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Undersea Timeline

by Aaron Nowack

AC 1001-1009, from the Mystara Mailing List posted 15 December 1999.
AC 1010, from the Mystara Mailing List posted 6 November 1997.
AC 1011, from the Mystara Mailing List posted 8 November 1997.
AC 1012, from the Mystara Mailing List posted 4 January 1998.
AC 1013, from the Mystara Mailing List posted 18 May 1998.
AC 1014-1015, from the Mystara Mailing List posted 2 December 1998.

Undersea Timeline AC 1001-1009

Summer, 1001: Attacks Rise

Description: Throughout Undersea, attacks by devilfish, undead, and weresharks continue to rise in frequency. Queen Tarvova orders increased mobilisation of the army to compensate.

What This Means: This is the natural continuation of Saasaks' plans.

What the PCs Can Do: Undersea PCs could be among the triton mobilised.

Winter, 1001: Tensions Rise

Description: Tensions between Undersea and the Minrothad Guilds over Kna piracy continue to rise as pirate attacks continue to increase in frequency. Some fear war may soon result.

What This Means: This is a natural result of previous tensions.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs can be involved in the various negotiations.

Spring, 1002: Saasskas Joins Brotherhood of the Shadow

Description: Hel approaches Saasskas with an offer of membership in the Brotherhood of the Shadow. After some deliberation, she accepts.

What This Means: Saasskas has gained three powerful allies. With their help, she believes that Undersea could fall before the decade ends. The Brotherhood has gained a way to spread war and chaos across Ierendi, Minrothad, and Undersea.

What the PCs Can Do: Not much if they're mortal. Immortal PCs investigating the Brotherhood could conceivably get involved.

Spring, 1003: Minrothad Issues Ultimatum

Description: The Minrothad Guilds ambassador to Undersea informs Queen Tarvova that Minrothad expects her to end all Kna pirate attacks by AC 1004, ...or else.

What This Means: The Guilds have had it with Kna piracy. This is due in part to the efforts of the Cult of the Far Sea, one of Hel's false cults. Tarvova is getting worried, and orders further mobilisation of the army.

What the PCs Can Do: once again, PCs could be mobilised and become involved in preparing to defend against a feared Minrothadder assault. PCs could also attempt to stop the kna piracy.

Summer, 1003: Sharkin Vanish

Description: All contact between the Sharkin and the other races of Undersea is lost. Queen Tarvova begins an investigation of this occurrence, but there are no leads.

What This Means: Concerned Immortals transported the Sharkin to the Merry Pirate Seas in the Hollow World. The few remaining Sharkin fled the area, and will soon die out.

Spring, 1004: War Begins

Description: Citing the continued kna pirate raids, Minrothad issues a declaration of war on Undersea. Within hours of the announcement, Minrothadder elite units (equipped with water breathing potions, etc) begin hit and run attacks on Undersea. Undersea declares war on Minrothad in response. The nomadic merrow tribes offer to assist Undersea. The Sea Giants report that they are hard pressed by a huge devilfish army, and that they have no spare troops available to help Undersea. The kna step up raids on Minrothadder shipping. The Aquarendi find themselves with split loyalties between their alliance with Undersea, and their ties to the Meditor and Verdier elves of Minrothad. They decide to stay neutral.

Ierendi, by this point more worried about the growing tensions between Thyatis and Alphatia, provides only passive support to Undersea.

What This Means: This is the continuation of the Brotherhood of the Shadow's attempts to spread chaos across the Sea of Dread. Saasskas celebrates as her plans come to fruition.

What the PCs Can Do: Undersea PCs will undoubtedly be drafted into the army, and can work against the humans. Minrothadder PCs an be part of the offensive.

Spring, 1005: Devilfish Rites

Description: The devilfish capture Hammish McGregor. They attempt to use his life energy to summon and control a kraken. Fortunately, a band of adventurers foil their plans.

What This Means: This is a setback for Saasskas, but not a major one.

