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Wyrmteeth Gazetteer, continued

Wrath of the Immortals Events for Wyrmteeth

Spring 1005; Hesitation in Wyrmteeth:   The Dragon King of Wyrmteeth is pressed to join Glantri and Thyatis in the war against Alphatia, but Wyrmdanners refuse, since the Knights of Vanya are involved in the alliance. At the same time, Julius Penhaligon, Moon General, receives dreams from Pearl that reveal how Glantri is involved in a plan that will remove all dragons from Mystara. The General is left confused, as Pearl did not explain whether he should join Thyatis (his native country) in the war, or stay neutral (an alliance with Alphatia is out of question). What it means: Pearl himself is not sure what his followers on Mystara should do. He knows that Rad's researches may be a serious threat to magical creatures, but he knows also that problems would emerge in Wyrmteeth if he wanted the dragons to support Alphatia. In the end, he lets his followers do as they wish, and so he has sent a confusing message to his High Cleric, just to see what he will choose to do.

Fall 1005; Wyrmteeth joins Thyatis:   Red Death, King of Wyrmteeth, declares war to Alphatia, but strongly states that he will not support any action of the Heldannic Knights. He does not mention Glantri in his declaration. What it means: This is the best way Red Death and the other dragon rulers have managed to deal with the situation. The attacks against Alphathia will all fall upon Norwold, to satisfy the blood thirst of many dragons and the hate of Alphatians by Thyatians; Wyrmdanners are happy about the official complaint against Heldannic Knights. The dream of Penhaligon was considered, but as no explanation could be found, the dragons simply decided to wait and see what they should do with Glantri, a nation always hostile to Wyrmteeth.

Spring 1007; Wyrmteeth refuses alliance:   Wyrmteeth refuses to ally with the Heldannic Knights when they sign their treaty with Thyatis.

Winter 1007; Dragons hit Freiburg:   After the plague, another problem strikes the Heldannic Knights. A group of White dragons, helped by the weather conditions, arrive over Freiburg during the night and harass the city. Wyrmteeth officially denies any involvement.

1005-1009; Conduction of the war by Wyrmteeth:   Wyrmteeth destroys most of the cities of Norwold (excluding Oceansend and Leeha), attacks castles and baronies, and does massive damage to Alpha. Thyatis, however, would prefer that the dragons help them to overcome the invading Alphatians, and not concern themselves with acts of mass destruction against Norwold. In Spring 1009, Wyrmteeth decides to send the whole Second Legion to Thyatis to defend the city. It is too small an army to help Thyatians stop the invasion. When Thyathis quits the field, Wyrmteeth does as well.

1010 and afterwards:   The only problem of compatibility between this booklet and the PWAs is the fact that a Heldannic invasion of Norwold would be stopped by Wyrmteeth. However, it's easy to find a solution: Wyrmteeth does not want to be directly involved, but it helps the resistance, especially in Oceansend. It is possible that Geoffrey of Grunturm, escaping his dominion in Norwold, came to Wyrmteeth to seek shelter there and to raise money and troops to help him in Heldann. I suggest that the many Heldann-descended people in Wyrmteeth do help him, perhaps with the promise of part of the Heldannic territory to the Dragon Rulers.

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