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Thyatian emperors

by Greg Weatherup

Another attempt to adapt and use J. Mishler's now superseded Dynasties of Thyatis as the Dukes and Counts of Hattias (rather than as the Emperor's of Thyatis). Also trying to stay true to S. Neri's Thyatian Emperor's, J. Ruhland's History of the Thyatian People, and incorporate J. Mishler's Tale of the Classical Hattians.

Most of the dates are not set in stone and can easily be shifted around some. Bits in Italics are big remaining questions.

Beginning with some incomplete notes on their first 400 years after (re-)arrival on Brun:

First Centuries on Brun

BC 480-462 Thassalanian War (wars?) as Hattians migrate to Brun and displace scattered Thyatian settlements on the Isle of Hattias and surrounding islands. By the end, Hattians controls Hattias, Borydos, & Mositius and continue to claim the Thyatian settled isles of Actius and Carytion.

BC 452-451: Kerendans persuade the Hattians to join in their now 5 year old war against Thyatis

BC 440. Hattias joins the Thyatian League

BC 192-190. Alphatian invasion of the three tribes.

BC 190-2. Hattias, like Kerendas and Thyatis, is placed under an Alphatian Governor.

BC 2-0. Part of Lucinius Trenzantenbium's Kingdom of Thyatis; War against Alphatia

AC 0. Part of the Empire of Thyatis under Zendrolion

The Early Dynasties

0-70: Unknown. At what point did it become a duchy? This time must include a ruler named Zendrolion I

I Tatriokanitas dynasty
The Early dynasties start with the I Tatriokanitas who were only partially Hattian by blood (gradually becoming more and more Hattian by blood) and were pro-Thyatian. What if any relation are they to the imperial Tatriokanitas dynasty (r. 0-59)? Perhaps descends from one of the daughters of Emperor Zendrolion & Valentia? When did they become Dukes of Hattias?
70-91 Lucinius I, the Grey-Cloak. Notes: Probably not the first of the I Tatriokanitas dynasty
91-115 Zendrolion II, the Warrior. Notes: son of Lucinius I. Obviously we need an earlier Zendrolion I somewhere.
115-136 Lucinius II, the Great. Notes: Son of Zendrolion II
136-138 Valentinian I, the Cursed. Son of Lucinius II, deposed in 138 (by whom? his sister? general populace? Emperor Leontius III Isauricus?)
138-153 Vanyadoria I, the Warrior-Queen. Sister of Valentinian, first reigning duchess (unless we add an earlier one)
153-157 Valentius I, the Mad. Son of Vanyadoria I, deposed in 157 (by whom? how?)

Von Stregger dynasty
The Von Stregger's were Hattian and Hattian superiorists as likely were the Spellbound Dukes.
157-176 Karolus I, the Great
176-189 Liutprand I, the Bard. Son of Karolus
189-231 Wulfgang I, the Terrible. Son of Liutprand I
231-238 Karolus II, the Destroyer. Brother of Wulfgang I
238-255 Liutprand II, the Black. Son of Karolus II, father of Brunhilda the Enchantress.

The Cursed 13 Dukes or the spellbound Dukes
255-255 Liutprand III, the Mad. Son of Liutprand II, brother of Brunhilda
255-256 Adolphus I, the Canny. 1st Husband of Brunhilda.
258-258 Heinrich I, the Short. 2nd Husband of Brunhilda.
258-259 Hattian I, the Orator. 3rd Husband of Brunhilda.
259-260 Karolus III, the Least. Eldest son of Brunhilda.
260-263 Liutprand IV, the Pirate. 4th Husband of Brunhilda.
263-265 Eirikos I, the Merry. Stepson of Brunhilda
265-266 Ludwig I, the Black. 5th Husband of Brunhilda.
266-266 Karolus IV, the Bellicose. Middle son of Brunhilda
266-266 Adolphus II, the Fool. 6th Husband of Brunhilda.
266-267 Attar I, the Almost Great. 7th Husband of Brunhilda.
267-267 Karolinus I, the Little Emperor. Youngest son of Brunhilda. Deposed after less than a year. (Who? how?)

267 rise of Alexian I 'the Great' who re-established the (second) Tatriokanitas dynasty.

