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Tome of Mystara Character Contest

Who has the most interesting PC (or NPC)?

We're running our first contest! Here's how it works:

You fill out the form below, with details on your best-developed character. Next issue, Tome of Mystara will post the best entries. Readers will vote as to which one they would like to see more of. The winner will develop a full character bio and profile for Tome #5, and have their character sketched by Tome cover artist John Calvin!

There are a few guidelines:

  1. Primary consideration for finalists will be given to the most interesting, imaginative, and convincing character, regardless of class, level, creator, or any other characteristic. In other words, the most interesting people will be chosen.

  2. One entry per person, please

  3. Characters must be recognizeably Mystaran

  4. No previously published characters will be accepted [If they're yours, it's all right; but no TSR or other copyrighted characters, please]

  5. Failure to properly fill out the entry form (below) may result in the disqualificaiton of your entry

  6. You give us permission to edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and the right to post your entries in Tome of Mystara

  7. We reserve the right to reject any entries for any reason

  8. Tome of Mystara accepts no liability for lost or misdirected entries, and cannot guarantee final publication or illustation of any entry

Character Entry Form

All fields are required

Character's name:

Race, gender, class, and level (for example: Half-elf male Thief 10):

Where's he or she from?

Brief Physical Description (anything stand out at first glance?):

Please describe below what makes this character special. In other words, why should our readers vote to see more of him or her? [Note: This answer must not exceed 100 words. - Ed.]

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