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Born on December 31, 1970 Damon Brown spent the '70s in California and the '80s in Kansas (where he was first introduced to role-playing games), before finally managing to escape to Seattle in the '90s. Currently, he keeps playing D&D and writing songs - everything from techno to RPG-inspired instrumentals.

A computer programmer working in the field of Biotechnology, John Calvin maintains the Glantrian Library project. His nine-month-old daughter keeps him busy, but he still finds time (in the wee hours of the night) to spend on his favorite hobby: Mystara, as well as his art gallery.

Alan Jones has been writing D&D adventures for nearly seven years after coming across a copy of the D&D Cyclopedia. His passion for cats is matched by a fear of spiders and the greater undead.

Giulio N. Caroletti was born in Rome in 1980. He is currently the main cultist of Yog Sothoth in Italy, but finds cover as a Physics student. His main activities, apart from the regular human sacrifices (next one due 30th of April - volunteers needed!), are women and RPGs. Unfortunately, he gets satisfaction only from the latter.

Geoff Gander is a graduate student of public administration living in Ottawa, Canada. Rumours that he is also a part-time civil servant in the same city are believed to be true. He is an avid reader of fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and science fiction, and enjoys playing and writing for the D&D Mystara gaming world. He is particularly interested in adding new cultures to Mystara, and in detailing its history. Any connection between Geoff and his more fiendish creations is purely coincidental. Honest. Trust us.

James A. Mishler is very glad that Mystaros is easier to deal with than other, more well-known Wizards from other worlds. When not communicating with Mystaros and learning about all things Mystaran, he grinds away at his mundane job as a Telephony Engineer in Fort Wayne, dreaming of working again in the Gaming Industry...while his wallet has nightmares about those times. James has been published previously with Kenzer and Company in the first four Kalamar Quests.

Herve Musseau is a Web programmer from Paris, France. He is best known in the Mystara community as the Mystaran Almanac Elder ("the Boss"). He prides himself on his twisted, evil plots - don't expect seemingly unrelated events he wrote or inspired to actually be just random; there is always one higher level of intrigue involved, and plots within plots.

Carl Quaif has been a regular contributor for three issues now; the editors have yet to kick him off the Tome, so he must be doing something right. Carl is still a long-term Government lackey, but has managed to retain a few meagre fragments of his soul, despite his Employers' best efforts. He wishes to assure his loyal fans (hi, Mum!) that "Tervine's Travels" will be back to its full glory next issue. Really. Would I lie to you?

Thibault Sarlat is presently in his fourth year of study (in English) at the University of Arts in Bordeaux, France. He is trying to find time for his passions, which include Tolkien, D&D (mapping), the Internet (he hopes to work as a webmaster and webdesigner), and finding the prized mushroom "Cpes de Bordeaux." This year, his big project is a 60- to 80-page study on "The Virtual Worlds of J.R.R Tolkien."

Master of all things Thyatian, James Ruhland is also known for his attempt at trademarking the phrase "ranting screed." When not trying to actively avoid fireballing pro-Alphatian activists on the Mystaran Mailing List, he works at his long-term project: a Byzantized variant of his favorite KW empire.

Before moving out to California to become a screenwriter, Andrew "Cthulhudrew" Thiesen studied Anthropology at ASU in Tempe. Currently slaving away at CSU Long Beach, he hopes one day to actually complete a project and put it on the Big Screen. He exercises his writing chops by creating new stories and projects for the world of Mystara

A wanna-be librarian in his spare time, Kevin Turner calls the great state of Delaware his home...he hasn't figured out why yet. Last week, he was a retail manager. This week he believes he is an author. Next week he'll probably need more medication.

Tim Weiser fights his never-ending battle against the forces of retail in the far-off land of Pennsylvania. When he grows up, he hopes to justify his years in art school by changing his artist status from "starving" to "professional."

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