II Tatriokanitas dynasty
The II Tatrokanitas were mostly Hattian by blood and clearly Hattian superiorists and responsible for the Hattian Rebellion though Zendrolion III the Architect used the rebellion's collapse to overthrow his father by supporting the General in his coup against the Emperor.
267-276 Alexian I, the Great
276-313 Alexian II, the Dragonheart. Son of Alexian I. He rebels against the empire and against Emperor Alexian II Isauricus, starting the Thyatian Civil War. He is killed by General Savros Kallastines, who was sent by the emperor and helped by Zendrolion III.
AC 313 Savros tears down Hattias walls but helps Zendrolion III to the ducal throne.
313-??? Zendrolion III, the Architect. Son of Alexian II. With Duke Zendrolion III's help, General Kallastines kills Emperor Alexian II Isauricus and proclaims himself Emperor Sophius I Kallastines.
???-??? Alexius I, the Wizard. Brother of Zendrolion III. Deposed after choosing a (temporary) loosing side in the Thyatian civil war
???-??? Michaelus I, the Wizardbane. Usurper. Overthrown by Emperor Alexandrion I Kerdolion at or near the close of the civil war. Hattias reduced to a County

Middle Dynasties
The Middle dynasties start (per Hattian reckoning) when Hattias was reduced from a duchy to a county and foreigners were put in place as rulers:

I Kerendans aka Equestridaes
After affairs were settled on the mainland in the Thyatian civil war the Thyatians established Tiberion Equestridae as the new Count.
The Equestridaes/I Kerendas are a non-Hattian (Kerendan), pro-Thyatian dynasty.
320-336 Tiberion I, the Great
336-349 Trevonian I, the Artisan. Son of Tiberion I
349-365 Alexian III, the Sage. Son of Trevonian I
365-375 Trevonian II, the Red. Brother of Alexian III
375-393 Zendrolion IV, the Horse-Lord. Son of Trevonian II
393-412 Trevonian III, the Dreamer. Son of Zendrolion IV
412-421 Trevonian IV, the Jolly. Son of Trevonian III
421-425 Lucinius III, the Drunkard. Brother of Trevonian IV. Deposed. (Who? How?)

The Pentarchate
the Pentarchate was a period of non-dynastic rule, (yet to be decided its nature), undoubtedly not Hattian by blood though.
425-489 five non-dynastic, non-Hattian counts all appointed by the Doranius Emperor's. The last of whom is possibly a wizard or sorcerer of some sort. (Names? Dates? Details?)

II Kerendans dynasty aka Aquastridae or Theostridae
Tiberion Aquastridae is appointed Count and manages to avoid the fate of the 5 previous Counts and establishes a dynasty
The Aquastridaes and the Theostridaes (aka II Kerendans) started out as a non-Hattian (again Kerendan), pro-Thyatian dynasty but overtime intermixed and became more and more Hattian by blood and more and more pro-Hattian in outlook (along with becoming Vanyaites).
489-510 Tiberion II, the Magebane.
510-528 Terentia I, the Blade of Vanya. Daughter of Tiberion Aquastridae, marries into the Theostridae family. Start of the “Theological chaos” mentioned in the thoughts on Darokin file.
528-540 Terentia II, the Grey Dame. Daughter of Terentia I
540-544 Zendrolion V, the Inquisitor. Brother of Terentia II. He is deposed by his uncle.
544-548 Tarantius I, the Kind. Brother of Terentia I, and thus a Aquastridae not a Theostridae. Ends the “Theological chaos”.
548-556 Tiberion III, the Sailor. Son of Terentia II, and thus back to the Theostridae's.
556-561 Terentian I, the Merchant-Prince. son of Tiberion III. The Storm Soldiers are secretly founded.
561-564 Alexian IV, the Traladaran. Son of Terentian I. His mother (and maybe his grandmother too?) was Traladaran's. Thanatos stirs up an insurrection against this “foreigner”
564-576 Tiberion IV, the Pirate. Son of Alexian IV. Thanatos stirs up another insurrection.
The last two of these Theostridaes are seen as so ineffective that eventually in 576 Emperor Tiberian IV Monomachos deposes count Tiberion IV Theostridae on piracy charges (true? falsified? who knows... and perhaps charging that he had been helping the Terentians stay free from Thyatis?)

The Kantridae's were non-dynastic, Hattian by blood, mostly pro-Thyatian counts.
(After conquering Terentias...) The Monomachos emperors all appoint the counts of Hattias, none of the Kantridae are related by blood.
576-585 Kantrius I, the Quiet. Appointed by Emperor Tiberian IV Monomachos.
585-598 Alexian V, the Builder. Appointed by Emperor Lucius IV Monomachos.
598-611 Flavius I, the Everyman. Appointed by Emperor Lucius IV Monomachos.
611-623 Kantrius II, the Merchant. Appointed by Emperor Lucius IV Monomachos.
623-631 Flavius II, the Soldier. Appointed by Empress Valeria II.
631-643 Kantrius III, the Dullard. Appointed by Empress Valeria II.

The Later Dynasties
The Later Dynasties start (again, per Hattian reckoning) when again non-Hattian rulers are put in charge:
The Kantridae are ended when it is discovered that Kantrius III supported Gabriel's coup and poisoning of Valeria II and this time the Empress Patricia appoints a non-Hattian as punishment

643 Kantrius III supports Gabriel's brief coup against the Empress and is deposed for it. The Empress appoints Asterian, an adventurer of renown, originally from Redstone, and much of the so called Oesterpolitian dynasty is sometimes called the Redstone Dynasty after his example.

