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History of Traladara

by Francesco Defferrari

Part One: Genealogy of the 14 Families, from the Mystara Message Boards posted 12 January 2001.
Part Two: from the Meliv War to the Times of Hutaakans, from the Mystara Message Boards posted 14 January 2001.
Part Three: the Gnoll Invasion and Halav reign, from the Mystara Message Boards posted 18 January 2001.
Part Four: the Halarov Kings, from the Mystara News Server posted 24 February 2001.
Part Five: the War for the Crown and the Fall of Radu, from the Mystara News Server posted 1 March 2001.
Part Six: the Ivanov Kings and the Struggle of Thyatians and Alphatians Parties, from the Mystara News Server posted 6 March 2001.
Part Seven: the Ivanov Kings until the Vatresh Massacre, from the Mystara News Server posted 19 May 2001.
Part Eight: Radu and Marilenev Kings until the Royals Peasants, from the Mystara News Server posted 19 May 2001.
Part Nine: from Katarina Radu to the Last King of Traladara, from the Mystara News Server posted 19 May 2001.
Part Ten: the Last Years of Freedom for Traladara and the Thyatians Conquests, from the Mystara News Server posted 9 April 2001.

Genealogy of the 14 Families back to top

1502 BC The ptahaldar, from the Nithian city of Kheptahr migrate south and arrive in modern Traladara. They left their overpopulated city to find new lands. They immortal patron is Kagyar, who they call Dar
They are leaded by a cleric of Dar called Mindar Ipatoth. The ptahaldar, encounter in the new land elves and humans named Tal. They call these two people the earth people and the people of the night.

1501 BC The Ipatoth clan is the first to merge with the people of the night: the ipatoth settle in the village of Vatresh, home of a Tal clan named Vay. Mindar marry Iea Vay, daughter of the chief of Vay clan.
The new formed clan begin to call itself Ivatov. (They are the ancestors of the Ivanov noble family of Vatresh-threshold).

1500 BC Epeth Amon kill a vampire in Vaion (Penhaligon). The Amon clan unites with the Viev clan of Vaion, and begin to call itself Vemanon (They are the ancestors of Vemanov noble family).

1499 BC Neferi Hatoth marry Ilu Lav and unites her clan with the Tal population of Lavv. The new clan is called Hatarov (ancestor of the Halarov family). Several members of Marenepeth, Ra, Totherap and Dametoth clans are killed while aiding the Tal against a powerful vampire.

1498 BC Gathering of clans in Mevu (Marilenev). Ptahaldar, Tal and nosferatu followers of Nix allies and vow to kill all the vampire followers of Thanatos in Traladara. Marenepeth unites with Mevu and forms the Marinevev clan (Marilenev). Totherap unites with clan Scuy and forms the Totherascu clan (Torenescu) in Krakatos. Dametoth unites with Lov and forms the Damelov clan (Dmitrov).

1497 BC Nethon Ra betrays and allies with vampires. War between clan Ra and clan Midu of Mirros. Clan Ra enslaves clan Midu. Mindar Ivatov leads various clans against the Ra. Nethon and Mindar kill each other in battle. Ra are defeated, but will remains united with the Midu, calling themselves Radu.

1496 BC Battle of the Night. Vampires defeated in eastern Traladara. Foundation of two new united clans: Luthescu (now Lutescu, from Lutheth and Sculov clan, based in Rugalov) and Vartoy (now Vorloi, from Vath and Toy clan, based in Vetu, nowadays Rugalov keep). Peaceful relations with the elven-faerie city of Haven.

1495 BC Nefthy Meth and Esu Mili marry and unite Meth and Mili clan in Mirros. The new clan is called Meliv (later Milev of Mirros). Meliv and Radu agree to work together to became lords of all Traladara and to dominate the others clan.

1494 BC Battle of the dark tears. Muth, Min and Koth clans are defeated by vampires in western Traladara. The other clans, dominated by Radu and Meliv, refuse to help them.

1493 BC Battle of dark revenge. With the help of the clans Mun, Dimis and Ros the Muth, Min and Koth defeat vampires of western Traladara. Three new clans are born: Makuth (later Markovitch, from Muth and Mun, in Luln), Dimimiv (later Dimitrevich, from Min and Dimis, in Dimi, nowadays Halag), Rokoth (later Rascov, from Koth and Ros, in Corescon, nowadays Radlebb keep).

1492 BC Clan Zemeth and clan Esu unites and found the Zemesu clan. (later Sulescu)

1491 BC Gathering of the 14 clans. The clans now represent all the Traladara population, except the Vyalia elves. Reluctantly, the others clans give leadership to clan Radu and clan Meliv in Mirros.

1490 BC Year of peace. The new Traladaran confederacy send ambassadors to Nithia, the hutaakan and the dwarves in the north, Makai and Verdier elves in southern isles, the people in modern Thyatis. They try to establish peaceful relations and a little commerce with all.

From the Meliv War to the Times of Hutaakans back to top

1488 BC Radu and Meliv begin to fight for control over Traladara. Meliv wins in a year of bitter fights.

1487 BC Meliv clan try to conquer Traladara and establish a monarchy. The others clan rebels.

1486 BC Year of fear. Meliv are defeated. Vampires take advantage of the civil war to attack Traladaran everywhere. The terror of the vampires lasts two year. Many villages are conquered by vampiric lords, but the clan holds don't fall.

