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Skills: Work Stations

by Håvard

This thread is related to the Revised General Skills thread, but since we're not finished discussing the concepts introduced there I thought it might be better to start a new thread here.

The concept of "work stations" is borrowed from a certain video game, but it makes sense to link them to skills. Some, such as Wizard's labs and libraries already exist. I have included prices in case PCs should wish to install one in their home.

Smelter: Profession: Mining   200 gp
Forge: Craft (Various)   10 gp
Grinding Stone: Craft (Weaponsmith)   10 gp
Tanning Rack: Craft (Tanner)   10 gp
Alchemy Lab: Arcane Knowledge (Alchemy)   500 gp
Wizard’s Laboratory Magic User   500 gp
Sage’s Library: Knowledge   1000+ gp
Wizard’s Library: Arcane Knowledge   500+ gp
Craftsman’s Workshop: Craft (Various)   500 gp
Cleric’s Altar: Cleric   1000 gp
Druidic Stone Circle: Druid   1000 gp
Bedroom: Any/Healing   30 gp
Kitchen: Craft: Cooking   30 gp
Brewery: Craft: Brewing   100 gp
Scribe’s Bench: Magic User, Cleric, Druid   20 gp
Animal Pen: Animal Handling   50 gp
Falconer’s Mews: Animal Handling: Falconry   50 gp
Stables: Animal Handling   100 gp
Chopping Block: Woodcutter   5 gp


*=House Rule

Ideas or suggestions for more such workshops or work stations (in lack of a better term)?