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Tome of Mystara Poll #4 Results

Question: Which of these (tongue-in-cheek) events would you like to have seen happen, in the years following the Wrath war?

Poll #4 offered a few, fun options, as well as room for the reader to insert his or her own funny timeline event. While most chose our options, there were a few "freestyle" entries. Voting was tight, but at last (a week before voting closed!) one event did pull ahead for the win. Results follw.

12.90%: Stefan Karameikos is revealed to be an Alphatian spy; Karameikos becomes the center of the New Alphatian Empire.

12.90%: Other. Sample responses:

Ericall of Norwold discovers he is the brother of Stefan Karameikos, Thincol marries Eriadna, and Bargle falls in love with Sheriff Jaervosz. At the same time, Morphail becomes infatuated with the sister of King Everast...

The secret of the Radiance gets out. Wizards of Glantri soon flock to use the power; a year without magic ensues. Humanoids invade Glantri. A humanoid Rennaisance takes place; ogres are seen in Glantri city in doublets and bowing to ladies in the street.

Eriadna wakes up one morning, morose over the loss of her beloved Torenal, streches, and goes to the bathroom to take a shower, only to discover that standing in the shower stall already, is Torenal! It turns out the last several years were all a dream. (Apologies to the Dallas scriptwriters for stealing their plot device. )

Frail matriarch Dame Catherine d'Ambreville accidentally re-opens the "lost gate" to Old Averoigne while searching for her lost spectacles. Natives surrender after a valiant 2-round struggle.

16.13%: Thincol hunts down "Anya" and slays her; outlaws the Church of Vanya in Thyatis. Holy war begins versus Heldannic Knights.

16.13%: Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany and Dolores "Synn" Hillsbury duke it out for control of Glantri. Alphaks finds that he's really pissed off Thanatos this time.

19.35%: Rad returns; he and Rafiel are soon involved in a nuclear arms race which soon has Mystara on the brink of destruction.

22.59%: Hule regroups; Hosadus crushes Darokin like a bug, bringing new wealth to Greatrealm. Within five years, the proliferation of financiers in Hule undermines the evil hagiarchy; a new reign of Entropy ensues - the dominance of the (Plutocratic) "Republic" of Hule.

Great results, everyone! Thanks for responding!

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