1484 BC Nosferatu followers of Nix, who lived peacefully between Traladaran population, seize control of the clans to unite them against the vampire. Time of the eternal lords begin.

1477 BC After many years of war vampires are defeated by Nosferatu, Traladaran and elves. The rule of the eternal lords continues.

1460 BC The nosferatu Mishka Totherascu of Krakatos is elected overking of Traladara. He establish good relations with surroundings nation and is a fair ruler.

1451 BC Mishka Totherascu is killed by a vampire, later destroyed by adventurers. The nosferatu Tarku Radu of Mirros became the new overking.

1450 BC Tarku Radu begin to enslave Traladara under the tyrannical rule of the undead. He transformed Traladara in a dark and reclusive nation. Rebel leaders rise and are crushed. Tarku kill all the smiths of Traladara to avoid the construction of weapons.

1445 BC His rule endangered by rebels aided by dwarves, elves, Nithians and hutaakans, Tarku make an agreement with vampires followers of Thanatos. In their blindness, the other Nosferatu fail to notice the change. Traladara become the home of the darker plots of the world.

1435 BC Nithians, dwarves, elves and hutaakans attack Traladara after Tarku tried to enslave the Hayt clans in modern Thyatis. Nosferatu and vampires defeat the invading army, but shortly after the nosferatu of Traladara rise against Tarku and his vampires allies.

1433 BC Nosferatu and their human allies are defeated by Tarku. Many are killed. Tarku try to destroy the Vyalia elves. Many escape in modern Thyatis.

1431 BC Hutaakan, Nithians and dwarves hear the pleas of Vyalia elves and Traladarans and send another army. A great rebellion aid the army, and Tarku minions are defeated all over Traladara. Even the Radu family leave Tarku to his doom. The overking now rule only Mirros.

1430 BC After many month of siege, the allied armies return north, but the Traldar still fight around Mirros. When at least the Traldar enter the city Tarku unleash a tremendous curse before dying. In the end of the summer, the snow begin to fall. Weathers conditions get worse with the end of the year.

1429 BC The Coldest Year. Spring do not come in Traladara, and even in middle summer snows this year. Many die of starvation. Agriculture is impossible and quickly Traldar revert to stone age.

1426 BC After three years of eternal winter a plague hit the humans of Traladara, killing many others.

1425 BC The first better year after the winter and the plague. Traldars recover.

1423 BC Hon Dimimiv lead a crusade against vampires and nosferatu of Traladara. Many fighting ensures and more suffering for Traldar population.

1421 BC The crusade ends. The most part of the Traladaran undead have been exterminated.

1415 BC A group of five vampires called "death's hand" bring havoc in Traladara. Many Traldar adventurers go vampire hunting.

1411 BC At last the death's hand is destroyed, and with them the last undead in the nation.

1410 BC For nine years from now smaller plagues, harsh winters and various monsters hit the exhausted Traldar population.

1401 BC Despairing to survive, the Traldar send messengers to Nithians, elves, dwarves and hutaakans to ask some help. The hutaakans, having pity of the terrible conditions of the Traldar, begin to help them with their clerical magic.

1399 BC To better help the Traldar the council of Hutaakans decide that some of them will settle among the humans. The others remain in Pflarr vale (nowadays lost vale).

1390 BC In a few years the hutaakans have teach the Traldar many thing, and live among them peacefully. Eventually they become lords, but their is a fair rule. In the following four centuries Traladara became an haven of peace and a centre of study for clerical magic. Traladara is in good terms with the surrounding nations, and the council of hutaaka rule the nation.

1300 BC Hin arrive in the Shire. Hin, hutaakans and Traldar are immediately in good terms.

1260 BC Orcs and humanoids arrive in the north and seize control of Atruaghin lands. Many Traldar adventurers and hutaakans fight the humanoid in the north.

1147 BC Alik Rokov of Corescon lead a rebellion against the hutaakans but is defeated. Alik was a nosferatu follower of Nix. His family survives purged by Nix followers. This is the only fight between humans and hutaakans in the four century of their rule.

1095 BC Traladara establish peaceful relations with the men of Minroth who have colonised the southern islands.

The Gnoll Invasion and Halav reign back to top

1011 BC First gnolls and orcs in the mountains north of Traladara. They are defeated by Traldar heroes.

1002 BC The great invasion. A large force of gnoll leaded by the chief Flaghr invades Traldar lands, while orcs and ogres conquer the shires and attack Rockhome and Nithian colonist in modern Darokin. Ivatov clan in Vatresh (Threshold) is the first to fall, and escape south. In the west the gnoll victories are aided by a traitor, Andrei Korizegy of Rascov clan. Makuvitch and Dimivich are defeated in Luln. Luln and Halag are conquered by the gnolls, and the two clans hide in forest and swamp to avoid being exterminated. Corescon is overwhelmed and sieged by gnoll forces. Radion Rascov, his clan and his city are wiped out (in truth they are transported in the hollow world by immortals). The hutaakans initially try to help the humans against the gnoll, then, thinking Traladara lost, escaped in the valley of hutaaka with humans survivors of the Ivatov clan.

