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Portraits of Fantasy:

The Photography of Heather Siple

Heather Siple is more than just a photographer; she is an artist. Armed with camera and black-and-white film, she immortalizes her subjects in rectangular frames of two dimensions...which yet seem to posess a third.

For Tome of Mystara, Siple presents a fantasy series. "Abstract in Darkness" envelops the viewer in a maze of shadow around a seemingly innocuous cyrstal glass...does a gaping maw loom above? The other four photographs in the series portray a young man with a sabre. These shots become portraits through Siple's talent; the high-born young man, a low-level fighter, poses with his blade before riding off to his first battle. "Reflecting Blade" captures him best: daydreaming of the battle ahead, anxious of its outcome and of his uncertain future. He looks to scry it in the sword's polished shine, but sees only himself peering out. The potential of the photo is mastery.

Tome of Mystara is thus proud to present the photography of Heather Siple:

Abstract in Darkness


Concentration II

Reflecting Blade


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All photographs copyright 1999, Heather J. M. Siple. All rights reserved. Used by permission. No original photograph by the artist may be copied, printed, transferred, sold, or used in any other way, by means electronic or traditional, without permission of the artist. Introduction copyright 1999, Tome of Mystara. All rights reserved.