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A computer programmer working in the field of Biotechnology, John Calvin maintains the Glantrian Library project. His nine-month-old daughter keeps him busy, but he still finds time (in the wee hours of the night) to spend on his favorite hobby: Mystara, as well as his art gallery.

Recently returned after a long trip to Mars, Giulio N. Caroletti is now sitting safely in his little room in the Mental Hospital of Tzhyt. There, a group of warm-hearted Wrty doctors are trying to tend his wounds with their seven arms. To his surprise, he discovers that Elvis Presley is in fact reincarnated in the astounding body of Catherine Zeta-Jones; however, he has decided to mutate into his former Elvis self just after he has married Michael Douglas. To prevent this from happening, Giulio must free himself from the Tzhyt leader, Valerya, who shows him a modem and an Office program: "Write an article for the Tome and we'll set you free!" The bold Giulio accomplishes his duty, and is now ready to save Michael Douglas...

Geoff Gander is a graduate student of public administration living in Ottawa, Canada. Rumours that he is also a part-time civil servant in the same city are believed to be true. He is an avid reader of fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and science fiction, and enjoys playing and writing for the D&D Mystara gaming world. He is particularly interested in adding new cultures to Mystara, and in detailing its history. Any connection between Geoff and his more fiendish creations is purely coincidental. Honest. Trust us.

Alan Jones has been writing D&D adventures for nearly seven years after coming across a copy of the D&D Cyclopedia. His passion for cats is matched by a fear of spiders and the greater undead.

Laszko van Kessel first studied to become an archaeologist in Southeast Asia. But somehow he was "caught" by the future and changed to web development instead. He and his wife are yearlong players in Mystara. Although his two sons are still halfling and pixie size, he hopes that they will soon start to play D&D too.

Adrian Matthias is a Captain in the Australian Army Legal Corps and lives in Canberra, Australia. He has written a number of pieces for Mystara as a member of the Mystaran Almanac Team. His current project is writing a complete Gazeteer on his Russian-inspired Zuyevan Empire. He fully expects no-one to take any notice of it.

Jens Schnabel is a mysterious Dane almost as enigmatic as his elusive, "stalking" Alphatian counterpart on Mystara. Rumor would have it that he has been studying English at the South Danish University in Odense, yet people who role-play with him have accused him of being a devious and manipulative overlord known as "DM." One must wonder, indeed...

Before moving out to California to become a screenwriter, Andrew "Cthulhudrew" Thiesen studied Anthropology at ASU in Tempe. Currently slaving away at CSU Long Beach, he hopes one day to actually complete a project and put it on the Big Screen. He exercises his writing chops by creating new stories and projects for the world of Mystara

Keith Young, "Pit Boss" to the creatures of the night in the customer service industry, was educated in the Arts at West Virginia State College. He uses his hard-earned knowledge to explore his twisted mind in art as well as story. In the future, his goal is to climb out of the Pit and haunt the world with his bizarre talents.

Erik Norris Waddell was born and raised in the Great White North of Ottawa, Canada. Engaging in role-playing games of various styles and flavours since the exuberant age of ten, he has enjoyed musing about fictional cultures and fantastic histories whenever he finds spare time. Now in his final honours year of Political Science studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Erik still enjoys losing himself in reveries about Mystara and other distant realms, while maintaining his interests in comparative development politics, democratic theory, Arthurian legend, and the inestimable value of a good pint at the local pub among friends.

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