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Tome of Mystara Character Contest

Who has the most interesting PC (or NPC)?

We're running our first contest! Last issue, we asked you to submit abbreviated character profiles. We'll print the top entries below, and you vote as to which one you would like to see fully developed. The winner will develop a full character bio and profile for Tome #5, and have their character sketched by Tome cover artist John Calvin!

Sorry! Voting is now closed. Watch for results in issue #5!

The Entries

Character Name: Alexia Romanoff

Player: Keith Young

Brief Stats: Human female Fighter 18

From: Born in Traladara - enslaved at a young age, and finally ended up in Ylaruam

Brief Physical Description: Keeps herself covered in traditional Ylari clothing to hide the scars of torture; a jagged scar runs down her left cheek

What's Special or Interesting About this Character?: She has fought her way free from enslavement, vowing vengeance against the slavers who murdered her family. Her tragic past has left her with a blind hatred that can only be satisfied with blood. This vengeful hatred and her many years in captivity have made her a stranger to all that is goid in the world. Reward and fame bring her no joy. Her heart was ground into the rich farm land of her family with every drop of their spilled blood. Her scars are her shame, taking no pride in how they were earned. Joining with the adventuring group "The Wolfpack" has given her access to the vengeance she desires as well as friends she can call "family." Perhaps in time, she will regain the innocence that was taken from her, but only when that blinding cloud of vengeance can be lifted from her eyes.

Character Name: Thorv Engherst

Player: John Calvin

Brief Stats: Human male Fighter 12 / Werewolf 9

From: Heldannic Territories near Wyrmsteeth

Brief Physical Description: Thorv is meticulously groomed, but a bushy beard still protrudes from the hooded, polar bear jacket he constantly wears. His smile reveals four silver capped canine teeth.

What is Special or Interesting About this Character?: While traveling through the Wyrmteeth range as a young child, Thorv and his family were attacked by a group of lycanthropic Averoignian bandits. Thorv's family was killed but he survived, although infected with lycanthropy. Thorv took to banditry soon afterwards, and found that he liked the lifestyle. He was captured by the Claenra, and his fate nearly sealed, when an ancient white dragon named Aillucent, selected him for a lab assistant. Now Thorv serves the white, selecting and infecting others from Claenra "stock." While performing his duties for the dragon, Thorv keeps an eye out for his childhood assailant.

Character Name: Inga ibn-Tahir

Player: Mischa Gelman

Brief Stats: Human female Fighter 1

From: Soderfjord Jarldoms

Brief Physical Description: Her quirkiest feature is her mixed heritage: Ylari and Northlander

What's Special or Interesting About this Character?: I really can't think of any reason why this character should be seen as any more special or any less special than any other character. All NPCs are valuable to a campaign, and it's silly to make one try to stand out for the mere sake of standing out.

Character Name: Tervine Culver, "The Itinerant Archmage"

Player: Carl Quaif

Brief Stats: Human male Mage 30

From: Thyatis (Kerendas), originally. In recent years, he has been resident (temporarily) just about everywhere!

Brief Physical Description: 5' 8" tall, 134 pounds in weight. A balding, greying (with scrubby beard), physically-unprepossessing man at first glance he is quite thin (with a small pot belly), and gives the impression that he would blow away in a stiff wind. Has piercing blue eyes which display a dazzling intelligence and can root those who catch them to the spot, by force of sheer personality, if he so wishes. Has near-permanent frown lines on his forehead.

What's Special or Interesting About this Character?: Tervine's a high-level character who never outgrew the low-level urge to explore, be it physically - he has visited most locations in the Known World region at least once, as well as many far-distant shores - and in magical studies. His passions combine in the many "travel-magic" items and spells he has created. Tervine is fussy, irascible, impatient, and irritable - but he has hundreds of friends across the globe, any of whom would drop everything if he asked for their help just as he would for any of them.

Character Name: Anya Kolyana

Player: Matthew Ferguson

Brief Stats: Human Female Thief 24

From: Karameikos, born in Specularum

Brief Physical Description: Tall woman - 6'2" - with long red hair

What's Special or Interesting About this Character?: Anya is no simple thief. Anya is a mob boss. Her guild controls most of eastern and western Karameikos. She is a former officer in the Black Legion (Ludwig von Hendricks' secret army) and commanded them in many battles on the Isle of Dawn against the Alphatians. She spent some time in Thyatis City while working with the crew of Mona the Beardless, a pirate. She fell in love with a man who helped her find worthwhile shipments for plunder. That man turned out to be an agent for the Thyatian government, but no ordinary agent: he is Hansel Oesterhaus, son of the Count of Hattias. He turned her in and now she wishes revenge; she has the resources to do this, but is weary of the Shadow Hand thieves' guild.

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Sorry! Voting is now closed. Watch for results in issue #5!

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