DMs Note: This is the adventure Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (from PC3: The Sea Peoples). The rest of this timeline assumes that the PCs (if you play the adventure) succeed.

What the PCs Can Do: Play the adventure.

Spring, 1005: Smaar Besieged

Description: Minrothadder troops move to besiege Smaar, as they receive reinforcements from the surface. They destroy the kelp forests and fish schools near Smaar, and set themselves in a position from whish they can attack anything entering or exiting Smaar. Because of their unfamiliarity with underwater sieges, they are ineffective... at first.

What This Means: This is a natural progression of the war with Minrothad.

What the PCs Can Do: Undersea PCs can defend Smaar. Minrothadder PCs can attack it.

Summer, 1005: "The Sea Giants Are Coming"

Description: A wounded messenger makes his way past the Minrothad positions and into Smaar, bearing news that the Sea Giants have defeated the devilfish army and are sending help.

What This Means: The Sea Giants have defeated the devilfish... for now. When the Sea Giants arrive, Minrothad's position will become hopeless.

What the PCs Can Do: This will no doubt be welcome news to Undersea PCs.

Winter, 1005: Siege of Smaar Broken

Description: Combined Sea Giant and triton forces succeed in destroying the Minrothad emplacements around Smaar. Baron Marcus of Souedge dies in the fighting. He has no heir.

What This Means: This is a natural continuation of the war. With this victory, Undersea has basically won the war.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can be involved in the fighting.

Winter, 1005: The War Ends

Description: A peace treaty is signed between Minrothad and Undersea. Minrothad agrees to recognise the fact that Undersea has no control over the Kna pirates, while Undersea agrees to attempt to keep the pirate activities down. the only people not content with the treaty are the kna.

What This Means: A group of adventurers discovered that the Cult of The Far Sea was, unknowingly, a Cult of Hel. With the Cult's influence diminished and with the defeat at Smaar, calmer heads prevailed in Minrothad.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs could be involved in the negotiations.

Spring, 1006: Undersea Rebuilds

Description: Undersea begins the long process of rebuilding. The army is partially demobilised. As the people of Soudege cannot agree on a successor for Baron Marcus, they ask Queen Tarovra to appoint someone to temporarily fill the position. She chooses her brother, Juliast.

What This Means: This is the natural result of the war.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can help in the rebuilding process.

Summer, 1006: Marseea makes A Discovery

Description: Marseea, Baroness of Clarhars contacts Queen Tarovra saying that she has discovered the source behind the devilfish attacks. Within the day, Marseea and all her notes are destroyed in a freak accident. Her son, Jalian, becomes the new Baron.

What This Means: Marseea had discovered the existence of Saasskas To prevent the Queen from learning of this, she was assassinated by an agent of Baron Caxctiou.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs can attempt to investigate the accident.

Fall, 1006: Sea Giant Refugees Arrive

Description: Sea Giants arrive in Undersea bearing news of a devilfish army larger than the first which overwhelmed the weakened Sea Giant forces and conquered the Sea Giant territories. The Queen sets aside areas of Undersea for the refugees to settle, while quietly beginning to remobilise the army.

What This Means: Saasskas is recovering from the setbacks dealt to her in AC 1005.

Spring, 1007: Devilfish Invade

Description: The devilfish invade Undersea with overwhelming force. Tens of thousands of undead rise up and join the attacking force. Even more undead appear within Undersea's borders, adding to the confusion. Weresharks attack outlying settlements. Within the course of a week, Undersea is thrown into chaos.

Rallying the nation, Juliast leads the Coral Guard in a series of battles, buying the nation enough time to regroup. The entire population of Undersea mobilises, as the Sea Giants and Aquarendi muster their forces to help. One thousand Ierendian troops swiftly arrive, as Undersea calls in its long-standing alliance. Even Minrothad sends a few squads, as this attack threatens their shipping more than kna piracy ever will.

