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This is late, but here is my feedback: [Mr. Keyser was kind enough to comment on all aspects of both Tome issues, but space permits only an edited version. -Ed.]

Tome #1:

Tervine's Travels - Only had time to skim it, but I liked it. It is nice to add details to the world in this format, similar to the Princess Ark series. Pyramid Down - I actually came up with an idea similar to part of the background to this adventure, and it has been used in my campaign. But I don't like Spelljammer and thus have little use for this adventure. What Lurks Within - Very useful, will be used in my campaign. Adventures dating in the 1000AC timeframe are appreciated, as my campaign is set in that era.

Tome #2:

Interview - Nice to hear the background of the almanac, interesting. Ye'Ole Alehouse - I like comics like these, but it takes time to get a feel for the style and humor of the cartoonist. A Treatise on the History of Lycanthropy and The Wyrmteeth Gazetteer - Both of these are good articles, and if they didn't conflict with previously published products, I would probably use them. But since I liked PC4's background on lycanthropes, and I also like CM1's treatment of the dragons as a hidden, secretive nation, I will not use these. My preference is for articles which cover new ground, without re-writing old material. But that is only my opinion. Overall, I like the Tome, and will keep coming back.

Dave Keyser

Thanks for the comments, Dave! They are much appreciated. We're glad that you liked what we had to offer. A few notes: First, John Calvin's adventures do not necessarily need to rely upon the Spelljammer multiverse. As they are based upon spacefaring Nithians, I'm sure Mr. Calvin would agree that they could easily be retained in the OD&D structure. Plus, we appreciate your concern that many of our articles "re-write" pre-existing material. However, as it is our stated mission to provide a forum for all views of Mystara (new or otherwise), we feel strongly that "alternate" or "corrective" treatments be given their due.

I have to admit I haven't actually finished reading all the articles yet, so I'll have to do that and get back to you. I wanted to make a suggestion though, that might help you pick up some more feedback - have you thought about putting a "submit feedback/letters to the editor" form on the Tome site?

Jenni A. M. Merrifield

Yes, Jenni, we have (thanks to your suggestion)! Beginning with this issue, readers will find a link to provide "feedback" at the end of each article. We hope that all our readers will let us know what they think about every article, adventure, or feature!

Dear Tome of Mystara,

I loved Issue #2. Dragons and werewolves abound! I can't wait for #3 to come out (but I guess that means that I will have to start working on the final adventure in the Lost Nation Series). I was especially surprised by the inclusion of the Wyrmteeth Gazetteer. I enjoyed reading this product, and found most parts of it useful. I've actually wanted a product like this for some time, which is why I checked out Council of Wyrms a while back. Unfortunately I found that product to be a little too "childish" and not serious enough to incorporate into the Mystara setting. Thanks should go out to Giulio Caroletti for producing something of this magnitude. I do however have some issues with Wyrmteeth, which I will layout below...

[Mr. Calvin here enumerated some ideas concerning the Gazetteer, which are unfortunately too long to print here. -Ed.]

...I hope that Mr. Caroletti will expand on the Wyrmteeth Gazetteer, and that my comments will have in some way or another been useful to him towards that goal. Please feel free to pass these comments on to Mr. Caroletti, as I would like to hear his responses to them in Issue #3 of the Tome.

John Calvin

Your compliments, and comments, are much appreciated, John. We have included this letter in #3 in order to let our readers know that Mr. Caroletti has been gracious enough to read your comments, and has agreed to work on an appendix to the Wyrmteeth Gazetteer for Issue #4. We look forward to it!

[Mr. Calvin was our most vocal contributor for this issue:]

I had an idea I thought I would run past you. Run a "character" contest on the Tome. Have people send in their favorite (homegrown) character (either PC or NPC) for one issue. Then the poll for that issue could be something like "who would you most like to see a character sketch of?" In the next Tome issue you could revisit that character (perhaps ask for more in depth details from the creator).

John Calvin

Great idea. Thanks, John! We have included this in the current issue, and hope that everyone will participate.

You know me, of course I loved the story by Meltheim the Shadowstalker and would love to see more submissions from him...I completely enjoyed the mini-modules however, and have run a few of them. I was looking for maybe some that were set in the desert area of the world that I can adapt to my campaign. That's all, keep up the good work you two!

Scott Hertzberg (aka Meltheim the Shadowstalker)

Thanks for writing, Scott! And thank you for your contribution to the Tome. If any of our readers have an idea for an adventure set in a desert terrain, we hope that they'll contribute them.

Great idea! How can I subscribe to the fanzine?

Joao Cartaxo

No subscription, necessary, Joao. Tome of Mystara is free, right here every quarter! Thanks for reading.

Glad you enjoyed the photos!...I appreciate the chance to show to an audience that I wouldn't otherwise reach.

Heather Siple

We greatly appreciate your photo contributions, Heather. They are truly works of art!

Guidelines for Letters to the Editors:

So, how do you write us? Send an e-mail to Tome of Mystara at .

- Jennifer Guerra
-Kevin Turner

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