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Another non map source of information, derived from ancient Rumanian Tales, I decided to have a significant place in Karameikos (locations on the 1 mile map are attached to this PC/NPC class) .


by Robin

Sometimes good, sometimes a bit wicked, the Solomonar is considered the great sorcerer of storms and winds, master of all lakes, tall mountains and deep caves, and the creator of frost, mist, and hail.
Their human identity (even the giants can assume this form) is a tall, white, grey or red-haired peasant, often dressed in a white long peasant robes,sometimes woolen, or clad in ragged attire made from patches.
And they are most often seen around begging for alms. The contents of their magic bag are instruments such as an iron axe, birchbark reins or bridle, a magic book of wisdom.
A branch that has killed a snake is included in some of these, and is assumed to be similar in effect and method of use as a Snake staff, able to summon a constrictor snake of 3 HD+1 HD for every level of the creator of ths item. The duration of these snakes is as a normal Snake Staff limited, and the snakes created are 1. The branch can be used in combat as a staff +1 and will inflict 1d6+1 points of damage per hit.
Upon command, the staff turns into a snake and coils around the creature struck. The command may be spoken when the victim is hit. The victim is allowed to make a saving throw vs. spells to avoid the serpent's coil. Any victim of the snakes length will be held helpless for 1d4 turns (unless the snake is ordered by the owner to release the victim before that time). Larger creatures than the snake cannot be ensnared in the snake's coils. The snake's characteristics are as follows.
Snake: AC 5; HD 3 +1/HD creator; hp 20+1d6/HD over 3; MV 60' (20'); #AT 1 (special); Dmg 1+1/HD, constriction damage (special); Save C3; ML 12; XP varies per HD, Size 2' /HD
When freed, the snake crawls back to its owner and becomes a staff once again. The snake is completely healed when it returns to staff form.
If killed in snake form, it cannot return to staff form and it loses all magical properties, and the item is deemed as destroyed.

Once they are in the guise of beggars (often crippled or blindfolded beggars), they blend in with the populace so they cannot be distinguished as wizards.
Also, people who claim to have seen these, say that along with his book(sometimes in a Bag of Holding), he also carries a piece of birch wood assumed for calling the storms and winds and controlling dragons and an iron axe which is often assumed to call hail, snow and cold
This together clearly states A Storm Giant with advanced Magic-user capabilities.

Mythology says that sometimes a human baby is born with a distinctive sign over his face and body, and that alone these can become such an equal knowledgeable sorcerer if guided by a Solomonar.
These signs are the result of corporeal adjustment to Magic, and identify the child as being able to absorb magic.
The reason for this still shouded in obscurity, however, it is assumed the mother during pregnancy was exposed to unknown natural crystals which grow all over Mystara.
Taken away by an old Solomonar, the boy is trained for 20 years at the Solomonarís School, found somewhere high in the Mountains, in a deep cave.
There, the students avoided the rays of the sun for 7-years to learn as much of the languages of the beings from Earth, and as much magic spells he can master.
In the mean time his body adapts further to the absorbtion ability. Children not taken underground for a total continueared time of 7 years will lose this ability.
Some sages say this has been tied to the Radiance and might be a a similar effect as the crystals growing on effect of Magic absorption, trying to reduce the Amount of radiance magic.
To the DM; this corporeal effect will continue after the Radiance explodes in 1752AC,
And then, after many hard tests(name level), he is left alone for the remaining 13 years, to a rock table on top of the mountain fully vulnerable to the elements for over a year, to write down all of his knowledge in his own book.
The human Solomonari are able to become Dragon Riders (the giants would be also, but their weight is too large, and can do so only in Human form)
Giant Solomonari can polymorph into a human only once a day after gaining 4th casting level at will, which lasts indefinatly until subjected to Dispel Magic, anti magic or at will. They can't assume humansized form again unless a full day and night have passed(24 hours)