During the battle for control of Soua, the forces of Baron Kitas of Nortens and Baron Caxctiou of Calitar switch sides, and Baron Kitas' forces reveal themselves to be weresharks. Baron Kitas and his personal guard remain loyal to Undersea and are slain by their former friends. This betrayal forces Juliast, in command of the army, to retreat from Soua. Meanwhile, Nortens and Calitar become unexpected sources of assaults, forcing the army to abandon Trasar as well. Magdalene of Soua dies defending her Barony, while Actonius of Trasar successfully escapes to Smaar.

What This Means: Saasskas is launching her final assault. This is Undersea's darkest hour. The fate of the entire Sunlit Sea will be decided in the next few years.

What the PCs Can Do: Obviously, any PCs in the involved nations can be caught up in the war.

Summer, 1007: Clarhars Falls

Description: The Barony of Clarhars falls to the continuing devilfish assault. Once again defeated, Juliast's forces retreat to Smaar, licking their wounds. Beginning to panic, Minrothad sends many of the elite units that once attacked Undersea to defend it.

What This Means: Even if the devilfish lose, Undersea will most likely not survive this war. Saasskas' victory will most likely be total.

What the PCs Can Do: the PCs can continue to fight the devilfish.

Fall, 1007: A Fateful Duel

Description: In a battle outside Smaar, Juliast encounters a devilfish who is apparently the leader of the attacking force. Juliast challenges the devilfish to a duel, and surprisingly the devilfish, who reveals her name to be Kaarasa, accepts. Both armies stop to watch the fight. At first the combatants seem evenly matched, but as the duel continues, Kaarasa gains the upper hand. Eventually, Juliast is disarmed, but the devilfish allows him to regain his weapon. After this, Juliast ends the duel, and pulls his forces back. However, the next day, fighting begins anew.

What This Means: Kaarasa is the leader of the invasion, and like many devilfish clerics, has a sense of honour. Though Saasskas is displeased that Juliast lives, she cannot afford to punish the matriarch at this time.

Spring, 1008: Front Stabilises

Description: The triton, with help from their allies, manage to set up a fairly stable front in Smaar, as the war drags on. Despair is epidemic as the populace fears that soon the capital will fall. The Queen is rarely seen, as she desperately tries to find a way to stop whatever dark force is driving the devilfish. Juliast continues to take a more active leadership role.

What This Means: Undersea has managed to stave off defeat, but for how long?

What the PCs Can Do: The characters can serve in the army, or they could work to help the Queen in her investigations.

Winter, 1008: Triton Vanish

Description: Queen Tarovra, the surviving barons (except Juliast and Jalian, who were on a raid into Clarhars), and all the other triton in the city of Smaar vanish suddenly. Juliast (who assumes the position of King) is at a loss to explain the disappearances, when he returns to the city. He assumes they died in a devilfish raid. The loss of these triton destabilises the front, as the devilfish press forward.

What This Means: Manawra transported the lost triton to the Merry Pirate Seas in the Hollow World. Undersea isn't dead yet, but it is almost there.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs will be sorely needed to defend the abandoned city of Smaar, or they could be among those transported.

Winter, 1008: Smaar Falls

Description: The devilfish overwhelm the remaining triton defenders. Juliast is forced to retreat north. In a ceremony in the Great Temple of Manawra, Kaarasa crowns Caxctiou as King of Undersea.

Spring, 1009: Triton Exodus

Description: Juliast leads many of the surviving triton and merrow on a mass exodus. Their destination: Aquas in Alphatia. However, Jalian, former Baron of Clarghars, refuses to go on the exodus and many triton and most merrow follow his lead. Jalian then contacts Kaarasa, the leader of the devilfish invasion, asking for terms of surrender. Surprisingly, the devilfish matriarch agrees to negotiate. What This Means: Juliast is acting on visions sent to him from Manawra. Saasskas, with her victory complete, decides that it would be better to remake Undersea in her own image than to totally destroy it.

The Sea of Dread will become even more deserving of its name as a devilfish cleric discovers a spell that protects devilfish from the sun's harmful effects. Devilfish using this spell will begin to sink ships sailing through the Sea of Dread.

