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Mapping Mystara:

Thibault Sarlat

It began, rather inconspicuously, on the Mystara Mailing List: a newcomer to the forum, inquiring if anyone might be interested in original, electronic maps of different areas of Mystara, particularly those areas neglected by TSR in official products. Response was overwhelming. The amateur cartographer worked on; soon, there was no area of Mystara immune to his attention.

Thibault Sarlat has raised electronic mapping to an artform, his attention to detail and dedication to the world of Mystara unsurpassed by any other designer. And so, Tome of Mystara is proud to present seven all-new maps by Thibault Sarlat in this issue. Maps are presented in .png format.

Eastern Borea

Central Borea

Extreme Western Borea

The Isle of Dread

Nueva Ispanola



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All maps copyright 1999, Thibault Sarlat, based on material copyright TSR, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission. No original maps by Thibault Sarlat may be copied, printed, transferred, sold, or used in any other way, by means electronic or traditional, without permission of the artist. Introduction copyright 1999, Tome of Mystara. All rights reserved.