1001 BC Gnolls continue to advance: Sulescu and Vaion (Penhaligon) are conquered, and the two clans escape to Lavv. King Halav Halarov of Lavv call for unity. He, queen Petra Torenescu of Krakatos and Zirchev Vemanov of Vaion unite the Traldars against the gnoll. Zirchev and Petra begin to enchant the bronze weapons of the Traldar to resist the steel weapon of the gnolls. The traitor noble Andrei Korizegy is killed in battle

1000 BC Gnolls attack Lavv and Krakatos but fail to conquer the two town. But they ravage the countryside and conquer Marilenev and Dmitros. Milen Milev leads is clan to a long migration in the sea of dread (they are the ancestor of Milenian empire), just a few day before the gnolls lay siege on Mirros. Vorloi and Lutescu clans come in aid of the Radu in Mirros but are defeated and retreat to join Halav, Petra and Zirchev in Lavv and Krakatos. Mirros fall in the hand of the gnoll by the end of the year. Only Lavv, Krakatos and eastern Traladara resist now.

999 BC Gnoll are temporally repelled by Vyalia and Haven elves in the east and so lay siege to Krakatos and Lavv. King Halav kill Flaghr in the Traldar's darkest hour and win the day. Traldars starts a reaction who in a little months drive away the gnolls and freed all clans.

998 BC Gathering of the clans. The surviving 12 Traldar clans decides to establish a monarchy, in which however the king can be deposed by the united clans if unworthy. Halav Halarov and Petra Torenescu are first king and queen of Traladara. They continue to fight gnoll, still living in great number inside Traladara, and try to help halfling in the shires. Some Traladarans and Nithians, escaped in modern Darokin during the invasion, fail the plot of an evil Nithian priest and are cursed to wander forever. They first travel will take them to Sind. (they are the ancestors of the Darine, Mystara's gypsy)

980 BC After having done their best to secure the new Traldar kingdom Halav, Petra and Zirchev leave on their path to immortality. Pieter Halarov, son of Halav and Petra, is elected king at the age of 18. Zira Vemonov, daughter of Zirchev, is the royal bride. This wedding establish the use of a king or a queen with a consort. The wedding usually is the alliance of two families, even if only one is supposed to be the elected lord. Like their parents Pieter and Zira continue to fight humanoids inside and outside Traladara. Gnolls found the Bloodhands tribe, dominating the northwest.

The Halarov Kings back to top

971 BC Humans, dwarves and halflings are invited in Haven. The fabulous city begin to fade away from the prime plane.

965 BC King Pieter bring aid to the halfling revolt against the orcs.

950 BC A tribe of Orcs escaped from the Shires, the GreySlayers, live in western Traladara, raiding human settlements despite efforts to defeat them.

920 BC The old king Pieter leave the throne to his granddaughter Hala. She will marry Miro Torenescu.

912 BC Queen Hala decide to not help neither the dwarves neither the hin in their struggle in the shires, because both dwarves and hin are friends of Traladara.

910 BC Some Alphatian wizards visit Traladara and are welcomed.

890 BC Fyodor Halarov, son of Hala, is king of Traladara. The Goblin tribe Nightfollowers arrive in Traladara from the overpopulated Darokinian lands. Fyodor marry Imia Markovitch. The Torenescu family is greatly offended by the wedding, and will be hostile to king's authority for all his reign.

877 BC After several years of war Goblin Nightfollowers fall under gnoll rule.

875 BC Fyodor Halarov dies in mysterious circumstances, Piotr Torenescu is King of Traladara. Pyotr marries Shira Radu. Halarov Ivanov and Vemonov refuse to recognise the new king.

860 BC Ecaterina Halarov, daughter of Fyodor, kill Piotr Torenescu, believed murderer of Fyodor. War between the Halarov, aided by Ivanov and Vemonov, and the Torenescu, aided by Radu and Marilenev.

858 BC Ecaterina Halarov is killed by Rasko Radu, who became the new king. Halarov, Vemonov and Ivanov don't recognise his authority. Rasko is the illegitimate son of Shira Radu and a commoner. He marries Lara Torenescu.

830 BC After the death of Rasko Radu Sergei Halarov defeat the Radu and the Torenescu and became the new king with the aid of Vemonov and Ivanov. Sergej marries Ygrid Vemonov

820 BC An alliance of GreySlayers Orcs and Bloodhands Gnolls attack Dimi and Luln, the king lead an expedition to defeat them.

810 BC Traladaran adventures fight orcs in the Shires but are exterminated. Continual warfare in the west against orcs and in the north against gnolls.

805 BC Irena Halarov, niece of Sergei, is queen of Traladara. She promotes war against orcs and gnolls, who still rule over many wilderness lands. She marries Larkos Ivanov.

800 BC Traladara establish relations with Alfheim elves and Nithian colonist in Darokin. Traladaran people go to Darokin. Calarii elves arrive in Traladara and helps against the gnolls.

780 BC Grygory Torenescu and Sandra Halarov are king and queen of Traladara. Both are elected by the council. Their love ends the long time feud between Torenescu and Halarov. Together they defeat Radu and Marilenev.