Meanwhile, Saasskas decides to start a following among the nations along the Sea of Dread...

What the PCs Can Do: The triton exodus will require able protectors.

Winter, 1009: Exodus Arrives

Description: After a long, hard journey, pursued by devilfish for most of the way, the triton arrive in Aquas. The triton they send to covertly investigate are surprised to find that Alphatia has recently sunk. Some triton settle in Aquas, hiding their origin, while others follow King Juliast north into the newly formed Alphatian Sea to found a new nation... Underocean.

AC 1010

Nuwmont 1: New Year's Day

Underocean celebrates the year AC 1010.

Nuwmont 1: Juliast Crowned

Juliast is officially crowned King of Underocean.

Nuwmont 12: Capital Construction Begins

Work on Underocean's capital begins. As none can think of a name, it is officially called the Capital. It is located 100 miles N of the Sundsvall Maelstrom.

Vatermont 15: Reactions to Zandor

Spies in Aquas report Zandor's declaration of New Empire. Some worry Zandor will discover Underocean.

Thaumont 14: Rescue

A patrol rescues the crew of a submersible shortly before its engines explode (see p. 180 PWA1)

Thaumont 20: Maelstrom Founded

The village of Maelstrom, located 25 miles W of the Sundsvall Maelstrom is founded.

Flaurmont 16: Monster Encounter

A patrol runs into a aquatic beholder (previously unknown to the triton). They slay the beast and bring it back to the Capital.

Yarthmont 7:Census Begins

King Juliast orders a census of Underocean.

Klarmont 20: Exploratory Team Organised

King Juliast organises a team to explore the Alphatian Sea. NOTE: This is a good way to start off an Underocean campaign.

Felmont 9: Treasure-hunters Discovered

Treasure hunters from Aquas are discovered. Juliast orders that they be watched. See PWA1 p.203

Fyrmont 18: Ruins Discovered

A patrol discovers strange ruins in the Alphatian Sea. NOTE: The ruin's content is left up to the DM.

Sviftmont 22: Behemoth Released

The Behemoth leaves its lair. The triton do their best to stay out of its way.

Kaldmont 28: The Day of Dread

Magic fails all over Mystara. As all triton are spellcasters, the loss of magic is quite noticeable.

AC 1011

Nuwmont 1: New Year

Underocean celebrates a new year.

Nuwmont 1: Reactions to Day of Dread

Underocean recovers from the Day of Dread. Juliast organises some of Underocean's best clerics and mages to investigate.

Nuwmont 12: Village Destroyed

A small triton village is found empty. No bodies are found.

Vatermont 7: Unrest in Underocean

Some triton call for a check on the King's power, much like the Council of Barons in Undersea.

Vatermont 18: Explorers Return

The exploratory party sent by Juliast returns.

Thaumont 23: Patrols Disappear

Several patrols vanish.

Flaurmont 26: Hearing Held

Juliast holds hearings on whether or not to create a balance on the King's power.

Yarthmont 5: More Disappearances

More triton continue to disappear.

Klarmont 28: Hearings Completed

Hearings on the proposed Council of Advisers close.

Felmont 8: Vote Planned

Juliast decides to initiate a referendum on the Council of Advisers. Two "parties", the Monarchists and the Populars, begin to campaign for votes. The vote will be held on Fyrmont 8.

Felmont 13: Kelp Forests Destroyed

12 acres of carefully cultivated kelp forest outside of the Capital is found demolished. The triton who were working in the forests can not be found, alive or dead.

Fyrmont 8: Voting Day

The referendum on the Council of Advisers is voted on today.