Oesterpolitian or the Redstone Dynasty
The Oesterpolitian or 'Redstone dynasty' is started initially with a Isle of Dawner who was pro-Thyatian, but this series of (largely) non-dynastic rulers gradually becomes more and more pro-Hattian.
Barring a succession of a few mini-dynasties, these counts were largely adventurer's appointed to the Countdom as rewards for serving the empire. Many are from the Isle of Dawn.
642-662 Asterian I, the Great. Appointed by Empress Patricia. Storm Soldiers grow in popularity.
662-675 Darinius I, the Myrmidon. Appointed by Emperor Gabrionius II Tatzianes
675-679 Zendrolion VI, the Veiled. Believed to be the son of Darinius I. revealed to actually by the Daughter of Darinius I, she is deposed when this ruse was discovered.
679-687 Maximius I, the Gladiator. Appointed by Emperor Gabrionius II Tatzianes.
687-701 Asterian II, the Penitent. Appointed by Emperor Andronicus Tatzianes.
701-713 Tiberion V, the Privateer. Appointed by Emperor Andronicus Tatzianes.
713-721 Alexian VI, the Golden. Appointed by Emperor Angelus Tatzianes.
721-732 Zendrolion VII, the Hunter. Son of Alexian VI
732-740 Maxentius I, the General. Appointed by Emperor Marcian II Dalessenos.
740-755 Darinius II, the Daring. Son of Maxentius I
755-769 Maxentius II, the Rake. Son of Darinius II. Deposed
769-771 Maximius II, the Butcher. usurper or Appointed by Emperor Marcus II Dalessenos ??????
771-782 Asterian III, the Obese. Son of Maximius II
782-786 Zendrolion VIII, the Small Prince. Son of Asterian III. Gains some notoriety for killing Emperor Marcus II Dalessenos in a fair duel. Is later deposed by Berthold I
786-794 Berthold I, the Black Prince. Usurper who is in turn deposed (How? by Whom?)

III Tatriokanitas
The early III Tatriokanitas are Hattian by blood but are pro-Thyatian and become emperor's. the County is merged for a while, then detached briefly under a short lived younger son of the emperor.
Gabrionus I Tatriokanitas is appointed count, the first Hattian since Kantrius III, and finally manages to establish a lasting dynasty. They gradually adopt the simple surname 'von Hattias'
794-812 Gabrionus I, the Great. Appointed by Emperor Alexandrion II Dalessenos.
808 Order of Vanya is founded as a branch of the Brotherhood of the Grey Lady.
Many expect Hattias to rise up during the 796-799 troubles and try to break away from Thyatis, but Gabrionus keeps Hattias loyal.
812-823 Zendrolion IX, the Republican. Son of Gabrionus I
823-830 Terentia III, the Healer. Daughter of Zendrolion IX. Became close friends with Empress Olivia Porphirio. She introduces the Empress to her brother Rudolph von Hattias
830-831 Rudolph, aka Rudolvos Porphora. Marries Olivia and becomes co-Emperor in 831. Sole Emperor in 842. Dies in 843
831-??? County subsumed into the Imperial title under 1st Emperor Rudolph/Rudolvos then under Emperor Adolphus (son of Olivia Porphirio and Rudolvos Porphora).
???-846 Gabrionus II, Regent (not Count), younger son of Emperor Adolphus
???-??? (perhaps 860) subsumed into the Imperial title

??? (perhaps 860) Adolphus hands off the County to the Oesterhaus line.

Oesterhaus dynasty
The county is handed off to a local Hattian family that starts out as pro-Thyatian under Gustav and Hansel but gradually under Lucinius IV, Lucinius V, and Zendrolion X becomes the typical Hattian superiorists, briefly becoming pro-outsider under Roman, then of course we all know what happened with Heinrich and Thanatos.
c.860-864 Gustav
864-890 Hansel, The Peacemaker. Infant son of Gustav. Why is he called Peacemaker? must of had some important role in the 876-897 troubles.
890-903 Lucinius IV, the Magefriend. Son of Hansel
903-913 Lucinius V, the Conjurer. Son of Lucinius IV
913-955 Zendrolion X, the Strategist. Brother of Lucinius V. Departure of the Order of Vanya to the Heldannic Freeholds and formation of the Heldannic Knights.
955-967 Roman. Elder son of Zendrolion X
967-976 regency of Bernhard (younger son of Zendrolion X) on behalf of the young Heinrich (born 955)
976-gaz time frame. Heinrich. Son of Roman. Studies under his mother Corinna Woolrich until he comes of age in 976