Solomonar by Sebastian Luca

They are generally considered good wizards (Alignment Lawful Good or Neutral Good) and often presented as false beggars, testing the kindness of people.
It is said if people refuse to help them while they are in disguise, they bring hail and strong storms to ruin the crops.
The truth is otherwise, they only do so when the people try to harm them.
But if they are helped, they offer gifts to the rivers and please the water fairies. Soft rain and fertiliti will be given to the farms.
There are however some of these sorcerers who have become different when overexposed to violence and evil. In various regions of the country, the Solomonars are divided into two categories: good and evil.
It is said that the evil ones tainted by the vile evil deeds done to them bring raging storms and floods.
These maleficent creatures are called Contra Solomonari, and have the Solomonari as enemy, and especially the Masters of Stone.
A Master of Stones is a solomonar of 9th or higher level. and is abl e to use eartbound spelks also (earthquake, fertility, etc)

They are not only masters of the elements, but when having subdued a dragon these will obey the commands of Solomonars. Something many Solomonar achieve as a pesonalgoal.

Game Statistics
Race; Human, Cloud or Storm Giant
Abilities; as by Race. Inteligence and Wisdom is rarely below 13
Magic Resistance; at name level- 25% constant resistance to magic
Magic Absorbtion; - An important tactic heavily relied upon. achieved only after 7 years studying underground away from sunlight.
Duration; 6 rounds
Activation; 3 initiative segments at will, once per day and once per 3 levels over 9th =name level. But only once every Turn(10 minutes=60 rounds)
Effect; absorb half of the magic from hostile spells at you, or from magical items held for 6 rounds,usable to cast another spell.
(in other words; if a 4th level spell is cast at the Solomonar, he/she receives 2 levels magical energy which can then be used to cast any spell he had memorized that week extra even if that spell was already cast.
Magic Items are half drained permanently (except artifact which are nullified for 1 day or more. And this may lure an Immortal to the foulish Immortal doing this. DM!!) and every spelllike power is translated to spell levels, and every magical adjustment(+ or - Effects) is counted as 2 levels for each charge.
Multiple spells or magical charges allow more spell levels to be charged and able to be used as such.
These levels can be stored, combined and used within the 6 rounds of the ability, not beyond that.All charges lost evaporate in ambient magic detectable by a Detect Magic spell for a day.

Solomonar are interested in anything and everything, and generally are good with people and tend to reduce life to a game of wits
Spell type; Solomonar use only magic user type spells of cold, Fire, Lightning or Weather spells similar to those of the Magic user class and Druid class. This includes resistance spells to these.
Spell Casting; They cast these as their HD (not by level) hence the Giant Solomonar are stronger than their human counterparts.
XP/Level progression; They follow the XP progression of a magic user if human or as Giant the extra Xp required as Wokan/Wicca. The maximum spell level able to learn is 6th. They have there own spelllist with spells mostly fuully similar to Druid and Mage spells of the same name.

Weapons used; Any Axe including Pick Axe. They tend to move around quite a bit, and are usually setting camp in the wild. These tools help you perform different needed tasks, They are happier for having a functional axe instead of a staff... Mages cherish staves...Solomona, on the other hand, are at home in Nature or the mountains. Only a few of these weapons are charged with a Weather or cold related spell. The Storm and Cloud Giants have a BM of 5, so each HD damage (even Weapon Mastery increased damages) caused by the weapon is multiplied by 5, extra adjustments by Weapon Mastery or magic are not counted. A hit by this will propell the target 50' opposite of the direction of impact. possible suffering falling damage (2d6) or impact damage if hitting a solid opject(3d6)
Some of them have a piece of birch wood which are used as reins for riding dragons (only in humansized form). Some of these reigns are charged with a Summon Weather or Wind related spell.

One of the items these sorcerers cherish the most is a pair of boots...many of them however walk barefoot.
Another peculiar item (often hidden underneath clothing) is a wooden board hung around their neck displayed on their chest. This seemingly beggar board is infact the only armor these sorcerers can have and has an partial Armor Value of 3 to the chest (or AC 3 to the chest), which can be counted as a general AC adjustment of 1, if neither Partial Armor or Armor Value systems are used. Some of these are enchanted to increase its protective value.
Of course all items are affected by the Polymorph spell when used by giants, and adjust to size.