Fyrmont 10: Votes Tabulated

The breakdown is as follows:

The Capital
Monarchists (anti-Council): 47%
Populars (pro-Council): 53%

Sundsvall Maelstrom
Monarchists: 23%
Populars: 87%

Southern Area (south of the Sundsvall Maelstrom)
Monarchists: 58%
Populars: 42%

Western Area (W of the Sundsvall Maelstrom)
Monarchists: 46%
Populars: 54%

Eastern Area (E of the Sundsvall Maelstrom)
Monarchists: 86%
Populars: 14%

Northern Area (N of the Sundsvall Maelstrom)
Monarchists: 36%
Populars: 64%

Monarchists: 38%
Populars: 62%

Fyrmont 14: New Hearings

Hearings on the structure of the Council of Advisers begin.

Ambyrmont 19: Maelstrom Guards Form

A group called the Maelstrom Guards forms. Their stated purpose is to protect Underocean from the attacks it has suffered throughout the year. Many believe them to be little more than the Popular Party's private army.

Sviftmont 7: Hearings Conclude

The hearing on the Council of Advisers concludes. The Council will have six seats. Members will be elected yearly. The six areas that have seats on the Council, with current party leaning:

The Capital (Monarchist)
Sundsvall Maelstrom (Popular)
Southern Area (Monarchist)
Western Area (Popular)
Eastern Area (Monarchist)
Northern Area (Popular)

The King will have the tie breaking vote. Votes will be held on Fyrmont 8.

Sviftmont 10: Campaigning Begins

Members of both parties begin to campaign for Council seats.

Eirmont 28: Preparations for Day of Dread

The triton begin to prepare for the Day of Dread.

Kaldmont 28: The Day of Dread

Magic fails all over Mystara

Kaldmont 28: Attacks!

Unknown enemies taking advantage of the loss of magic, systematically attack and destroy many villages. As with previous attacks, no bodies are left behind.

AC 1012

Nuwmont 1 New Year

Underocean celebrates the New Year. The Army begins to investigate yesterday's attacks. The mage Aharon prepares his report on the DoD.

Nuwmont 18 Report Filed

The mage Aharon files his report on the Day of Dread.

Vatermont 11 Clashes with Zandor

Some patrols are attacked by submersibles from Aquas. Many of the soldiers in the patrols die. Juliast orders that patrols keep their distance from Aquas submersibles.

Thaumont 8 Spies Sent

Juliast sends spies to Aquas.

Flaurmont 23 Attack Repulsed

A patrol repulses an attack by aquatic beholders. EDITOR'S NOTE: These aquatic beholders' large eye has a undead beholder's spell reflection power, instead of the ability to flash brightly.

Yarthmont 15 City found

Patrols discover a city of Aquatic beholders. They immediately return to the capital.

Yarthmont 17 Ambassadors Sent

Juliast sends ambassadors to the aquatic beholder city.

Klarmont 6 Spies Report

Spies in Aquas report of a growing resistance to Zandor's rule. Juliast orders the spies to aid the resistance, without letting them learn of Underocean.

Felmont 7 Ambassadors report

The ambassadors to the Aquatic beholder city report that the attacks have been due to encroachment on territory claimed by the beholders. Juliast orders withdrawal from all disputed territory.

Felmont 11 Attack Cease

Aquatic beholder attacks cease.

Fyrmont 8 Votes held

Elections for the Council of Advisers are held. The members of the council:

The Capital: Aharon (triton mage, Monarchist) Maestrom: Maed, commander of the Maelstrom Guards (Popular) S Area: Arantria (Aquarendi, Monarchist) W Area: Atrori, triton cleric (Popular)

E Area: Tehar, triton mage (Monarchist)

N Area: Gehan, triton cleric/mage (Popular)

Ambyrmont 23 Troops Sent

The Council unanimously votes to secretly send troops to Aquas to aid the resistance.

Kaldmont 12 Coup in Aquas

Zandor is deposed today. Underocean troops aid in fighting off loyalist soldiers, without revealing their identities

Kaldmont 13 Alphatian Council formed

The Alphatian Council is formed. The Council of Advisers votes not to establish relations.

Kaldmont 28 The Day of Dread

Magic fails all over Mystara.

AC 1013

Nuwmont 1: A New Year

The triton celebrate the new year while cleaning up from the Day of Dread.