760 BC Battle of Vatresh, Ivan Ivanov defeat gnolls, Bloodhands tribe is nearly destroyed. Goblin Nightfollowers freed themselves form gnoll's slavery. Grigory and Sandra died together of old age.

758 BC Ivan Ivanov is king of Traladara by election. He leads several campaigns against the orcs in the west and try to aid the halfling. Goblin Nightfollowers go to Dymrak forest to avoid humans troops. Ivan marries Fedora Dimitrevich.

755 BC Bugbears of the BearsBlood tribe arrive in Traladara, escaping from orc rule in Darokinian Orclands.

745 BC GreySlayers Orcs defeated in western Traladara by Harlan Dimitrevich, brother of Fedora, and Ivan Ivanov. End of Humanoid Power in the northwest. Ivan choose his younger friend Harlan as heir to the throne.

742 BC After the death of Ivan Harlan is king. He marries Uma Markovitch, and immediately gains the hostility of Halarov and Torenescu families.

740 BC Harlan Dimitrevich crush a rebellion of Halarov and Torenescu families.

736 BC A Red Dragon attack Vatresh and Vaion killing many people, including the noble and famous knight Ilios Vemonov. Despites intense research by adventurers the red dragon is not seen again.

730 BC Harlan aids halfling against orcs and humans in the Shires, trying not to upset the dwarves.

725 BC Sula Dimitrevich, daughter of Harlan is queen of Traladara. She marries Milos Torenescu Halarov, so ending the feud between Traladaran families.

707 BC War with Frost Giants in the north east. The giants are defeated with many casualties in both sides.

697 BC Boris Dimitrevich Halarov, heir to the throne, die in an hunting incident. His mother Sula poisons herself.

696 BC Halarov, Torenescu, Ivanov and Marilenev argue about the succession. Some fights and duels ensures but not an open war.

695 BC The Nithian pharaoh (now corrupted by Thanatos) send an expedition to conquer Traladara. Traladarans unite and win. Katarina Radu is elected queen of Traladara for her bravery in the war against the Nithians. She will marry Laios Ivanov Halarov.

650 BC After a peaceful reign Katarina Radu dies. Yuri Radu Halarov, her son, is elected king of Traladara. Yuri marries Alya Lutescu.

630 BC Yuri helps the halflings' struggle for freedom.

622 BC An hobgoblin tribe, the SteelWarriors, arrive in Traladara from Darokin.

610 BC Halfling found the Shires. Good relations with Traladara.

609 BC Yuri Halarov dies. His son Stephan kill his sister Irena and became king. Ivanov, Torenescu and Vemonov rebels against the new king, who is supported by Marilenev and Radu.

603 BC Goblins Nightfollowers became lords of the Dymrak Forest as servants of green dragons. They conquer territories while the humans fights among themselves. The SteelWarrior hobgoblins successfully remain independents of green dragon rule.

601 BC Dimitri Ivanov and Stephan Halarov kill each other in duel. Years of arguing begins to choose an heir to the throne.

600 BC Thyatians, Hattians and Kerendas arrives in modern Thyatis. They unites usually peacefully with the indigenous Hayt population (descendant of Taymora). Traladaran establish good relations with their neighbours.

589 BC Ilya Halarov, son of Irena, became king of Traladara. He marries Vala Ivanov, daughter of Dimitri.

587 BC Nithian Pharaoh send an army of undead against Traladara and Thyatis, but Ilya destroy the enemy army. For the rest of his reign he has to fight vampires all over Traladara.

561 BC Darya Halarov daughter of Ilya is queen of Traladara. She marries Arkaim Radu.

544 BC Darya succeed in limiting the Goblin power in eastern Traladara. She defeat the hobgoblins SteelWarrior too.

523 BC After the death of their mother Igor, Anya and Achelos Halarov fight among themselves. Igor is supported by Radu, Anya by Torenescu and Achelos by Ivanov. The Halarov dynasty end with a civil war. Igor is defeated and escapes in Sulescu where he found the Halaveff family. Achelos go to Luln, while Anya remains in Lavv and found the Hilov family. Lara Marilenev is queen of Traladara after a compromise between the struggling families. Lara marries Tiros Ivanov.

The War for the Crown and the Fall of Radu back to top

520 BC Igor Halaveff and Pyotr Sulescu attacks Dimi and Luln. They conquer only Dimi. The Dimitrevich family escape to Luln. Dimi is renamed Halag.

517 BC War between orcs and gnolls. The two tribes lose their strength in a pointless territorial war.

501 BC The hutaakans in the valley argue among themselves. One faction want to keep the humans like pets, while the other faction want to free them. The second faction is defeated, and Pflarr transport them in the hollow world. The outer world hutaakan culture begin to decade.

500 BC End of Nithia, no great consequences in Traladara.

499 BC A Troll tribe arrive in Achelos swamp. The tribe, called Flesheaters, will spread terror in the swamp area for many centuries.

496 BC Igor Halaveff conquer Luln. Dimitrevich and Markovitch are forced to swear loyalty to him. Achelos Chardastes Halarov, son of Achelos, escape and establish his kingdom in western Traladara.

