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Tome of Mystara Poll #2 Results

Question: Which of these famous Mystarans would you be most likely to turn into a villain in your campaign? Why?

(Options: Arteris Penhaligon, Corwyn Mauntea, Demetrion, Doriath of Alfheim, Ericall, Etienne D'Ambreville, Olivia Karameikos, Oran Meditor, Stefan Karameikos, or the reader's own suggestion)

Poll #2 was another hit. Everyone seemed to have fun with their responses, though there were less replies than to Poll #1 (why not fill out a feedback form to let us know what questions you'd like?). Results were a lot of fun; most of you seem to equate villainy with money, taking literally the old proverb. The most witty responses are listed below.

Arteris Penhaligon - 0 votes

Broderick and Favian Vern - 1 (combined) vote

Comments: "No one would expect it. Well, not no one...I knew all along."

Desmond Kelvin - 1 vote

Eriadna - 1 vote

Olivia Karameikos - 1 vote

[Two of our three most imaginative comments this time each received one vote; they follow. - Ed.]
Bill Gates - 1 vote

Comments: "No magic, no thief abilities, no faith, no Charisma...He just buys the place. 'Hello, adventurers, just give up, I've bought everyone. Do you want to attack everyone? Mmm, I don't think so...'"

Joshuan Gallidox - 1 vote

Comments: [Winner #2. -Ed.]"Evil halflings rule! No one would suspect that Gallidox is secretly an agent of Thanatos, bent on destroying Mystaran civilization with his Almanacs."

Demetrion - 2 votes

Comments: "Because everyone knows that the villain must be Thyatian, so all other Mystarans can look good by comparison. Duh!"

Ericall - 2 votes

Comments: "That moustache (as described in CM1) would drive anyone to the Dark Side."

Etienne D'Ambreville - 2 votes

Oran Meditor - 3 votes

Comments: "Corwyn Mauntea as an elf...enough said."
"D&D's version of Bill Gates."
"Seems like the kind to be a villain, if he got something out of the deal."

Corwyn Mauntea - 4 votes

Comments: "Given my preference for 'the Republic,' and a fondness for ruthless 'Family' men, he'd be a good coice for a Mystaran Godfather."
"All merchants are money grubbers and inherently evil."
"This way it's not personal...just business."

Doriath of Alfheim - 4 votes

Comments: "Something could snap in his head after many long years of hardship."
"Pro-human elf."

Stefan Karameikos - 4 votes

Comments: [The third of our three best answers for this poll, and this Editor's personal favorite. -Ed.]"Anyone who goes around acting as though everything is perfect and who exudes an aura of utter goodness, is one of three things: (1) an incarnation of goodness itself (which is unlikely to bother ruling a nation); (2) a loathsome, evil bugger; or (3) utterly, irretrieveably insane. As I don't think any mortal ruler is totally good, and Stefan doesn't seem to display the more obvious symptoms of insanity, I therefore conclude that Stefan is evil."

Great results, everyone! Thanks for responding!

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