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County of Steenwijck

by Robin

Regarding the naming of the Viscounty of Mongolia

A Flaemish name would indeed also be logical, circimstances taken into account.
I checked the other posts Micky made and it seems, as by this map (although barely readable due Photobucket technology methods--I couldn't seem to get a clear version to download--then I found the dropbox link he gave to me where it was also placed.
it was changed into "Steenwijk"... so changed Viscounty of Mongolia into Viscounty of Steenwijk. I changed this minor into Steenwijck , as the additional 'c' makes a more Flaemish instead Dutch naming.(just something non Dutch/non Flaemish would not know the difference, and Since I am Dutch and lived a short period in Flaemish Belgium, I know )
It also seems I have to revise the major trail somewhat, although it does not seem to fit Micky's 1 mile map of the region either, so maybe I keep that as it is now.

I will also renamed the Villages which Betti did create..the weird names(Luoping, Arama, buson creek, Mnt Gollub, Mnt Ut,Eslund Creek, etc) had absolutely no Flaemish feel. Making these into the following similar sounding, but much more Flaemish ones;
Arama= Karamel(know for making caramel treats out of the local sugar beets),

Luoping=Knoping, after the practise of making wooden buttons (knoop) with ropes(houtje-touwtje knoop)

Buson creek= Bert Creek(named after an important farmer (Bert Klomp-known to most as Bert only) in the region. responsible for a grid like irrigation works on the hills, enabling more growth on the hills).

Mnt Gollub=Mnt Grolsch(named after the famous cloisterbeer they make here--in a brown!! glass bottle,

Mnt Ut=Mnt Hop (named after many Hops farms on its hills used in the beer making,

Eslund Creek=Ashland creek, named after the many knotted(cut) Ash trees here used in making toolhandles

I thought about renaming Briasma and Pastense also, but Briasma is older as per its description so has another linguistic basis, and Pastense, may not be Flaemish, but has a more Thyatian feel...also acceptable, as the village might have been created with the though of speaking a lot about the past (the meteor location for example, or how platinum came to be). this would also make it logical the region will have geologists and a library dedicated to the geological past. so these both names created by Micky will stay.