This Class is named after the Storm Giant Family Solomonar which reside in the Black Peak Mountains. They have had their histpric impact on the region but most is forgotten. Some say these giants are refugees from the ages old Giant Kingdom which had existed 3000 or so years ago. They are hated by Frost Giants, disliked by Mountain Giants, and misunderstood by the Hill Giants. Others giants acknowledge their power and importance , although some indicviduals might have envy of these powers. Humans know of these existing, yet know actually nithing more than their appearance and their effects on them according treatment. Demihumans know them better and respect them. Mostly they prefer to move away of a confrontation occurs
There is a significant difference between the human Solomonar and human mages. First of all they are stronger, (as having 1d6 hp/level instead 1d4), this due their adjusted giant based diet, training and circumstances. Second they have that rare and special magical ability of Magic Absorbtion, they also have a limited spell list. These spells are taught by the knowledge of the giants, and compromises ALL their knowledge of these spells and are shared alike amongst all their scholars in those 7 years below ground. Humans becoming Solomonar can't learn spells to grow to giant size, and as such require magical items doing so if desired, and even then they are still smaller than their giant companions.
The difference between the Giants and humans is that the giants have 1d8 hp/HD and +2 thereafter, while the humans have 1d6/HD and +1 thereafter, the clear size difference, the ability to alter size. and the ability to Fly/levitate/Feather Fall at will (they know but don't need these spells and teach these to the human solomonari as they lack this ability) , and their needs for high ammounts of food( x5 as human).

SPELLLIST (thanx kTa)
1st Level
Light (variant--adjusting an existing flame)
Resist Cold (clerical)
Faerie Fire (druid)
Predict Weather (druid)Giants have double range and effect
Feather Fall (AD&D M-U) (The Storm and Cloud giants have this ability naturally) (1st dimensional movement in air; only Down but slower)
Wall of Fog(AD&D M-U)

2nd Level
Continual Light (variant--(adjusting an existing flame)
Resist Fire (clerical)
Heat Metal (druid)
Obscure (druid)
Produce Fire (druid)
Levitate(M-U) (The Storm and Cloud giants have this ability naturally)(2nd dimensional movement in air; only Up and Down)
Fog Cloud (AD&D M-U)

3rd Level
Call Lightning (druid) Vertically, Called from the sky!!Giants can make an Int Check to at -4 to recall this spell)
Create Air (M-U)
Fire Ball (M-U)
Lightning Bolt (M-U) Horizontally, Created and called from the caster, reflects on solid surfaces. Giants can make an Int Check to at -4 to recall this spell)
Water Breathing (druid/M-U) (The Storm giants have this ability naturally)
Fly(M-U) (The Storm and Cloud giants have this ability naturally) (3rd dimensional movement in air; al directions.)
Gust of Wind (AD&D M-U)

4th Level
Control Temperature 10' radius (druid)
Create Water (clerical)
Ice Storm/Wall of Ice (M-U)(giants have double ranges, normal effects)
Protection from Lightning (druid)
Wall of Fire (M-U)

5th Level
Summon Elemental (M-U)*(
Control Winds (druid)Giants have double range and effect
Cloudkill (M-U)
Lightning Strike (Special version equal in all otherv aspects as the AD&D Cleric Flamestrike spell)
Airy Water (AD&D MU)

6th Level
Invisible Stalker (M-U)
Lower Water (M-U)
Summon Weather (druid) Giants have double range and effect
Weather Control (M-U) Giants have double range and effect
Freezing Sphere(AD&D MU Otiluke's Freezing Sphere)

Due their airbased affinity these giants do not use Conjure Elemental as Summon Elemental is friendlier; See more on this. Due the same reason they also do not need a gem component.
The Elemental called for by the Summon Elemental spell would be limited to Air elementals, as both the Storm and Fire Giants are clear Air based giants. Other Air Elemental creatures are also included in this spell, and each Solomanari is well known with the different kinds of Air Elemental creatures, their usefulness and needs.
There do exist some weird air elemental creatures like living lightning, and semi-sentient clouds. So energy based air elemental as the lightning elemental , and an water based air elemental instead like the cumulus Nefastus, are included.
For easy reference the AD&D spellsgiven above are given here.