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Tome of Mystara Poll #3 Results

Question: Who, in your opinion, is the most under-described or under-utilized NPC, and what could have been done to improve him or her?

(Options: Aleksei "Father Niki" Nikelnevich, Anton Radu, The Black Eagle Baron (Ludwig von Hendricks), Corwyn Mauntea, Demetrion, Doriath, Eriadna, Eusebius, Gylharen, Harald Haaskinz, Julianna Vlaardoen, Master of Hule/Hosadus, Moglai Khan, Morphail Gorevich-Woszlany, Oran Meditor, Porphyriel, Telemon, Thar, Thincol, Tylion IV, or the reader's own suggestion)

Poll #3 was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to put a good deal of thought into their replies. Answers were well-considered, and all made a good point. We all seem to be in agreement that when it comes to the NPCs of Mystara, we can never get enough of a good thing! We were a bit dismayed, though, to see that so many NPCs received no votes; did we offer the wrong choices? Let us know! Results follow.

Aleksei "Father Niki" Nikelnevich - 0 votes

The Black Eagle Baron (Ludwig von Hendricks) - 0 votes

Demetrion - 0 votes

Eriadna - 0 votes

Eusebius - 0 votes

Harald Haaskinz - 0 votes

Moglai Khan - 0 votes

Porphyriel - 0 votes

Telemon - 0 votes

Tylion IV - 0 votes

Corwyn Mauntea - 1 vote

Comments: Let's see, here... Corwyn's been in power for many years in Darokin, and I'm sure the ship of state is moving serenely. I wonder how he got his wealth? Back room deals, backstabbing, anything else? Surely there must be more to him than that...Maybe he owns a plantation in the depths of Malpheggi Swamp, growing addictive herbs that command high prices in the decadent corners of the world; maybe he runs a slaver ring somewhere (maybe he is the true leader of the Iron Ring!). This guy has a lot of potential to be fleshed out, IMHO...

Doriath - 1 vote

Julianna Vlaardoen - 1 vote

Master of Hule/Hosadus - 1 vote

Comments: Describe his rise from orphaned riff-raff to borderline psychotic, mostly-unwilling, tragic anti-hero/puppet of Entropic Evil.

Oran Meditor - 1 vote

Thincol - 1 vote

Bargle - 1 vote

Queen Tarovra of Undersea - 1 vote

Comments: As a 21st-level cleric/mage, she is arguably the most powerful mortal spellcaster known to Mystara. With a handy combination of Earthquake, Holy Word, and Meteor Swarm spells, she could prove nearly unstoppable along with thousands of magic wielding tritons backing her up. Tarovra could easily conquer the Known World if she so desired!

Red Fang - 1 vote

Comments: The Dwarven Vampire from the Gazetteer. Could be Morphail's agent; bring dwarves to Glantri for study.

Torenal - 1 vote

Comments: [Editor's Note: I was suitably dressed down by this voter for leaving Torenal off the list of choices. In my defense, I did at least consider him, but wanted to limit the choices from the Empires. Apologies.]

Volospin Aendyr - 1 vote

Anton Radu - 2 votes

Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany - 2 votes

Gylharen - 4 votes

Comments: Anything! The poor guy is given about two character traits, rules a country not many people have heard of, controls an artifact of rather sickening power, and gets dumped on by hundreds of migrating Alfheimers. Come on! All of Wendar is underrated, but poor Gylharen should have been made a little less two-dimensional. Of course, a real Wendar Gazetteer would have fixed all this, but now that's a pipe dream!

Thar - 6 votes

Comments: [Editor's Note: This issue's winner also had the wittiest response.]
Thar not overthrown by weaky-weaky kobold. Thar sits on kobolds and eats their head lice for breakfast. All part of Thar's big-big plan. Thar take over world soon.

Great results, everyone! Thanks for responding!

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