495 BC Queen Lara Marilenev and his husband killed by Pyotr Sulescu. Sulescu, Radu and Halaveff fight against Achelos Chardastes Halarov, Marilenev, Torenescu, Ivanov and Hilov to conquer Traladara. Ilyeana Hilov daughter of Anya kill Igor Halaveff and Pyotr Sulescu and is elected queen of Traladara. She marry Misha Marilenev Ivanov, son of Lara and Tiros.

491 BC Hobgoblins SteelWarriors become overlords in eastern Dymrak Forest.

484 BC Kurjak Radu rebels and attacks Lavv. He kill the queen and all his family and burn Lavv to the ground. Lajos Ivanov lead Vemonov, Dimitrevich, Markovitch, Chardastes Halarov, Torenescu, Lutescu and Vorloi against Radu, Sulescu and Halaveff . Kurjak Radu is killed and his allies defeated. Lajos Ivanov became king of Traladara. Halaveff family maintains the rule of Halag, fighting with Dimitrevich and Markovitch in Luln. Hilov family survives near Lavv as a little family of landowners till present times, but no longer has part in Traladaran politics. From now kings and queens always rules in Mirros, that will no longer belong to Radu. The Radu family maintains the ownership of much lands around the city and found the veiled society to fight his enemy in the dark. Lavv is infested by undead and humanoids.

The Ivanov Kings and the Struggle of Thyatians and Alphatians Parties back to top

483 BC Lajos Ivanov marries Olga Torenescu.

451 BC Misha Ivanov, son of Lajos, is king of Traladara. Misha marries Sara Dimitrevich.

433 BC Bugbears fight a long war against Goblins of the Dymrak forest and are defeated. Nevertheless they maintain their territories. Shortly after Misha defeats the goblins in the Battle of Green Blood.

431 BC Misha Ivanov kills undead and humanoids of Lavv and orders to bury the ruins.

403 BC Boris Markovitch and Alya Ivanov are king and queen of Traladara. They will have no heirs.

396 BC War between Hobgoblins and Bugbears in the northeastern Dymrak Forest with no results.

375 BC Marcos Lutescu is King of Traladara. He is a good friends of Kerendas and Thyatians. He marries Mira Marilenev.

368 BC Problems with Frost Giants in the north. After several bloody raids, the giants are defeated by a group of adventurers called "The Swords of Halav".

352 BC Irina Lutescu is queen of Traladara. She marries Mikhail Ivanov.

344 BC Vampires in Traladara. Mikhail Ivanov killed by a vampire.

343 BC Irina Lutescu destroy vampires and nosferatu all over Traladara. Nosferatu followers of Nyx and Tal people friends of them rebels against the queen.

342 BC Peace of the night with the Tal people. The queen agrees to persecute no more nosferatu and followers of Nyx.

318 BC Arkam Ivanov, son of Mikhail and Irina, is king of Traladara. He marries Hala Torenescu.

301 BC Thyatians and Hattians pirates begin to attack Traladaran and halfling ships.

297 BC War of the sea, Arkam Ivanov sink a Thyatian fleet.

296 BC Cartha Radu, aided by Thyatian agents and Lutescu and Vorloi families (who has strong commercial ties with Thyatis) kill Arkam Ivanov, but his son and heir Fyodor Ivanov defeats his enemies and becomes the new king of Traladara. The Radu are cast off the council of nobles. Fyodor marries Arya Marilenev.

238 BC Fedor Ivanov is king of Traladara. He marry Irina Dimitrevich. They fight Bloodhands Gnolls, again a menace in the north.

218 BC Fedor and Irina try to conquer Halag from the Halaveff family but are defeated. A treaty is signed. Halaveff and Chardastes Halarov are both recognised as legitimate heirs to king Halav. Dimitrevich return in Halag, who will be called Halag Dimi. For some centuries Dimitrevich will dominate Halaveff family, keeping it far from Traladaran politics.

201 BC Bugbears found a "kingdom" in eastern Traladara until defeated by kings' troops.

203 BC Magda Ivanov and Luka Dimitrevich are queen and king of Traladara. Thyatians piracy increases in these years.

190 BC Magda and Luka support Alphatian conquest of Thyatis to end piracy. Good relations with Alphatians. Gnolls defeated again in the north.

171 BC Grygory Dimitrevich is king of Traladara. He marries Sasha Ivanov.

153 BC Green dragons of the Dymrak forest try to conquer Traladara but are defeated by Grygory, Sasha and their young daughter Arya. Goblin Nighfollowers lose many warriors.

152 BC Arya Dimitrevich Ivanov is acclaimed queen of Traladara. She is an adventuress and fights with her group in every corner of the known world. One of her companion, Harlan Karavich, became her husband.

140 BC Arya is killed in Denagoth. Fyodor Ashenov, a not noble but famous hero, is elected king. Fyodor marries Mila Torenescu.

121 BC Hobgoblins attack in eastern Traladara and found a "Kingdom" in southern Dymrak Forest.

103 BC Alexander Vorloi elected king of Traladara. Alexander is half Thyatian. Bad relations and skirmishes with Alphatians. Alexander marries Irina Lutescu. Pro Alphatians families are quite upset by the king's policy. Torenescu became pro Thyatians.

