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Poll #1 Results

Question:  If you were stranded on an uncharted isle with one KW ruler (1000-1015 AC), who would it be (and why)?

(Options:  Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias, Corwyn Mauntea, Eriadna, Ericall, Etienne D'Ambreville, Everast, Gylharen, Oran Meditor, Jherek Virayana IV, The Master of Hule, Moglai Khan, Stefan Karameikos, Telemon, Thar, Thincol Torion)

Poll #1 was a big success. Responses were fun and witty; we wish we could print all of them here. Results were interesting; you really revealed your motives! Some readers chose their ruler on the basis of sex appeal, while others chose the best means of escape from the island. Now, why did you automatically think you were a prisoner? :)

Cheers to the readers who chose their ruler for conversational value; Jeers to the respondent who spammed JFG's mailbox by voting for everyone!

[Note: Apologies to our readers; While moving, I managed to lose the paper on which I had written many of the earliest responses. Therefore, result totals are low.  - J.F.G.]

Corwyn Mauntea, Ericall, Everast, Moglai Khan, Telemon, Thar, Thincol Torion  - 1 vote each

Jherek Virayana IV  - 2 votes

Gylharen  - 2 votes

The Master of Hule  - 3 votes
Comments:  The most imaginative voter chose the Master, writing: "I would offer my services as his lackey if he would get me home."

"Other"  - 6 votes
Comments:  Responses included Juliana Vlaardoen; Tarovra, Queen of Undersea (for escape value); and Meltheim the Shadowstalker (okay, maybe we should have specified no "home grown" rulers!). But the best response of them all came from this reader, who voted for Delores Hillsbury: "...Because I like naughty girls, and am well used to dragon ladies in my life. But don't tell the missus I said so!"

Stefan Karameikos  - 7 votes
Comments:  One respondent chose Stefan because "he seems to be tolerant of people of other nations." A good criterion, if you have to be stranded with someone!

Eriadna  - 8 votes
Comments:  One respondent gave this great comment (which may double as an "Other" entry): "Heck, a 36th level mage is always handy on an uncharted isle, especially if she's an attractive female...For that matter, Triella Tien-Tang could also work..."

Oran Meditor  - 8 votes
Comments:  Oran was surprisingly popular, especially as readers perceived a need for "escape": "If the ruler of Minrothad couldn't build me a boat to sail away in, no one could!"

Etienne d'Ambreville  - 11 votes
Comments:  For as interesting as Etienne would be to engage in conversation, every reader who commented on their selection noted that, as Rad, Etienne could best facilitate their "escape": "What could he not do?"

Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias  - 16 votes
Comments:  The clear favorite. Readers chose Carnelia not for her expertise, her political experience, or her charming manners, but for know. Comments ranged from "Because she's a dark, sensual elven lady," to "I would have to be dead not to want to be stranded with her," to an eloquent "Duh!" Hmm...our female editor is not surprised.

Great results, everyone! Thanks for responding!

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