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A Few Words from the Editors

Welcome back! Enjoying the year 2000 yet? We sure are. This new year and new issue bring us more cool things from our contributors.

I think this new issue also gives us a chance to step back and say "Well, we got it off the what?" The "now what" I leave to our contributors, and to you readers who haven't contributed yet. This is your chance to give Mystara a voice. We don't fuss about your favored system. All that matters herein is giving fresh life to our beloved world. And you make that possible. We want your ideas, so send them to us. Only our ideas and yours put together make this thing work.

Step inside and enjoy the ride.

- Kevin Turner

Welcome to Tome #2!

There was more than a fair share of talk before this new year began, speculation on what the year 2000 would bring. Well, it's here, and while it sure doesn't feel much different (kind of like birthdays as a child), those triple-zeroes trigger in many of us a need for meaning. I don't mean "meaning" on some grand, cosmic scale, but in the small aspects of our individual lives; in things that matter to us personally. What does your job mean to you? Your friends? Your hobbies? Yes, I said hobbies...What does Mystara mean to you?

I am proud of Tome of Mystara for many things: its strong contributor base, its readers. But I am most proud that it respects what Mystara means to fans on an individual basis. And I hope that, as this coming century unfolds, that Mystara will live on in the minds of its fans, and that the Tome will continue to give those fans a forum.

Happy New Year!

- Jennifer Favia Guerra

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