Nuwmont 18: Ambassadors Report

The ambassadors to the aquatic beholders report that the leader of the beholders has died and that a new leader has been chosen. This new leader seems to be opposed to Underocean.

Vatermont 15: Ambassadors Slain

The ambassadors to the aquatic beholder city are murdered. A single guard escapes and carries word of the treachery to Underocean.

Vatermont 17: War Declared

Juliast asks the Council of Advisers to declare war on the aquatic beholders. The Council approves on a vote of 5-1.

Vatermont 20: Underocean Needs You! Juliast begins an advertisement campaign to entice young triton into joining the army.

Thaumont 3: Campaign Begins

Juliast leads the army, including the Maelstrom Guards, west towards the aquatic beholder city.

Thaumont 10: Resistance Met

As the invasion force enters the territory ceded to the aquatic beholders last year, the aquatic beholders put up sporadic resistance. Fortunately, casualties are light.

Flaurmont 15: Borders Reached

The army reaches the former borders of Underocean. The aquatic beholders put up the first serious resistance, but are defeated.

Flaurmont 24: Battle of Aasla

Among the sunken ruins of Aasla, the army deals a major defeat to the aquatic beholders.

Yarthmont 17: Underocean Invaded

The aquatic beholders send an army around the invading triton, and through the Strait of Aasla into Underocean. Juliast is forced to send half the army to Underocean to protect it.

Klarmont 5: Defeat in Underocean

The army that Juliast sent to protect Underocean is ambushed and wiped out.

Klarmont 9: Betrayal and Defeat

As the Underocean army approaches the city of the aquatic beholders, the aquatic beholders launch an attack. At the same time the Maelstrom Guards turn on their former comrades, and then flee back to Underocean. Juliast is captured by the aquatic beholders.

Klarmont 10: Coup in Underocean

Maed, Commander of the Maelstrom Guards, seizes power. The other members of the Council flee north.

Klarmont 13: Civil War Begins

The Council members launch an offensive against Maed, self-proclaimed King of Underocean, beginning a civil war. The aquatic beholders seize the western portion of Underocean, while the retreating army arrives in the south.

Felmont 9: A New Royal Claimant

Gehan, General of the Underocean army and former Council member, proclaims himself King of Underocean.

Felmont 16: Aquatic Beholders Stopped

"King" Gehan defeats the aquatic beholders, stopping their advance.

Fyrmont 13: Fighting Stops

Without a truce, the fighting stops in Underocean. The Council holds the north, Maed controls the Capital, Maelstrom, and the east, the aquatic beholders hold the west, and Gehan the south.

Fyrmont 25: Thyatian Explorers

Thyatian explorers begin to explore the New Alphatian Sea. Fortunately for Underocean this exploration takes place further north.

Ambyrmont 23: Gehan Killed

Gehan is murdered in his sleep. The demoralised army disbands, and Maed and the aquatic beholders begin to clash over the south.

Sviftmont 11: Maed Pushed Back

The aquatic beholders push Maed out of Southern Underocean, but local resistance forces them to withdraw as well.

Eirmont 19: Devilfish Sighted

Kelp farmers in the South report sightings of Devilfish.

Kaldmont 28: The Day of Dread

Magic fails all over Mystara.


Nuwmont 1: The New Year

Description: As the new year begins, the conflict in Underocean continues. The aquatic beholders continue to raid southern and central Underocean, and the Council forces are slowly being pushed north by Maed, "King" of Underocean.

Nuwmont 12: More Devilfish Sightings

Description: In southern Underocean, kelp farmers continue to report sightings of devilfish.

What This Means: The devilfish have finally eliminated most of the resistance in Undersea, and are now sending their forces to eliminate the refugees.

Vatermont 23: Council Staves Off Attack

Description: Maed launches a major assault on the remaining Council holdings. However, the outnumbered defenders manage to fight off his forces... for now.

Thaumont 6: Devilfish Invade

Description: Thousands of devilfish pour into southern Underocean, slaughtering the resident triton and merrow. The devilfish horde then moves north and west. Refugees flee to central Underocean.

