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Shadow World:

The Art of Tim Weiser
Part Two

Tome of Mystara was proud to share our own debut with the debut of fantasy artist Tim Weiser, whose shadowy anti-heroes leap to life off the screen with sinister intent.

Tim was gracious enough to contribute more of his masterful work for the current issue, including its cover. We're sure that Tim will not remain an "amateur" for long, with such professional works; we're proud (and grateful) that Tim chooses to again honor Tome of Mystara with his handiwork.


The Duel


Monks Assembled

The Moor

Shields First

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All artwork copyright 1999, Tim Weiser. All rights reserved. Used by permission. No original artwork by Tim Weiser may be copied, printed, transferred, sold, or used in any other way, by means electronic or traditional, without permission of the artist. Introduction copyright 1999, Tome of Mystara. All rights reserved.