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A Few Words from the Editors

Welcome back.

This time around, we received all sorts of interesting suggestions and submissions...and even some from new "faces." I'm glad to see it. I must, however, agree with my co-editor that it would be even better to see more in the way of suggestions, letters, and submissions from those folks who peruse these pages, and not from the same group of us who always submit.

Don't be bashful! We're happy to see submissions at any time, from anyone of the Mystara faithful. And not just at deadline time, either. It's still Your Mystara.

- Kevin Turner

Welcome to Tome #3!

Each year, as spring approaches, we inevitably find ourselves looking to renew some aspect of our lives. Whether it's through the stereotyped "spring cleaning," or another avenue, we seek to cast off the old and slip into the new.

In this issue, we find many of our authors taking a new look at some of Mystara's most classic settings: Thyatis, Alphatia, and the Isle of Dawn among them. Why rehash old turf? some of our readers may ask. While there's nothing wrong with the original settings, as I'm sure our contributors would explain, there's nothing wrong with a fresh take to revitalize your campaigns. So let the spring cleaning begin!

- Jennifer Guerra

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