Yarthmont 26: Devilfish and Beholders Clash

Description: In southern Underocean, the devilfish and the aquatic beholders begin to fight for control. The beholders, weakened by last year's campaign, are unable to defeat the devilfish, and southern and western Underocean falls to the devilfish, who begin raids into northern and central Underocean.

Klarmont 3: Alliance Offered

Description: The Council offers a temporary alliance to Maed for the purpose of fighting off the devilfish. He refuses.

Felmont 9: Maed Pushed Back

Description: Confronted on two fronts by the devilfish and the Council, Maed is pushed back. He retains control of the capital, Maelstrom, and eastern Underocean.

Sviftmont 12: Aquatic Beholders Attacked

Description: The devilfish assault the aquatic beholder city. Though they are eventually defeated, Juliast, who has been held prisoner since last year, escapes in the confusion. He begins to make his way back to Underocean.

Kaldmont 28: The Day of Dread

Description: Magic fails all over Mystara. The devilfish, taking advantage of this, attack and destroy the town of Maelstrom.


Nuwmont 1: The New Year

Description: The new year begins. Maed leads an army to retake the ruins of Maelstrom and succeeds.

Nuwmont 23: Council Attacks

Description: Taking advantage of Maed's weakness, the Council attempts to take the capital. After four hours of bloody fighting, they are forced to retreat northward once more.

Vatermont 4: Juliast Finds Alphatian Artifact

Description: Hiding in a ruined mage's tower from devilfish patrols, Juliast is found and attacked. He stumbles upon a staff, and picks it up to use against his enemies. However, the devilfish then flee. Juliast determines that the staff is magical.

What This Means: The staff is an Alphatian Artifact (see NA 1015). It is inhabited by the spirit of an Alphatian mage, who was disturbed by the devilfish desecrating his tower, and saw to it that they were defeated. He was able to temporarily take control of Juliast and activate the staff. The staff has the following powers:

*A mirror image of all friendly combatants.
*Enemies must make a morale check or suffer from the effects of a fear spell.
* +2 bonus to weapons and armour of all friendly combatants.

It works at half effectiveness more than 1000 miles from the Maelstrom, and not at all more than 2000.

Thaumont 11: Juliast meets Council

Description: Juliast meets up with the Council, which informs him of recent events. He declares that he will depose Maed and drive out the beholders and the devilfish.

Flaurmont 2: Juliast Attacks

Description: Juliast assaults the Capital. The powers of his staff wreck havoc with the defender's morale. Maed is unable to hold him off and flees to eastern Underocean, leaving Juliast in control of north and central Underocean.

Yarthmont 17: Maed Captured

Description: Maed's forces revolt and turn him over to Juliast in return for amnesty. The civil war is over, but the devilfish still control south and west Underocean.

Klarmont 5: Maed Executed

Description: Maed is executed for treason.

Klarmont 15: Juliast Combines Armies

Description: Juliast begins to combine the Council's and Maed's army into a force capable of driving out the devilfish.

Felmont 20: Juliast Pushes South

Description: Juliast moves south, forcing the devilfish before him. His staff once again proves its usefulness, making his army seem twice as big.

Ambyrmont 16: Second Battle of Aalsa

Description: Fighting among the ruins of Aasla, Juliast deals the devilfish a major defeat. Several undead are spotted, but whether they were raised by the devilfish or some other force is unknown. The remaining devilfish begin to flee south, toward Aquas...

Eirmont 17: Beholders Leave

Description: With the devilfish defeated, Juliast issues an ultimatum to the beholders: leave Underocean or else. Not wishing to fight Juliast's magically enhanced army, they leave Underocean, heading north.

Kaldmont 28: Day of Dread

Description: Magic fails all over Mystara. Juliast hears a voice coming from his staff. He also begins to feel weakened and drained. He begins to have doubts about keeping the artifact.

What This Means: The mage that inhabits the staff is attempting to take control of Juliast's body.