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I'm going to try and post a little bit here on a semi-regular basis, just to see if I can get back into developing this version of Taymora. For now we have the free cities:

The Western States

by John Calvin

Map of Taymora 2300 BC, 8 miles per hex

The Free Cities

Population: XXX (% XXX Human (Mahakian), )
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: Free Council, formerly Queen Durjas (Fifth Daughter of Night - deposed)
Soleclea is the largest and oldest city state in Western Taymora, and has over the last several decades won its freedom from the rule of the vampire queens. Now it serves as a shining beacon to other Taymoran cities, of what they can become once their plague of undeath is shed.

When Queen Durjas (the Fifth Child of Tayma) was vanquished by the priests of Sol, her progeny fled south seeking sanctuary in Tamoraz. Unfortunately Queen Jadikira was most displeased by their failure and destroyed every last one of them. The struggles of Soleclea are not over however, as the newly established matriarchy faces serious opposition from the patriarchal Cult of Sol. Neither are the Daughters of Night finished with the city, for Queen Nashane of Tycur covets its wealth and resources, and Queen Jadikira seeks revenge on the mortals who overthrew the vampiric nobility.

Population: XXX (% XXX Human (Mahakian), )
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: Patriarch of Idu (Cult of Sol)
Nestled deep in the wooded hills at the feet of Iduís Ending, Kisu is a bastion for the Cult of Sol. Before the liberation of Soleclea, many adherents of Idu fled westward and founded this simple community. From here they plot against the Vampire Queens of Taymora and to a lesser extent the matriarchy that arose from their absence in Soleclea. Ancient lava tunnels found on the outskirts of the village lead into the mountains and underground chambers where the cult communes with their fiery patron.

Population: XXX (% XXX Human (Mahakian), )
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: Mayor Madhi
Only just recently liberated by freedom fighters from Soleclea, Turinth has quickly grown into a haven for adventurers and others of like mind looking to throw off the shackles of the vampire queens. Since gaining its freedom, Turinth has allied itself closely with both Soleclea and Kisu, but blood boils hotter here. While council elders in Soleclea fret over ensuring their continued freedom, the youth that have flocked to Turinth routinely harry the vampiric controlled countryside.

The City State of Karituja

Population: XXX (% XXX Human (Eokai), Human (Mahakian), Lupin)
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: Queen Samane (Fourth Daughter of Night)
The city state of Karituja is large and militaristic. Initially tasked by Jadikira to continue the work of subjugating native populations, Samane spent years pacifying the local Eokai and campaigns against the Inti, Grondheim, and Adhuza continue to this day.

Three fortresses along the Intua border fall under Samaneís dominion, commanded by two of Kikanariís daughters along with one of her own. Together, the matrons from these fortresses, form a council that advises the queen. Skirmishes with the Inti along the border are common.

Angered and disillusioned by the lack of support her sisters send, Samane is quietly gathering what forces she can. She plans to attack Tamoraz and overthrow Jadikira, setting the stage for a stronger, centralized Taymoran crown under her sole control.

Population: XXX (% XXX Human (Eokai), Human (Mahakian))
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: (Matron Liahni, Daughter of Samane)
Artuk operates as both a fortress and an unofficial trading outpost where fortunes can be made by those brave enough to venture under its gaze. Trade is conducted in the shadow of Artuk, but the Inti are generally not welcomed beyond its gates.

Matron Liahni allows these activities to continue because she is able to profit from them. Merchants are generally taxed (either in silver or in blood), but Liahni is especially interested in adventurers and travellers from afar, from whom she purchases artifacts from across the world. Flaunting one's wealth or prowess in the region near the fortress may be a surefire way to obtain an audience with the Matron of Artuk, whether itís wanted or not.

Deadrock Spire
Population: XXX (% XXX Human (Eokai), Human (Mahakian), Lupin)
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: (Matron Dinahri, Daughter of Kikanari)
Built around a large spire of basalt and obsidian thrust out from the mountainside, Deadrock Spire is a silent and foreboding place. Sounds near the fortress are actually muted, and some say that even colors are dulled. Matron Dinahri, the mistress of this place, is just as dour and soulless, and focuses many of her thoughts on ousting her sister Matron Mirahda in the north.

Troops from Deadrock reinforce their numbers with hordes of undead harvested from the Fields of Turkaja, and are often led by specters and wights. Sorties into Intua are regular, as well as skirmishes with their southern neighbors in Gardish.

Kikanariís Gate
Population: XXX (% XXX)
Max Spending Limit: XXX gp
Important Figures: (Matron Mirahda, Daughter of Kikanari)
Named in honor of Kikanari and her battle with Ghaeranatos, the Gate protects Taymora from incursions by Intua and Grondheim to the north. It is rumored that Matron Mirahda has a relic of her mother Kikanari that enhances her powers greatly, causing most of her sisters to seethe with jealousy and rage. Whether she possesses such an artifact or not, Mirahda is in contact with one of the Blind Fathers of Intua, with whom she shares necromantic secrets. That knowledge has greatly increased her own powers and allowed her to create undead minions not seen elsewhere in Taymora.

Though smaller than the forces of the two other western keeps, Kikanariís Gate is bolstered by a handful of desiccated mummies, several undead hill giants, and perhaps something even larger.