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RC General Skills Revised List

by Håvard

One conclusion I have made about the RC General Skill rules is that the Skill List is simply too long. Instead of having a long list of very specialized skills, I prefer a shorter list where the skills are broader. The skills I have removed are listed under Specializations. If the Specialization Optional Rule (see below) is not used, simply assume that the selected skill includes all uses of the specializations listed.

Muscle Strength Lifting*, Bending Bars*, Brawling
Athletics Strength Climb, Jump, Swim, Mountaineering,
Arcane Knowledge Intelligence Magical Engineering, Alternate Magics, Planar Geography
Craft Intelligence/ Dexterity Armorer*, Art, Barrelmaking, Blacksmithing, Bowyer, Brewing , Bricklaying, Building, Canvasmaking, Carpentry, Cobbler, Cooking, Drayer, Engraving, Fletcher, Gemcutting, Glassblower, Jeweler, Leatherworker, Mapping, Metalsmithing, Netmaking, Potter, Ropemaking, Saddlemaking, Spinning, Stonecutting, Tailor, Tanning, Tinkering, Tool Making, Weaponsmithing, Weaving, Wheelworking, Woodworking,
Science Intelligence Alchemy, Engineering, Shipbuilding, Prepare Poisons*
Knowledge Intelligence Code of Law and Justice, Navigation, Finance, Ancient History, Geography, Cultures,
Language Intelligence Decipher Scripts*, Signalling, Sigil Lore (Gaz 12)
Profession Intelligence Laborer, Helmsman/Captain*, Advocacy*, Farmer*, Miner, Hunter, Drover, Academic*,
Merchant* Intelligence) Appraisal*, Trade Routes*,
Healing Wisdom Treat Poison*, Natural Healing*,
Survival Wisdom Hunting, Fire-Building, Snares, Tracking, Nature Lore, Mimicry, Falconry (Gaz12)
Dungeoneering* Wisdom Caving, Orientation in Caves*, Nature Lore (Underground)
Animal Handling Wisdom Animal Training, Veterinary Healing
Religion* Wisdom Ceremony, Mysticism, Spirit Lore (Gaz12), Spirit Plane Geography (Gaz12)
Warfare* Wisdom Military Tactics, Siege Weapons
Nature Lore Wisdom Nature Lore (Underground), Herbalism
Awareness Wisdom Detect Deception, Danger sense, Alertness, Blind Shooting, Find Secret Doors,
Acrobatics Dexterity Tumble, Treewalking, Ledge Hopping, Juggling
Sleight of Hands Dexterity Cheating, Escape, Quick draw, Gambling, Rope Use
Piloting Dexterity Cart Driving, Sailing, Air Ship Sailing, Boating
Stealth Dexterity Hide, Sneak
Riding Dexterity Land-based*, Air-Based*, Underwater*, Equestrian (Gaz12), Dismount Rider (Gaz 12)
Endurance Constitution Food Tasting, Stamina, Slow Respiration (Gaz 13), Drinking (Gaz 13), Diving
Perform Charisma Acting, Music, Singing, Storytelling, Disguise, Dancing
Charm* Charisma Persuasion, Deception, Bargaining, Gain Trust (Gaz 13, Grovel (Gaz 12), Negotiation (Gaz 11)
Willpower* Charisma Bravery, Intimidation, Leadership, Terrorize, Terrorize (gaz 12)

*= Skill or Specialization does not appear in The D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Some are taken from the Gazetteers.

Skill selection: As per the standard rules, all charcters begin with 4 skills. Additional Language slots from high intelligence may be substituted for General Skills. For every 4th level, all characters gain a new skill slot. Skill slots gained at higher levels may be used to buy new skills, gain a +1 bonus to a current skill, or buy skill specializations if that optional rule is used (see below).

Unskilled Use: All skills may be performed by ANY character. If the character performing the action does not have the appropriate skill, he suffers a -6 penalty. Immortal characters are assumed to possess all skills.

Overlapping Skills
In some cases, skills may overlap in use. In such cases, let the player choose which skill he wants to use. Players should not be penalized for only posessing one skill where several might apply.

Skills with multiple Attributes
Some skills such as Craft and Intimidation are based on more than one ability. In these cases, use the highest of the two abilities, unless the situation makes it clear that only one ability may apply.

Dwarves and Engineering
According to Gaz6, Dwarf Underground Abilities are replaced by the Engineering Skill if the General Skill system is used. In this version, the new skill Dungeoneering is given to Dwarves for free and includes the Dwarf Underground Abilities, while Engineering is a separate skill specialization under Science.

Elves/Shadowelves and Treewalking/Ledge Hopping
Treewalking and Ledge Hopping are now specializations under Acrobatics. Elves and Shadowelves selecting the Acrobatics skill will gain the relevant racial specialization skill for free(!). Treewalking and Ledge Hopping are generally not available for other races. All of this only applies if the Skill Specialization rules are used.

Optional Rule - Skill Specializations: Using this rule, a character may select one of the abilities listed under specializations for a skill he already posesses. A character who possesses both the skill and the appropriate skill specialization may attempt an action related to the specialization at +5. Skill specializations may not be selected at 1st level.

Optional Rule - Culture Packages
Rather than select skills at 1st level, you could instead select a cultural package. As a benefit from this, you gain a 5th skill for free.
(More on this later)

Removed Skills
The following skills have been removed from the list:

Craft Skills

In have changed my mind about a couple of things here:
Thief Abilities

Special Skills
These skills are a little different from most General Skills. As a limitation, PCs may not spend more than one skill slot on such a skill at 1st level. The exception to this rule are the rules applying to Thieves as mentioned above. Here's a list of Special skills, though more may be added to the list later.