most from Karameikos but one from Alfheim. They all took work as caravan guards or guides, stopping off at Rugalov as they didn't want to cross into Thyatis.

1. Aziz Ivanov- Youngest of the Ivanov brothers, of mixed Thyatian/Alasiyan/Traladaran descent. Their family are traditionally merchants and he and his brother grew up in Vorloi but spent time on the road when the family did their trading. He is a scout and hunter, a clever fellow who loves the outdoors. NG human male Scout/Ranger.

2. Dmitri Mishanov- a young cleric and crusader, devoted to Halav. LG human male Cleric.

3. Kardanon of Erendyl- Half-elf from Alfheim. His mother was a famous Bladesinger so he feels a lot of pressure to prove himself. He grew up somewhat alienated due to his half-elven heritage (half-elves are VERY rare). CG half-elf male Duskblade.

4. Omar Ivanov- Elder brother of Aziz. A more serious young man than his brother. Studied weaponsmithing for the family business but grew to love using the weapons more. Though raised in the Church of Traladara, he is a devout follower of Diullanna. NG human male Fighter

5. Sylvia Mishanov- Kid sister to Dmitri, she is a student of the arcane and a skilled alchemist. She followed her brother on the path to adventure, feeling stifled by the limits of her mentor. N female human Wizard.

My Rugalov is a young boomtown. It was just a small hamlet before Lord Vlad took over. Now it has grown to about 700 people, with most of the commerce derived from being on the trade road to Thyatis. It's proximity to the heavy western forests gives a lot of interactions with Foresters and Vyalia. Its caravan traffic also makes tempting targets to goblins and bandits that hide in the woods. There are also growing rumors of a green dragon in the area. There is a small community of Ylari in town, traders and support staff. They have had some clashes with the locals over religion but nothing major.

I've inadvertantly introduced a new Traladaran custom. Men of means who fancy themselves warrior or travelers carry a masterwork silvered dagger to protect themselves from lycanthropes in Karameikos' wilderness.