95 BC Flesheaters troll kill many people around Halag Dimi until again repelled in the swamp.

84 BC After the natural death of Alexander pro Alphatians families (Ivanov, Vemonov and Dimitrevich) defeat Vorloi, Lutescu and Torenescu pro Thyatians families with the help of Alphatians wizards. Zirchev Vemonov the second is elected king of Traladara. He found a school of magic in Krakatos (to upset the pro Thyatians Torenescu). Zirchev marries Milla Dimitrevich Markovitch.

56 BC Zirchev Vemonov the third, son of Zirchev, and Monika Ivanov are king and queen of Traladara

17 BC Dimitri Vemonov is king of Traladara. He strongly supports mages and Alphatians. He marries Sula Ivanov.

7 BC Bugbears allies with Goblins for fear of green dragons. Hobgoblins are nearly exterminated by green dragons but refuse to submit.

2 BC Thyatians revolt against Alphatian rule. Dimitri try to help the Alphatians but is killed by Ludwig Torenescu. A civil war ensure. The school of magic in Krakatos is burned.

0 BC Thyatian coronation. Stephan Ivanov kill Ludwig Torenescu and the Thyatians supporters are defeated. Stephan Ivanov is king, Krakatos is partially destroyed. Gnomes arrives in Traladara and found Highforge.

3 AC Thyatians attack Traladara but are defeated by Stephan Ivanov. Vorloi family escape in Kerendas and will became a Thyatian family. Stephan Ivanov marries Jena Chardates Halarov.

5 AC Kobolds BrokenShields arrive in Traladara following their enemies the gnomes. They attack Highforge but are defeated.

The Ivanov Kings until the Vatresh Massacre back to top

8 AC Goblin Nighfollowers with bugbears troops attack Vyalia and Calarii elves but are defeated. One great green dragon is killed by the Calarii hero Mistrydin.

21 AC Coronation of the first king of Darokin, good relations between Darokin and Traladara.

28 AC Bugbears defeat goblins and freed themselves from their dominion. The Bugbear hero Lakor Morgul kills a green dragon.

33 AC Misha Chardastes Halarov is elected king of Traladara. He has a peaceful reign and tries a pacification with all the noble families and the surrounding nations. Misha marries Tatiana Marilenev.

57 AC Ivan Dmitrov is elected king of Traladara. He has to fight orcs in the north west. Ivan marries Alya Torenescu and promotes a pacification between Ivanov, Torenescu and Sulescu.

93 AC Fedor Sulescu is elected king of Traladara. He marries Lira Ivanov

99 AC A Thyatian expedition is defeated in Rugalov.

112 AC Pieter Torenescu is elected king of Traladara. He marries Magda Ivanov Marilenev, ending definitely the grudges between Ivanov and Torenescu.

116 AC Giants attack in the north, Pieter die in battle but the giants are defeated. His general Sasha Everich, a not noble woman, is elected queen. Sasha marries Giorgios Lutescu.

152 AC Sandra Ivanov is elected queen of Traladara. She marries Fedor Markovitch.

163 AC Thyatians attack Traladara but are defeated by Sandra. Three months later a treaty of peace is signed with Thyatis.

187 AC Mikhail Lutescu is elected king of Traladara, good relations with Thyatis. Mikhail marries Hala Marilenev.

191 AC Hobgoblins raids create problems in eastern Traladara, until the tribe is defeated by several expeditions of adventurers.

200 AC Dwarves arrive in Traladara and settle in Highforge.

202 AC Boris Ivanov is king of Traladara. Gnolls reappear in the north. Boris marries Tira Torenescu.

225 AC Boris defeats gnolls and Frost giants in the north.

243 AC Petra Ivanov Torenescu is elected queen of Traladara. She marry Milos Marilenev.

253 AC Miros Jirsky, a famous adventurer, and his companions kills an ancient green dragon of the Dymrak forest. Goblin Nighfollowers rebel and freed themselves from dragons rule.

262 AC Thyatians try to invade Traladara but are defeated at Rugalov keep by the Traldaran general and adventurer Miros Jirsky.

275 AC Sergei Ivanov is elected king of Traladara. He has to fight orcs in the north. Sergej marries Kiria Markovitch.

302 AC Kobolds Brokenshields attack Highforge after ravaging Veion. They are defeated in the Battle of the Mountain.

303 AC Kobolds enslaved by bugbears of chief Morar. The bugbears dominion attacks goblins several times, pushing them north in the forest. Hobgoblins allies with bugbears.

310 AC Against the opinion of several noble families King Sergej sign a peace treaty with bugbears. Shortly after he tries to reorganise Traladaran economy and fights corruption among the wealthiest families.

313 AC Radu, Marilenev and Halaveff rebel against the king and allies themselves with followers of Thanatos and humanoids enemies of the bugbear dominion. They are helped by Thyatians agents and mercenaries too. Lutescu, Sulescu and Dmitros remains neutral. Orcs attack Krakatos and utterly destroy the town, Halaveff defeat Dimitrevich in Halag, Luln and Achelos are destroyed by Gnolls. Pyotor Radu and Yakov Marilenev conquer Mirros, then move against Vemonov and Ivanov families. Viaon is destroyed by the Orcs, while Pyotor Radu kills the king. The Ivanov family is massacred in Vatresh (some survivors hide in the forest, others escape to Darokin). Pyotor Radu is elected king.

