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Last issue, we presented this Letters column as a forum for your comments on the Tome and suggestions for future issues. We imagined letters rolling in, not just with praises (although we certainly hoped for those!), but with comments, critiques, and suggestions - as in any print magazine. To our chagrin, we got only one letter! Come on, folks, we need your feedback! If you like the Tome, let us know. What article did you like, and why? Have a question for a particular author? General game questions or venting? Send it to us!

Our singular letter is printed first, below. Due to the lack of additional letters, we also raided the Guestbook for some notable comments:

Greetings Mystara!

Needless to say, I am very excited to see that the first edition of the Tome of Mystara has aired itself on the net. I would like to say thank you to all of those who made this possible, both the editors and the writers who contributed to this endeavour. It's October 1st, and already I can't wait for the next edition to come out!

-John Calvin

Thanks, John! And thank yourself, too; your adventure was an excellent piece of Mystaran writing. We're proud to have you with us. And as for the next issue, wait no more - here it is!

Excellent! I much prefer D&D to AD&D because of the faster gameplay. However with the lack of published material for D&D, I have been forced to do "conversions" from AD&D material to D&D. I will be back here many times.


As many who enjoy D&D (or "OD&D") have found, getting ahold of long out-of-print modules and rule books can be next to impossible, at least for anyone on a budget. This has led to many OD&D fans "raiding" AD&D for ideas. This is a fine idea, in our opinion, but fans of OD&D should not neglect the volumes of original material produced for that system by online fans. One great site for D&D "Known World"/Mystara stuff is Shawn Stanley's site. And, of course, Tome of Mystara publishes material for all game systems, including OD&D. Happy hunting, Devon!

Looks good, but an offline/printable version would be nice. Good Work.


Glad you like it, Flossy! We understand and appreciate some readers' desire for an offline version of the Tome. However, at this time, it is just not feasible for us. We did, though, keep printers in mind when we designed Tome in black, on a white background.

I' m a DM. I've just started to seek info on Mystara, and I feel that your Tome is a great source. Thanks a lot, guys. Play Well,


Welcome to Mystara, Yoann! We're proud that the Tome played a part in your introduction to this rich and wonderful campaign world. Be sure to check out our Links page, and of course, Shawn Stanley's site (mentioned above).

How do I go about subscribing? And what are your guidelines for submissions?

-Eleanor Williams

Well, Eleanor, there is no print version of Tome of Mystara, so there are no subscribing and no fees. Current issues of the Tome can always be found at the Tome homepage, as can submission guidelines.

Let us know what you think! Did you like a particular adventure? Have a question concerning a spell or magical item? Want to praise (or critique) someone's style? Suggest a feature? Write us!

Guidelines for Letters to the Editors:

So, how do you write us? Send an e-mail to Tome of Mystara at

- Jennifer Favia Guerra
-Kevin Turner

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