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A computer programmer working in the field of Biotechnology, John Calvin maintains the Glantrian Library project. His nine-month-old daughter keeps him busy, but he still finds time (in the wee hours of the night) to spend on his favorite hobby: Mystara, as well as his art gallery.

Giulio N. Caroletti was born in Rome, but was raised in Modena, Italy. There he tried to grow up without problems, and nearly succeeded, until he discovered women and Mystara. Unfortunately, the latter gives him more pleasure. Long rail trips through Europe gave Giulio a dangerous mental instability, but helped him discover the existence of Yog Sototh. He is now struggling with the realization that most of the spells from Call of Cthulhu don't work.

A founding partner of Tome of Mystara, Jennifer Guerra is a Master's student of psychology and primate social behaviorist living in South Texas. While watching chimpanzees sit and stare back at her, she dreams of escaping this mundane existence - preferably to Belcadiz. Jenn and husband Ariel have finally stoked their courage enough to take a shot at creating their own game world. Mystara-inspired? Of course!

Herve Musseau is a Web programmer from Paris, France. He is best known in the Mystara community as the Mystaran Almanac Elder ("the Boss"). He prides himself on his twisted, evil plots - don't expect seemingly unrelated events he wrote or inspired to actually be just random; there is always one higher level of intrigue involved, and plots within plots.

Jens Schnabel is a mysterious Dane almost as enigmatic as his elusive, "stalking" Alphatian counterpart on Mystara. Rumor would have it that he has been studying English at the South Danish University in Odense, yet people who role-play with him have accused him of being a devious and manipulative overlord known as "DM." One must wonder, indeed...

Before moving out to California to become a screenwriter, Andrew "Cthulhudrew" Thiesen studied Anthropology at ASU in Tempe. Currently slaving away at CSU Long Beach, he hopes one day to actually complete a project and put it on the Big Screen. He exercises his writing chops by creating new stories and projects for the world of Mystara

A wanna-be librarian in his spare time, Kevin Turner calls the great state of Delaware his home...he hasn't figured out why yet. Last week, he was a retail manager. This week he believes he is an author. Next week he'll probably need more medication.

Tim Weiser fights his never-ending battle against the forces of retail in the far-off land of Pennsylvania. When he grows up, he hopes to justify his years in art school by changing his artist status from "starving" to "professional."

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