314 AC Torenescu and Markovitch families survive but cannot defeat the Radu and surrender to the new king. Achelos Halarov, Dimitrevich and Vemonov are cast off the council of nobles, while Radu are readmitted. Pyotor Radu allies with Thyatians and begins to favour Thyatians merchants.

Radu and Marilenev Kings until the Royals Peasants back to top

315 AC Pyotor Radu leads a crusade against bugbears and hobgoblins but is only partially successful.

316 AC Alexei Diverescu, a loyal knight of king Sergei Ivanov, kill Pyotor Radu. Tesla Marilenev, daughter of Yakov, is elected queen of Traladara and defeat a revolt of Vemonov, Markovitch, Dimitrevich and Achelos Halarov. Even Markovitch are cast off the council. Tesla will became famous for her many lovers.

317 AC The new council of nobles is open with only Radu, Marilenev, Torenescu, Sulescu, Lutescu, Halaveff and Dmitrov.

356 AC Misha Marilenev is elected king of Traladara. He marries Jena Radu.

378 AC Trolls attack eastern Traladara and are defeated by Traladaran troops leaded by the famous general and adventurer Ilos Meru. Achelos Halarov are readmitted in the council of nobles for their bravery in defending Traladara.

398 AC Yuri Marilenev is elected king of Traladara. He marries Lisia Halaveff.

400 AC Vampires and lycanthropes infestation. Many fights around the kingdom.

410 AC Yuri Marilenev is killed when discovered being a vampire. Pyotr Gorevitch Wozlany, a little noble and follower of Thanatos who transformed the king, is killed. All his family is exiled and go to Darokin. Boris Achelos Halarov is elected king. He marries Darya Radu Marilenev

445 AC Vampires and lycanthropes are exterminated all over Traladara. Even innocent Nosferatu are massacred by royal troops and adventurers. Ion Sulescu, friend of the people of the night, leave the council of nobles in protest.

450 AC The king becomes cruel and tyrannical in his old years. The last free Tals, rebellious from his authority, are massacred in central Traladara. The People of the Night meet their end.

451 AC The Halaveff family rebels and is nearly destroyed by the kings troops. The family will never recover and will remain a family of provincial nobles till present times.

452 AC Alexei Marilenev is elected king of Traladara. Slowly the authority of the king begin to fade. The north, deprived of its nobility, is a land of freedom, the west is independent under Chardastes Halarov family, who reign over Achelos, Halag and Luln. Alexei never marries. Thyatians political interference in Traladara increases.

457 AC The bugbear dominion ends with goblins and kobolds revolts under humans, gnomes and elves attack.

482 AC The kings leads a crusade against SteelWarriors hobgoblins. The tribe is utterly massacred. Few survivors find shelter among Nighfollowers Goblin.

501 AC Mira Marilenev is elected queen of Traladara. She marries Kuriak Dmitrov.

509 AC Achelos Chardastes family successfully defy the will of the queen and create nearly an independent kingdom. Royal authority is limited to the capital and the power struggles between Radu, Marilenev and Torenescu.

529 AC Alya Dmitrov and Luka Marilenev are queen and king of Traladara

548 AC Orcs defeated in the north west by the forces of the Halarov Kingdom. The church of Atzanteotl begins to spread among humanoids.

592 AC Ivan Marilenev is elected king of Traladara. He marries Miriam Lutescu.

596 AC Troll attack eastern Traladara and the Shires and at least are defeated by joined Halarov and Halfling forces. In the following years the tribe is exterminated and disappear.

622 AC Arios Torenescu is elected king of Traladara. He marries Valeria Karelios, a Thyatians noblewoman. Friendship with Thyatians.

641 AC Frost giants spread terror in the north, until defeated by a band of adventurers called The Blue Feathers aided by king's troops.

670 AC Varkov Radu is elected king of Traladara. He marries Lira Dmitrov and has a peaceful reign, but he tries not to enforce royal authority and increases local fragmentations.

703 AC Arku Marilenev is king of Traladara. Sulescu became a Nosferatu. Arku tries to destroy him but his troops are defeated. Sulescu became an independent territory. Arku is a tyrant guilty of innumerable cruelty against innocents.

708 AC Fyodor Arescu and Irina Iremov, called the Royals peasants, kill the king and became king and queen of Traladara. They fight the noble families in the name of social justice but are defeated after three years.

From Katarina Radu to the Last King of Traladara back to top

711 AC Katarina Radu the second is queen of Traladara, after having captured and beheaded Fyodor and Irina. She marries Mirtul Radu, her cousin.

720 AC War of the serpent. Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls and Bugbears attacks everywhere and are defeated with difficulty. The Halarov kingdom is seriously weakened by the war. After the war the church of Hela wins over the church of Atzanteotl among Goblin Nighfollowers.

721 AC The Ivanov family of Darokin is among the first Traladaran colonists in Glantri. They are quickly joined by refugees escaped from the peasants' revolt of ten years before and from the humanoid war of the year before. The Gorevitch-Woszlany family follow shortly after. The Traladarans of Darokin are political enemies of the merchants families of Darokin, and that explain why they escape to Glantri just before monarchy is abolished in Darokin (723)

730 AC After a bitter civil war among Traladarans in Glantri, Morphail Gorevitch Wozlany defeat the Ivanov family and became the most important noble of the Glantrian of Traladaran descent. Nevertheless the Ivanov family survives till present times...

746 AC Irios Radu is king of Traladara He marries Lara Radu. Irios is a tyrannical king, and his rule upset several times Marilenev and Torenescu. He even upset Traladaran merchants favouring the Thyatians speculations.

781 AC Grygory Marilenev is king of Traladara. He marries Tatiana Torenescu. Some Thyatians merchants are expulsed from Traladara.

783 AC Brokenshields very active in the north. War lost with goblins Nightfollowers.

786 AC Thyatians attack Mirros by sea but are defeated.

802 AC Petru Radu is king of Traladara. He marries Livia Triarikos, a Kerendan noblewoman. For some years Traladara become a puppet of Thyatian politics.

829 AC Ilya Radu is king of Traladara. Ilya try to create an absolute monarchy, depriving of power the others families.

835 AC Lutescu family rebels. The king send an army to destroy them and the Lutescu are forced to hide in the north east. Lutescu are cast off the council of nobles.

842 AC Peasants revolts in the north of Traladara, crushed by the king with utterly cruelty.

850 AC Ilya attacks what remains of the Halarov Kingdom. Luln and Halag are sacked, but in the end the royal troops cannot control the west in face of guerrilla tactics aided by the halflings.

856 AC Dmitrov family is stripped of its noble status by the king, angered by their refusal to submit. A royal army sent to destroy the Dmitrov is destroyed.

868 AC Ilya starts an anti Thyatian policy, hoping to unite Traladara in a war against the empire. Thyatians agents aid Torenescu and Marilenev to depose the king, who is captured and beheaded by the end of the year. The Radu family is stripped of his noble status, and most of its lands are seized by Torenescu and Marilenev

869 AC Karos Meverov, an adventurer, is king of Traladara.

873 AC Karos abdicates, seeing that he cannot control the noble families. Pieter Sergej Matrescu, a general of the army, is king of Traladara.

875 AC Gnolls active in the north under a messianic religion. They are defeated in the end by Traladaran adventurers and by the royal army. Karos Meverov die fighting in the army.

882 AC Pieter Sergej Matrescu poisoned, probably by Marilenev. Torenescu and Marilenev cannot agree about the election of a new king, and continue their power struggle.

The Last Years of Freedom for Traladara and the Thyatians Conquests back to top

890 AC Bugbears wars, ended with Bearblood tribe almost wiped out.

891 AC Miros Radu tries to unite Traladara under his rule, but fails when Igor Torenescu kills him. Torenescu and Marilenev agree to rule the nation within the council of nobles and decide to live without a king.

892 AC Only Torenescu, Marilenev, Dmitrov and Sulescu reply to the convocation of a new council. Traladara has no more a central government, and every town and village rule itself.

900 AC A Thyatian army invade Traladara. Ian Lutescu is killed in the fall of Rugalov keep. In Mirros, after a little resistance, Torenescu, Marilenev and Dmitrov surrender to the Thyatian general. One month later the league of northern freemen is defeated in the battle of Vaion. Sulescu, Luln and Halag surrender without a fight. Only the north west, ruled by Achelos Chardastes Halarov the second, starts an effective resistance. Some Traladaran mercenaries fight with the Thyatians and after the war receive lands in the west.

901 AC The Hopes of Traladara, a famous company of adventurers, return from Ierendi and lead a revolt in central Traladara, defeating the Thyatian army several times with mysterious magic. The Hopes are Luka Markovitch, Mira Torenescu, Alios Smirnoff, Fyodir Androkoy and Arkam Verinsky.

903 AC The Hopes of Traladara are betrayed and massacred with their followers near the site of the old Lavv. Achelos Chardastes surrender after a long war in western Traladara. His noble family is scattered and forced to hide in the wilderness.

904 AC The Thyatian army defeat goblin Nighfollowers in the Dymrak forest.

921 AC After continual rebellions in the wilderness the Thyatian governor begin to give up his control in the internal lands to rule only over Mirros.

932 AC The orc problem in Traladara is resolved by imperial troops, who almost exterminate the tribe

965 AC Thyatian rule almost disappeared, the governor is a puppet of Traladaran noble families, especially Torenescu and Marilenev.

970 AC Stephan Karameikos lead his expedition to Traladara. Vorloi returns to Traladara, Dmitrov are confirmed in their noble rights but lose many territories. Kelvin, Penhaligon and Halaran win the battle of the mountain, near Lavv, against Traladarans freemen and conquer the north. Von Hendriks conquer Halag after a little resistance by Halaveff and Dimitrevich. Duke Stephan stops the plans of Von Hendriks to conquer Luln. Torenescu and Marilenev starts a revolt but are killed in battle.

983 AC Kobolds Brokenshields very active in central Traladara, until defeated by Karameikan troops in the Battle of the Elven guard.

1000 AC Duke Stephan Karameikos celebrates in the millennium his thirtieth year of rule.